Life Lately #1: Soju and staycations

Changing the title of this series because I’m going to say that my quarantine diaries are over, since I have officially started going to the office on April 1st. So we are rebranding this to Life Lately. LOL!

Soju with Celine and Jhocel (Mar 20)

I forgot how this started, but recently, we have been making random plans through Twitter, and this is one of those few that actually pushed through. We spent an afternoon at Celine’s house, playing a card drinking game, getting drunk on soju, playing games on Youtube, and watching Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry. We didn’t plan on staying overnight, but we did. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to do this again! When three Scorpios drink soju, it gets pretty crazy! LOL!

Return to Office (Apr 1)

We have been going to the office since October, but our schedule was just once a month. However, we started going to the office on a regular basis starting Apr 1 and I couldn’t be happier. Like I always say, I do like going to the office because I like dressing up and walking to work. I also do not want to get stressed with internet connection anymore. I know I’m in the minority here, but I love going to the office. LOL.

Lucto Fam Housewarming (Apr 10)

Ate Edcel and Jhocel moved to another house in their compound and renovated it. They had their housewarming party in April so some UMKTG members went! It was truly a mini-reunion! I super love their three-story house and they have a rooftop, too. The sunset is amazing from here! It was an afternoon of food, chats, Encanto, and coffee. ^^

We ordered iced coffee from a small business called Wander Kafei. Their coffee is really good! Try them out if you are in the Paranaque area. ^^

Staycation with Kevin at St. Giles Hotel (May 6-8)

Kevin stayed in Makati for a few days before our trip to Dumaguete and Siquijor, and we stayed in St. Giles Hotel. This is actually a really good hotel, and it wasn’t that expensive. Kevin mistakenly chose a room with two beds, so we had to push the two beds together to make one big bed. We had a really good view of the city because of its wide windows and it was really spacious. We also spent some time at the pool, and Kevin at the gym. The location is also amazing, because it’s on Poblacion and just walking distance to restaurants. It was funny though cause Kevin met this Israeli dude Ben, at the smoking area and gym. And we saw him in Siquijor like a few days later. What a coincidence!

We went to a couple of restaurants in Burgos like Pasha, where we had these huge kebabs that I couldn’t finish. I have been to Pasha a few times, but I only went for shisha! It was my first time having an actual meal there. We also had dinner at Khao Khai Thai Restaurant – I didn’t realize it was so close to the hotel so we decided to go on our second night. This was on the night that VL Leni’s Makati Rally was happening so we encountered a few kakampinks in this small restaurant. The Thai milk tea was really good. I know that the chicken is really supposed to be crispy, but I was too afraid I’d lose a few brackets. LOL.

I cannot believe I don’t even have a photo of my milk tea!

UP Date with Mayne (May 20)

The day after I got home from my trip with Kevin, I went to meet Mayne for a walk and dinner in UP. It was a rainy day though, but we pushed through with our plans! We ended up getting soaked because it started raining heavily at around 7pm. We also found that the restaurants near Bahay ng Alumni closed early. We ended up going to UP Town Center, which we found closes at 9pm. We went to a few restaurants before settling at Wangfu, which was fortunately still accepting customers. I guess, we really need to meet earlier next time. ^^

Staycation with Kevin at The Mini Suites (May 26-29)

Before Kevin went back home to France, we spent a few days again in Makati. He decided to book The Mini Suites this time around and we definitely like St. Giles Hotel more. It’s surprising that this way more expensive than St. Giles Hotel. Kevin really didn’t like the hotel. However, the pool was so much bigger than St. Giles’ so we liked that. It was gloomy on the day we went to the pool and it eventually rained. So, we jumped to the pool when it started raining and Kevin I think had a blast throwing me around. I guess it is more expensive because of the location, since it is right in the middle of Makati’s Central Business District. I had fun exploring this area and we actually walked around Makati on our last full day, and I know I have lived in Makati since 2017 but since I don’t work in the Makati CBD, it was really my first time exploring this area. Although my friends and I would go to key places in Makati, I really have forgotten where everything is and I was surprised to see where Little Tokyo was, or where our favorite noraebang used to be located.

We stayed for three nights so we were able to try a few restaurants in the area. Nikkei Nama Bar on Rada was a favorite, we went here twice. It was funny because Kevin was really prepared with his order on the second night – it was so cute! The sushi is really good here, and the ambiance is nice. They gave us an appetizer on our second night. I don’t know why that was not available on our first visit – maybe they only do it on weekends? I love that they stay open a little bit later than usual during the weekends because we go out for dinner pretty late.

Another restaurant we tried and liked was Your Local. Kevin ordered the Torched Salmon Donburi, which is quite expensive at PHP695 but it was really delicious! I had the Spam Musubi rice bowl (I don’t remember the official title of this rice bowl, I’m sorry!) which I really liked as well but would have liked less sauce on the rice. I really enjoyed my teh tarik though, and Kevin was just too happy to finally find sparkling water in a restaurant. I really don’t understand sparkling water. LOL.

We spent our last day walking around Makati and getting lost in Glorietta. We initially wanted to have lunch at Rico’s Lechon, but changed plans at the last minute. We ended up trying out Pound x Flatterie. The place is really cute and the staff was attentive, but their food seems meh to me. I mean, it’s cool that it’s not super expensive but there’s really nothing special about the food. I did enjoy having a beer here though.

Haircut (Jun 10)

I have been wanting to do this for a while now and I finally did this one Friday in June! That was a lot of hair, to be honest. LOL. But it’s time to grow some healthy hair again.

Cavite Weekend with Mine (Jun 17-18)

We have been planning this for a while, and it finally pushed through one weekend in June. All we wanted to do was go to the cheap samgyupsal place, watch the 2021 Detective Conan movie, make sticky mango rice and drink soju. I stayed from Friday until Monday, so we managed to do all of that. It was a really lazy weekend! We even planned to do a last-minute swimming excursion on Sunday, but I got drunk from the soju. LOL.

Well, there isn’t much. I have been saving as much as I am home most weekends. I have also grown tired of inviting people, so I just wait to get invited. LOL. See you in another Life Lately blog entry next quarter! ^^

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