Movies I Watched: Dashing in December, Vanguard, We Can Be Heroes, WW84, Yellow Rose

PSA: May contain spoilers

Finally done with all the Christmas movies. LOL. Dashing in December is definitely the last one.

Dashing in December (2020)

I watched this with my friend, Mine, and we both didn’t like it so much. I feel like the two main characters lack chemistry. Or I don’t know if it’s because I have seen Peter Porte on Baby Daddy before and I know that he’s straight? I don’t know, he’s just not convincing. The Christmas Setup is still my fave.

Vanguard (2020)

I mean, we all know what to expect when we watch a Jackie Chan movie, right? We all know the formula, and the most important thing is that he doesn’t die. LOL. Yang Yang looks like a mix of Hyun Bin and Zaizai while the actress playing Fareeda gives me Han Hyojoo-Go Ara feels – she’s so pretty! The movie made me miss Dubai and made me want to go to Zambia. Dude, Fareeda’s place gives me all the Lion King fantasy. LOL. I know it’s CG, but still!

We Can Be Heroes (2020)

It definitely gives me Spy Kids feels. It’s a kids movie, so just enjoy it, people. The scene where the parents were watching their kids fight off the bad guys was so touching, TBH. The best thing about the movie for me though is freaking Guppy, Lavagirl and Sharkboy’s kid. She is so gd cute! Also, I learned that she was the girl in Bird Box. No wonder, she was freaking endearing and adorbs!

WW84 (2020)

I loved the first Wonder Woman film and I’m so sad to say that I didn’t like this one. The first 10 minutes were amazing – that whole Amazon Games scene. But then it got so boring that we didn’t even get any real action until the Egypt scenes which was around 1h20m into the movie. Well, we did get a lot of action in that mall scene, but for some reason, I totally forgot about that already as I was watching the movie. It felt too long and I truly had a hard time finishing it. The first Wonder Woman film actually had the same running time, but I didn’t feel this way back then.

Also, I really thought that Cheetah / Kristen Wiig was going to be the main villain. But to me, it’s really not. Or maybe I just assumed that from all the promos and interviews I’ve seen. Or maybe that’s what they wanted us to think. The main villain to me is actually Max Lord / Pedro Pascal. Anyway, I just didn’t like the plot and thought many of the scenes are just absurd.

However, that cameo in the mid-credits was freaking powerful! That Asteria armor, too, was so majestic! Ugh, I’m a fan of this movie series so I hope that the third movie will be better. I just wonder what plot they’ll come up with next to make Steve Trevor / Chris Pine come back? LOL/

Yellow Rose (2019)

I learned about this movie a few weeks ago because one of my friends watched it and told me I look like the main character. The actress is Eva Noblezeda and she is indeed, half-Filipino. She is actually 24, playing a 17-year-old character and she definitely does look like she’s in high school! I mean, I will take it because she looks really young!

I finally watched it over the weekend and man, I was crying almost the entire film. Based on the poster and synopsis, I really thought it was more about her pursuing her music career, but a bigger part of the movie is actually about immigration. She and her mother (played by Princess Punzalan) are undocumented, and her mother was caught by ICE. She was left by herself and she needs to make a decision at some point, whether to go with her mother back to the Philippines or stay in the US and pursue her dreams.

It was just too sad, I think many people are familiar with this kind of story and her, being a 17-year-old need to deal with all these. It just keeps coming, another sad scene would come when I still haven’t recovered from the previous one. This is the reality of some immigrants in the US and maybe some of them even have it worse. She is lucky to have all these people around her and it shows that sometimes, total strangers even help you more than your own relatives. I just think that I definitely wouldn’t be as brave and determined as her had I been in her situation. I would have gone back to the Philippines with my mother and joined PBB instead. I’m kidding. LOL.

Must watch for Filipinos. I think they represented the culture perfectly and loved the references here and there.

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