Maragondon Adventure: Riverfront Garden Resort [2021.10.30-31]

Our Riverfront Garden Resort got canceled three weeks ago, but the resort finally started accepting guests again on Oct 20th. I immediately rebooked for the Oct 30th-31st weekend. I was afraid, things will change again and things will get canceled again. But honestly, so far, things are getting better and cases have been lower.

If you are looking for a quick weekend getaway that’s just 2 hours away from the city, then the Riverfront Garden Resort is the perfect place! It’s super chill, you’re close to nature and you can pretty much just lounge around the place all weekend. I definitely enjoyed just being by the river, and Mine was right, it totally reminded us of our trip to Laos!


The Riverfront Garden Resort is located in Pinagsanhan B, Maragondon, Cavite. The location is actually pretty accessible so it is good for people like us who commute! I live in Makati so I just needed to get to PITX, where I took the bus going to Cavite. Just take any bus going to Ternate, and you’ll be sure they will pass by Maragondon. No need to buy a ticket in advance, the fare will be collected on the bus. My ride during that weekend took 1h15m only, and the transfer between rides was stress-free.

Walang tulog!

Get off at the Maragondon town proper and the resort is just on the other side of the river. When I was researching how to commute going here, I read that you can get off at PUP Maragondon and take a trek to the Riverfront Garden Resort. This is the more expensive option because the trike driver will have to go around and cross Maragondon Bridge to get to the other side. The trike driver told us the fare would be PHP180. The Barangay Captain advised us of the easier/cheaper option. From the town proper, walk to the hanging bridge to get to the other side of the river, and then take a trek to the Riverfront Garden Resort from the trike terminal. It will only cost you PHP40 for the whole ride.

This is the map from Riverfront Garden Resort’s website.

Ok, so if you will look at Google Map, you will see the Caingin Hanging Bridge – that is not the bridge that you will cross, there is a closer one to Riverfront. Unfortunately, it is not marked so I am just basing this on our walk. So my tip is to get off at the Galaxi Gasoline Station on the corner of the main road, and then walk to the hanging bridge. It is on Col. E Regio De Dios Street, if you are unsure, go to the Brgy Hall and ask. I will do my best to pin it on Google Maps, but once you are in the area, you should be able to ask where the hanging bridge is or see the sign that says “hanging bridge”. You should be able to see the Maragondon Church from there.



Day trips are from 8am to 5pm, while overnight stays are from 2pm to 12nn. They are quite strict with the check-in time so if you arrive early, you can hang out at the lobby or the restaurant. We got there probably in between 1:30pm and 2pm, but I haven’t had lunch so I took that opportunity to order from their restaurant and take my lunch.

Some important times to take note of!


This photo is from their Facebook page – kindly visit for more info / inquiries.

I uploaded this photo from their Facebook page because it has everything you need to know regarding the rates. You can book the room on their website. 50% downpayment is required to reserve the room, I just paid through Gcash. Trust me, this is probably one of the easiest bookings I’ve done.

We booked the glamping tent with fan because we’re not really particular when it comes to the room. Mine and I actually enjoy camping, we just don’t like bringing camping stuff, since we’re commuting. We did that before and we had to bring a tent, pillows, and blankets, and in order to be comfortable, you need to bring enough for the both of you. And that is a hassle when you are commuting! So we like places that already provide this for you and are super inexpensive. You can view the details of the glamping tent here:


Yes, you can definitely bring your own food, just pay the corkage fee. But we didn’t really want the hassle of bringing our food and there’s just us, so eating at the restaurant was fine. Obviously, it was more expensive than normal, but that is expected with hotel or resort food.

We thought their breakfast starts really late though. 7:30am is quite late, almost everyone at the resort was already awake by 6am, including us. Mine and I actually tried looking for a carinderia outside and walked about 15 mins before going back. We saw sari-sari stores and a bakery, but no place where we can actually eat. So we had no choice but to wait until 7:30am. At least, we got to do some morning exercise though.

You can charge everything to your room and just pay upon checkout. Our final bill was less than PHP2000, so that’s not too bad for three meals.


Again, posting this from their website. You can take your masks off when you’re swimming, eating, or taking photos. Nobody really expects you to wear your face shield all the time. To each their own – if you want to wear it, go ahead.


Dude, the Riverfront Garden Resort is definitely Instagrammable! It reminds me a little bit of Villa Jovita where you can literally take photos in every corner. There are also comfy chairs and day beds everywhere where you can just hang out.

There are two big pools and one kiddie pool. The pool facing the river is more popular obviously, because of the view. The kiddie pool is right next to it. There are two papags on either side, where you can hang out and place your stuff. We spent our day 1 afternoon here and by the time we started swimming, the day trip peeps are gone so there were not a lot of people in the pool. There were like 6 of us left when we started swimming.

We then spent our day 2 morning in the other pool, which is located at the back. There are lounge chairs here and since we were one of the first ones here, we totally saved our spots at the lounge chairs.

I don’t know why I have so many swing videos LOL



I also suggest exploring the town proper, there are quite a few historical sites if you are into that! Before walking to the main road to get on a bus back to Tanza/PITX, we made a stop at the Emiliano Riego de Dios Historical Marker and the Museo ng Paglilitis ni Andres Bonifacio. Too bad the museum was closed, I read online that you need to contact the curator prior to make a reservation.

I also visited the park where there is a monument of the Riego de Dios brothers. Mine had to drop by LBC so I stayed a bit at the park while having my iced coffee that I bought from 7/11.

I would like to actually visit the Caingin Hanging Bridge as well as the Maragondon Stone Carving. If we walked more from the Emiliano Riego de Dios Historical Marker, then we would have seen these as well. I actually thought that the hanging bridge we crossed was the Caingin Hanging Bridge, but when I checked the map, I realized that the location was way farther from where we came out from. Ugh, I can’t wait to go back to Maragondon and explore it further!


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