May 27: Say Your Name

Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?

My first name is Bernice, and that’s probably obvious from my blog’s name. I have always loved my name, I have only known a very few people with the same name and I think they’re all really cool. I am super into name meanings so of course, I have researched that. Bernice means “brings victory” or “bearer of victory”, but the origin of my name sounds more jologs than that. I love telling this story! LOL. My father actually named me after this Filipino female singer, Vernie Varga. But then, my brother’s name starts with a B, so they changed the first letter and used Bernice instead since I’m a girl. They added a second name – Anne, to also match my brother’s name. Fun fact: All of our names start with B and A. Also, we were all born in November. My parents truly had fun during the months of February back in the 80s.

Last year, I went to the Planetarium and learned about a constellation called Coma Berenices, and the story about the woman whom it was named after – Berenice II of Egypt. Berenice is another form of Bernice. Comas Berenices means “Berenice’s hair”, she offered her hair so that her husband can return safely from the war. I was surprised to see that and thought it was really cool.

When I was younger, there were so many names that I wanted. My Barbies (and their imaginary children LOL) got those names. Although, I’m sure there are more unique names than mine, I love my name and I don’t wish for anything else. I think it suits me and I can’t imagine being called anything differently.

I decided to do something different today. I was randomly scrolling through the Discover page and saw these Discover Prompts, but bummed it was done way back in April. Then, I saw this ebook, “365 Days of Writing Prompts” posted here, and thought I want to try it out. So yes, we are starting this on such a random day, May 27. I will try to do this everyday, but if I can’t then I hope I can at least do it once a week. I tried journaling as well through Presently but thought this might be a better idea. Wish me luck!

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