Movies I Watched: Happiest Season, The New Mutants, Godmothered, The Prom, The Christmas House

And the Christmas movies continue~

Happiest Season (2020)

The best cast! <3

LOVE THIS MOVIE! DAMI KONG FEELS! Harper was problematic from the start and honestly, Abby deserved better! She was treated so poorly by Harper and her family the entire time. I would have left Day 1 if I were Abby. LOL. Of course, I totally get what Harper’s saying about her family’s expectation of her, but can we just go back to the fact that she lied to Abby about coming out to her parents? Abby mentioned that she wants to be with someone who’s ready, so maybe if she knew a long time ago that Harper is not out, would she have continued being with her? It’s just so manipulative of Harper to do that to Abby. And the fact that she invited her to be with her family for Christmas knowing that she’s not out. She always has an excuse, saying she just got caught in the moment! Ugh, you could have just uninvited Abby and told her the truth right then and there instead of trapping her into going. I don’t know if Harper knows Abby’s back story why she doesn’t like Christmas but if she does and still orchestrated all of these then man, she’s just so terrible! Well, of course, I know we wouldn’t have a movie if Harper didn’t do that, to begin with. She just got worse and worse as the movie went that it would just make you wish that Abby should just have tried it out with Riley instead. I would have gone for that ending instead. I feel like the movie set us up for a different ending but still got Harper and Abby. I am not happy. LOL. And what is with Harper’s hideous wig??? Also, why did John help them in the end?! He was so against them in the beginning -_-

But ok, Dan Levy, I get your “Everybody’s story is different,” line. And trust me, I get it. It was meant for us to forgive Harper for being the gaslighter that she is. But you can’t convince me that she is not a terrible character. Because she is. Her whole family is except for Jane. I love Jane! But yes, we know this kind of family! We probably are this family. And because of this kind of family, there are people like Harper who are afraid to come out of the closet.

Speaking of John aka Dan Levy, of course, he was one of my favorites in the movie. If I hadn’t known better, I would have thought he wrote his own lines. LOL. And Riley! Man, I don’t think I have seen Aubrey Plaza so serious and grown-up like this. Or maybe I have not watched her enough But I love that Aubrey Plaza wanted her to end up with Abby, too. She rounds up my 3 favorite characters in the movie.

Clea DuVall directed this and co-wrote it with Mary Holland who plays Jane. I find that so interesting! According to Wikipedia, Clea DuVall drew inspiration from her own family.

Also, Jinkx Monsoon and BenDeLa are in this movie, too!!! That made me love this movie even more!

The New Mutants (2020)

I have not seen a superhero movie in a long time! I just wanted to watch this because of Anya Taylor-Joy. It was obvious this movie was meant to be the first movie in a trilogy or something. Anya Taylor-Joy was amazing. Henry Zaga was hot and it was so funny how she’s always simping over Illyana. And then we have Dani and Rahne’s love story. So I feel like Sam (Charlie Heaton) was a bit left out. LOL. I mean, it was not that bad. I enjoyed it.

Godmothered (2020)

I enjoyed this! It’s like the godmother version of Enchanted! Agnes and Mia are super cute! I mean, I totally laughed at so many scenes and even cried at the end. The Christmas concert was pretty touching. I think this was a decent holiday movie, if you’re just looking for something “light” to watch.

The Prom (2020)

Not even 10 minutes into the movie, I was already rolling my eyes over James Corden. He was a total miscast. I do not believe for a second that with the amount of actors that Ryan Murphy constantly works with, he couldn’t find an actor that would better suit Barry than James Corden. I was annoyed at him the entire time.

I mean, I get what the movie is trying to be. It even reminded me a little bit of Happiest Season, there were similar undertones. I even got teary-eyed twice. Every character even the Broadway adults have their own story, and the most relatable one for me was Angie (Nicole Kidman). Her moments with Emma were my favorite ones and even their songs together has a total recall that I ended up singing along, without even knowing the lyrics. LOL. Meryl Streep is Meryl Streep, she can play Dee Dee Allen in her sleep.

I did like it. It’s funny and touching. I also like how the adults were going about it a different way but nowadays, all you really need to do is to go viral to catch people’s attention. Dee Dee really didn’t have to lose her house over a spot on television because you have the internet. Also, the movie shows that sometimes, adults can learn a thing or two from the younger generation. They are impressionable and teachable, unlike adults who are sometimes stuck on what they have learned growing up.

The Christmas House (2020)

It’s the season for Hallmark Christmas movies! Along with Happiest Season, this is one of the LGBTQ+ movies we have this holiday season and surprisingly, it is on Hallmark. This is not the typical formula though, I would say less romance, more about family.

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