Life Lately #2: Weekends with friends and my love

Can’t believe another quarter has gone by?! Also, I have not blogged since July and the last Life Lately post was also in July – that’s crazy! Life has been quite eventful and I’m really getting overwhelmed with the number of things I want to get done. I have my full-time job, I have 20 hours of part-time job that I need to complete weekly, I have to complete my TEFL course by Nov, and I have some Travefy courses I want to complete and finish reading The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo! I seriously need to have better time management. Seriously, I need some sort of schedule or something.

Enough with the rant, let’s go over some of the things that happened during the last quarter.

Soju Day with the Lucto Sisters and Celine! (Jul 23)

Honestly, I feel like we should have a soju day every quarter! This feels like a lifetime ago. It ended up being just the four of us – Ate Edcel, Jhocel, and Celine. It was an afternoon of chismis, Jenga (we made up our own rules because seriously, why are the blocks numbered and why are there dice?!), and soju! Ok, the coffee-flavored soju was terrible. I am not buying that again!

Thor / F1 at Crossroads with Celine and Mine (Jul 31)

Celine invited Mine and I to go with her to watch the F1 Race at Crossroads Makati, and the race was from 9pm to 11pm. Before the race, Celine and I watched the new Thor movie in Rockwell and had coffee and cake at Sugarhouse while waiting for Mine. Our reservation at Crossroads was not until 8pm so we had time to kill.

It was my first time watching an F1 Race and even though I am not a fan, it was pretty interesting. I just didn’t enjoy it that much because, during the 2-hour race, you just get excited a few times when a certain racer overtakes another racer. I definitely wouldn’t mind having another GNO at Crossroads though!

QC Weekend with Mine (Aug 6)

I had plans in the north (aka Quezon City) so Mine and I decided to do a staycation. We ended up booking a room at Congressional Town Center. We didn’t really do much because I ended up arriving at around 6pm because it started raining that afternoon. We had dinner at Jjajang & Jjamppong by Sachunsung, which I saw while on the way to CTC. We were definitely in the mood for jajangmyun – I haven’t had it for quite some time! The sweet and spicy chicken was expensive though. I wish I researched more about this area because when we were walking to Visayas Ave, I saw that there is a Sip and Gogh closeby! I have always wanted to do that so I was so bummed when I saw the sign outside.

We spent the next morning at the pool. We were there before it opened. LOL. The weather was super gloomy, but that didn’t stop us because we already paid for this. The water temperature was perfect, so we enjoyed the pool, even if it rained a bit. We definitely took a lot of photos here though.

Jeongwon with Mayne (Aug 19)

After several postponements due to health issues and the weather, Mayne and I finally got to meet again! Jeongwon opens at noon and both of us arrived too early at the Cubao Expo. We walked around and looked for a coffee shop and found Silingan Coffee. I love that this coffee shop is devoted to EJK – that is just a bonus because we really loved their matcha! Mayne said that she came back to the coffee shop weeks later.

Jeongwon is so pretty! Jeongwon means garden in Korean and it totally lived up to its name! This is in the same complex as Art in Island but that was closed when we went because they were renovating the attractions. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy my lunch because my teeth started hurting when my food finally came. (I went to the dentist that morning for my monthly adjustment.)

Shell Residences with Mine and Celine! (Aug 27-28)

Another staycation, but this time at Shell Residences. We had dinner at Tiong Bahru at Met Live and OMG, I would love to eat there again. I truly enjoyed the monggo drink huhu. It was a night of wine, garlic butter, cheese and baguette. So French! LOL!

The next morning is, obviously, another pool day. First time ko mag-swim sa Shell Residences cause when Mine and I had a staycation here last year, the pool was still closed.

My boyfriend’s back in the PH! (Aug 30)

My boyfriend, Kevin, arrived in the Philippines on Aug 30 and we had a two-week Western Visayas trip planned. But, of course, we had to stay one night in Manila so he can rest from his almost 24-hour flight from France and so I can rest, too, because I have not slept coming from my night shift. I wanted to stay somewhere close to the airport, since we’re just staying for one night. But I realized that was unnecessary because we ended up going to my apartment in Makati first to drop off some of his stuff. He ended up repacking a small bag to take for our trip and he left his big bag that he will take to Australia in my room.

He also met my mother for the first time. I have not introduced anyone to my parents since I had my first boyfriend at 19 years old. We have been together for just a few months, so I definitely was surprised when he was fine with meeting my mother this early. It was so cute because on the way to our apartment (I picked him up from the airport.), he asked me what he’d call my mother. So I asked, “If you were in France, what would you call your girlfriend’s mother?” He said, “Madam,” – so formal! HAHA! He greeted my mother and said, “Hello ma’am.” but with his French accent, it actually sounded more like “Mom”. So it is kind of a ma’am and mom combo. We didn’t stay long, but he introduced himself and talked a little with my mother.

We stayed one night at Maine City Residences in Leveriza and we walked to Seascape Village from there. Kevin was definitely jetlagged but he didn’t really want to stay in the room all night. We had coffee at a small cafe on the ground floor, before having dinner at Yatai. I wasn’t really that hungry because we ordered McDonald’s after checking in in the afternoon.

This accommodation was not so bad. We were flying from NAIA 3 and this accommodation is just 15 minutes away and the room was not very expensive. I actually liked the layout of the room. I guess the only downside is that the pillows were terrible. We asked if we can exchange one pillow, but we were told all pillows were like that and if we wanted an extra pillow, we can pay PHP100. Why would I pay PHP100 for a pillow that is the same as what we already have? Unless they give shitty pillows and the ones you have to pay extra for are the fluffy ones. I don’t know, that’s just ridiculous. LOL.

Staycation with Kevin at Coro Hotel (Sept 14-16)

Kevin’s flight to Australia was on Sept 16th so we flew from Caticlan back to Manila on Sept 14th. From the airport, we went directly to my apartment to pick up his big bag and so I can change my backpack. It was hilarious because I’m pretty sure while I was doing this, Kevin was in the neighborhood looking for a new lighter (his lighter was confiscated at the Caticlan Airport) and even came back with a mini bottle of Coke.

Again, it was a quick stay at our apartment because it was rush hour and we had to leave right away before we get stuck in traffic. Our hotel for his last two days in the Philippines was Coro Hotel. He booked this – he is normally in charge of booking our hotels in Manila, but it was funny because while booking, he didn’t realize that this was the hotel we were seeing from St. Giles Hotel back in May. He was so salty back then because the pool at St. Giles was only open until 7pm, and the pool here was open until late evening. (It is open until 10pm because there is a rooftop restaurant here.)

I actually really loved Coro Hotel, it is pretty expensive – yes, but it was worth it, I think. It is definitely way better than Mini Suites, and it is almost at the same level at St. Giles Hotel for me in terms of the room. I think they are almost the same size but St. Giles had a better view. I also told Kevin that in terms of soundproofing, our room at St. Giles was better. I’m not sure if it was because we had a corner room, but our room at Coro Hotel was also almost at the end of the hallway, but we could hear all the noise from inside our room. I just wish they couldn’t hear us. LOL. But as a whole, Coro Hotel was definitely the best. It definitely looks more luxurious, and the service was great, no complaints at all. I really enjoyed our pool time on our second day.

We went to our favorite Japanese resto, Nikkei, for dinner on our first night but since we are in the Poblacion area, we went to their branch in Rockwell. We definitely liked the Rada Street branch more. The vibe here is just different. On our second night, we went to Resorts World Manila because Kevin wanted to try gambling at a casino in the Philippines. He didn’t win anything, and I didn’t win anything but it was a fun experience. He was definitely happy that he could smoke whenever, wherever inside the casino. LOL. It was funny because I had to work that night so we went at around 6:30pm. I was still at RWM at around 9pm when my shift starts at 10:30pm. We still had time but we decided to have dinner in the room instead. I was surprised by his decision to have Korean food that night, but it was such a great decision. I totally recommend Top Dish Korean Restaurant!

We decided to do a late checkout because Kevin’s flight to Sydney was at 8:30pm and we were in a hurry to finish things before noon, so it was better to just do a late checkout and have a relaxed afternoon. Our last activity was just getting his laundry, getting a massage, and spending a few hours at the pool. I totally recommend Touch of Hands on Makati Ave. Kevin has been a fan of hilot since we had it in Siquijor and he had some body pains, so I asked the therapist for a hilot massage for him. I was satisfied with my massage, and so was he. 5 stars!

I am also happy to share that last August, I was promoted to Associate Manager. We are still transitioning and waiting for some updates since my boss got promoted to Associate Director as well and there are a lot of changes happening. I’m just proud of myself for my career progress in my current company. To think that I almost resigned this year to go to Dubai. (Definitely though, this is still in the cards considering the plans Kevin and I have.) To be honest, I have never seen myself in a manager role because I always say that I will always be an individual contributor. However, I am excited for the new challenges, and I am looking forward to whatever comes my way in the coming months and years.

Till the next quarter,

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