Colors of Wind / Kaze no iro (2017)

Oops, two movie posts in a row. So I have a modem problem that started on Friday and I can’t stream, so I got to revisit some of the movies I have saved on my netbook. I’m posting a separate blog for Colors of Wind because I freaking loved this movie! So not including this with 4 other movies, which is how I’ve normally done previously.

Starring: Yuki Furukawa, Takemi Fujii

Ok, it’s a bit hard to explain this movie.

Premise: Ryo (Yuki Furukawa) had a girlfriend named Yuri, who recently died. Before she died, she mentioned that she has a doppelganger in Hokkaido. So he goes to Hokkaido and indeed finds a girl who looks like her named Aya. This Aya had a magician boyfriend named Ryu, who died from a failed magic stunt. Ryu is also Ryo’s doppelganger. Aya sees him and thinks he’s Ryu. Ryo goes along with it, pretending he can’t remember anything. So we have two pairs of doppelgangers, or do we really???

We have to stop there because then comes a string of plot twists that will confuse the heck out of you. Well, actually, 5 minutes into the movie, I was already confused. Then we get to 30 minutes when both of them meet again and I’m like, “???” Not even 1 hour into the movie, a plot twist happens and I’m like, “What now? We still have an hour, what else is going to happen?” But what happened next was just soooo good. I guess I have to mention that this movie was written and directed by Kwak Jaeyoung (My Sassy Girl, Windstruck, Cyborg Girl) who is known for romantic movies with a twist, or string of twists. How the heck does he think of these plots?! His style is that he’ll confuse the heck out of you then bombard you with twists and so many questions. This is no different!

Watch Cyborg Girl starring Ayase Haruka and Koide Keisuke if you want more confusion. LOL. By the way, I think the official title is Cyborg She but I have always known it as Cyborg Girl. It’s one of my favorite Japanese movies and I reviewed this movie on my other blog in 2009. Also, there’s a bit of a nod to this movie in Colors of Wind because they kept mentioning Ayase Haruka throughout the movie (Aya’s autistic brother is a big fan) and I think that was Koide Keisuke in that scene when Ryo appeared on a TV show – but I could be seeing things. LOL.

Anyway, Colors of Wind is an excellent movie with themes of magic, doppelgangers, DID (dissociative identity disorder), mental illness. I actually love that they used DID and not MPD because even if they’re the same thing, MPD is an outdated term. I had to Google Shadow Disease if it’s real, but it’s not. (Spoiler alert! LOL.) The concept is really interesting though. It is also set in beautiful Hokkaido during winter and gosh, it makes me want to go drift ice watching in the Okhotsk Sea! Definitely adding this to my bucket list! It looks scary, but man, that seems like such a wonderful experience! And last but not the least, you get two Yuki Furukawas. If you want to see him with a mustache then this is the movie to watch! LOL. I mean he was my main reason for wanting to watch this anyway and wasn’t expecting to love it but I did!

I totally recommend this movie! It’s so beautiful – I really want to pack my bags and transport myself to Hokkaido, and I don’t think I’ve watched anything similar before. Two thumbs up!

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