Lakbay Museo [2019.07.31]

I just started my part-time job (6 hours max a day) in August so I haven’t been writing but I want to share my experience at the newest museum in the metro – Lakbay Museo. I came across an article about this even before it opened and tapped Dave to come with me. Coincidentally, I saw that there was a deal on Metrodeal for PHP599 (original ticket price is 799) so I went ahead and purchased without batting an eyelash. The museum finally opened on July 12th but we wanted to wait for the hype to go down before scheduling our visit. We initially wanted to go in August but I asked Dave if we can do it earlier and we agreed to schedule it on July 31st.

So on Metrodeal (I don’t know what the process is if you buy your tickets elsewhere), you purchase the voucher and then email Lakbay Museo to schedule your visit. Once you’re there, you just need to show them your voucher and they will provide you your chips to use during your entire stay. We went at 11am on a Wednesday so there weren’t a lot of people. It is in the same area as Dessert Museum and I had this idea that maybe it is from the same company. It was confirmed when they told us that we can just show the remains on the chips paper to Dessert Museum to get a PHP100 discount on the ticket. Lakbay Museo just has a smaller area, and Dessert Museum has better lighting. I don’t know why they have such a dim lighting at Lakbay Museo. It would be so much better if they work on that.

So you get a maximum of 2 hours to roam around the area, and you can use your chips to buy some snacks. We definitely made the most out of the 2 hours. They have a dance on the stage every 30 minutes I think and we got whisked into that as soon as we arrived at Lakbay Museo. It was definitely fun dancing with the staff and other guests. ^^ I don’t know how I’ll categorize my photos because they didn’t really have rooms like Dessert Museum. It’s a lot smaller so the photo areas are just right next to each other so I guess this will be just another photo dump of my favorite photos taken here.

Lemme take a selfie at the entrance 😌🤳 (Where the lighting is amazing 😌)
Follow the colorful brick road. (Also featuring the very pretty malong 😌)
Fruit Ninja series.
If he doesn’t like mangoes, let that mango 

 Mango is the Philippines’ (unofficial) national fruit. I know I know, we all learned this in grade school and it’s all in the textbooks but it was never actually declared by Philippine law. Admit it though, we don’t need a law to tell us that mango is our golden fruit.

Tusok-tusok series.  I had to make kwek-kwek the first photo because it is my favorite street food.🧡😊 I actually have experience selling barbecue as a kid. Our neighbor had a sari-sari store and also sells isaw, barbecue, etc in the afternoon. I would hang out there and help out with grilling and selling them. So yes, the photo and video are not a total lie. 

I don’t think I’ll be earning much today LOL

The Ilocos Region area cracked me up! I kept laughing at the huge empanada, garlic, and longganisa 😂 Probably because that’s the first area we explored and I didn’t know there were other food stuff around 😂 Obvious ba with my galak face sa last photo 😂 Side note: Yung braso ko blending in na dun sa longganisa 😂

Rice is life. Nuff said. 

Ituloy ang food theme… Hanging out at the carenders where we had ginataang bilo-bilo. Carinderias are a huge part of the Filipino culture (especially to those who can’t slash don’t cook aka me.) Why? Because lutong ulam duh. I know, Food Panda and GrabFood (RIP Honestbee) is life for some people but for a kuripot like me who doesn’t want to pay the service fee, carinderias are the way to go 😊

Food art dump.

Celebrated in Quezon, Pahiyas Festival is the farmers’ thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest with a grand display of colorful kiping, fruits, veggies, and handicrafts adorning every house in town. Fun fact: Pahiyas was derived from the word “payas” which means decoration or to decorate. Anyway, I’ve always wanted to go to Pahiyas Festival. I guess this will do for now. 😄 Ok, this area has the best lighting! Love our candid photos! 

The closest I can get to going on a Panagbenga float ala Kapuso / Kapamilya star LOL. Having lived in Baguio for 5 years, the Panagbenga Flower Festival is close to my heart. It is a month-long celebration held in February and right towards the end, there is a huge float parade and they close Session Road the week after for Session Road in Bloom 🌸 

Anyone who’s close to me knows I freaking love Mayon! Obviously, I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to have my photo taken here 😌 Although, it is not Mayon without the clouds. Let’s be real here LOL. Magayon ❤️ Pangaronon forevs 😊😄 

Para, manong! Bababa ako! 😂 Mowdelling ng malong sa jeepney LOL

Ok, wala akong future sa palayok dance, I can’t even balance the fake palayoks on my head 😂😅😜

Anyway, bakit nga ba “kwentong barbero” ang tawag sa mga istoryang hindi totoo o exag?! Sinong tsismosong barbero na may wild imagination ang nagpasimula nito? 

Sabi ni ateng basket weaver: “Pose ka ng pose diyan, magtrabaho ka nga! Hindi pinapaboran ang tamad!” Kaka-Youtube ko ‘to eh! 🤣😂 Side note: How beautiful are these banigs? 💗

Under the seaaaaa~

After 2 hours of touring the different regions of the Philippines, time for lunch! 😊 We ate at Harry’s – I’ve been eyeing this for a while now. (I see you, Chris Hemsworth 😂) Cute nung chicken pesto on the bread bowl 🍴

My Instagram highlight for this weekend: