Lumiere: A Night With the Stars [2019.12.18]

I was excited to attend my company’s year-end party! I have not attended in 2 years, so there was no way I was going to let this one slide. Our theme was a formal party and it was held in Shangri-La at the Fort. It’s right next to our office so it was convenient. I decided not to spend money on a new dress and hair and makeup, so I my bridesmaid gown for Divine’s wedding earlier this year, curled my hair and barely did my makeup. I put on a red lip and that was it. I realized that 1 ½ hours is not enough to prepare for a night like this! I also had to take an Angkas to our office so I had to wear a short dress over my long gown and folded everything inside. We were early – we made sure to get there within the registration period so that we can join the raffle. Apparently, there is a rule that you aren’t eligible to join if you don’t get registered. We had to wait a bit for the others and it started at around 6:30pm. The program was simple,. First, there were performances from some colleagues, and while that was going on, they started serving dinner, which is definitely the highlight for me. LOL. And then there was the competition, I think we did really well! So proud of my teammates. I wasn’t part of the performers, but definitely showed support. They were also raffling off some stuff in between. It’s a short event, lasted about 4 hours. We are a small company, I think there are only 250 of us and I think that was quite a nice party. What’s more important for me I guess is that I get to see a lot of my colleagues. Working at night doesn’t really allow me to see a lot of people at work. LOL. What’s important is, I had fun and I think actually looked okay. 🙂

Here are some photos: