Movies I Watched: Lupin III: The First, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, The Christmas Setup, The Stand In, The Christmas Chronicles Part Two

The movies I watched recently are mostly Christmas movies. I just wanted to get into the Christmas spirit. LOL. I started watching The Undoing and that is a mystery thriller, and I just had to hit pause and maybe resume watching that after Christmas. LOL.

Lupin III: The First (2019)

I just randomly saw this and I was surprised to see the 3D animation! I grew up watching Lupin on TV and just a few months ago, I watched the Lupin vs Conan movie and both were obviously in 2D. It is very different watching Lupin in 3D! Seriously, I feel like they have totally patterned Jigen after TamaTetsu! LOL! Laetitia totally could pass as Anna and Elsa’s third sister! See some screenshots below:

So yeah, I guess this is the future of Japanese animation. I don’t think I have seen a Japanese anime in 3D aside from this one. I totally don’t mind, just not used to it. By the way, I watched the English dubbed one. Obviously, I prefer English subbed ones but it really didn’t feel weird. Maybe because the whole movie is not set in Japan and the other characters are clearly European so it’s not weird that they are speaking in English.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby (2019)

LOL, I have been trying to watch this for a year and I finally did this week. I mean, having watched the first two movies, I just feel like I need to watch the third one, too. Actually, I was thinking what plot this third movie could have, but there we go, it’s about this treaty they have with another country, Penglia, while of course, juggling their lives as parents-to-be. It was just okay, I really couldn’t get into it and I stopped halfway through. I resumed it the next day and just wanted to finish it.

The Christmas Setup (2020)

Ok, I love this movie!!! This is the 3rd Christmas LGBTQ+ movie I’ve seen this year and I really enjoyed it more than The Christmas House since they’re the main focus of the movie, unlike in The Christmas House wherein the gay couple is just 1/3 of the whole story. Not complaining about that though, because any representation is a good thing. Anyway, I enjoyed this so much because the two characters have so much chemistry and that’s not surprising because they are actually married in real life! They are a hot couple! Fran Dresher was also such a delight to watch, as well as Ellen Wong.

The Stand In (2020)

Ok, I don’t why this is tagged as a comedy, because it is not. I think this is actually really dark. It involves identity theft and that is some scary shit. But at least in the end, they both got what they wanted.

The Christmas Chronicles Part Two (2020)

We get a second movie because Kate and Belsnickel were such brats. LOL. I’ve seen a lot of reviews that this was really bad and doesn’t match up with the first one. Well, the first one was a classic, but I liked this one as well. I almost teared up when Belsnickel turned back into an elf. And I really loved Jack! This kid is so cute! I recently also watched him on The Witches, he’s such a cute kid. LOL.

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