Movies I Watched: Peninsula, Gabriel’s Rapture, Ava, Mulan, #Alive

PSA: May contain spoilers.

Our WiFi’s back so I was able to check out some new movies! So here’s another movies I watched post! ^^

Peninsula (Train to Busan 2) (2020)

Cast: Kang Dongwon, Lee Junghyun, Kwon Haeyo

I don’t know where to start. LOL.

Okay, so this is subtitled as Train to Busan 2, because the events happened 4 years after Train to Busan, and obviously, because it’s from the same director. But other than that and the zombies, it is a totally different movie.

Let’s start with what I liked. I liked the beginning (all of Kang Dongwon’s scenes where he is speaking in English hihi) and the ending (Man, nothing compares to a mother’s love! The scenes at the end made me cry!!). Also, I absolutely loved Joon and her little sister, Yujin! They are sooo cool! I love their whole family, from the youngest sister to Elder Kim! They were very instrumental in Jungseok’s (Kang Dongwon) character development.

However, I got really bored halfway through the movie. I feel like as opposed to Train to Busan where it’s easy – it’s human vs zombies, in this case, it’s human vs human. The zombies are just props. The main antagonist is this rogue militia, who actually has humans vs zombies battle royale for entertainment. That’s just crazy to me! They are just cultivating (cultivating???) more zombies because, of course, those humans that don’t survive will become zombies. Obviously, they have given up on getting saved and have embraced that life. I just feel like they spent so much time building up this plot, and introducing us to their life that I was bored at some point. There was a moment when I just though, please give me more Kang Dongwon. Where the heck is he?!

So yeah, I don’t know, I’m 50/50 with this movie. I guess, watch it if you are a fan of Train to Busan, but just don’t expect much. The Gong Yoo starrer was still the better one. Waaaay better. Train to Busan is just an amazing zombie film anyway, so the expectations are high.

Gabriel’s Rapture (2020)

Cast: Melanie Zanetti, Giulio Berruti

Man, I feel like this whole movie post will be terrible. I’m already seeing the pattern.

So Gabriel’s Rapture is Part 2 of Gabriel’s Inferno. I was actually surprised that the second movie came out so soon after the first one! I mean, I only watched the first one in July. Apparently, the first movie was released in May, the second movie was released in July (just a few days after I watched the first one) and the third (and last) movie will be released later this year.

I actually liked the first movie. This second one, not really. It is so forgettable and basically just a rehash of their push and pull from the first movie. But I guess, at least, their relationship has progressed. I mean, they are secretly dating now, but obviously, Julia is still not confident about them because this professor just has a lot of secrets!

I’m still cringing at how Professor Emerson speaks. I don’t like listening to him! So not a fan of that whispering and he was like that the entire movie. Eek. Haha.

Ava (2020)

Starring: Jessica Chastain, John Malkovich, Common, Geena Davis, Colin Farrell

Man, this was all over the place! At some point, I asked myself, “So what is the plot?!” It’s such a waste of talented actors. I really have nothing to say, it was boring, there’s just too much going on but at the same time, nothing. It’s just a really bad movie.

Mulan (2020)

Starring: Liu Yifei, Donnie Yen, Jet Li, Gong Li

I actually contemplated hard if I will include this in my movies I watched post, or make an individual post, or if I will even write about it at all. But here we go~

We all know how controversial this movie is, but putting all that aside, I really liked the movie. I feel almost guilty that I enjoyed it so much. Mulan is my favorite Disney animated movie so there was no question in my mind if I will watch this movie or not. Definitely, so many people will disagree with me, but I do think it is a decent live action adaptation.

We all know the story, so I didn’t really expect anything new in that aspect. I do think though that the sister was a good addition and Gong Li’s character Xianniang reminds me of Rinko Kikuchi’s character in 47 Ronin. I like how the characters they removed from the animated movie, they placed in some other form. We still get cricket in the form of another soldier friend. We still get the phoenix instead of Mushu. We have Xianniang as the falcon. I alos like how they separated Li Shang into two characters – Tung and Honghui.

There are still some funny scenes – the scenes with the gang, and the matchmaker scene will always be funny! Any scenes with Mulan’s father will always be touching and emotional. Every time the instrumental version of Reflection plays, it makes me tear up a bit. We also see some Jet Li badassery. I also think that Bori Khan’s casting was spot on!

Christina Aguilera’s 2020 version of Reflection is so crazy good! Liu Yifei then sings the Mandarin version as well. So yeah, I liked the movie. But yes, let’s continue the discussion about Disney’s ethics, about Hong Kong’s democracy, and the human rights abuse against Uighurs.

#Alive (2020)

Cast: Yoo Ah-in, Park Shin-hye

I didn’t really want to compare this to Peninsula but I watched that movie very recently, so I can’t help but compare since they’re both zombie movies. In my opinion, this was so much better than Peninsula. 3 minutes into the movie, I was already stressed, LOL. Yoo Ah-in’s character was by himself for like the first 39 minutes of the film before Park Shinhye’s character appears and that’s when we start getting all the action. Obviously, we needed a stronger female character alongside our quite dumb male character. LOL.

There are so many scenes that are super questionable, but I think it’s quite a decent zombie thriller. Not that I have seen a lot of those. It makes you think how we are all kind of living this right now, with the pandemic going on, but without the scary infected people killing the non-infected ones. We’re all just stuck in our homes, scared to go out to not get infected, and just interacting with the outside world through social media. Love a movie that sort of mirrors our current reality. LOL.

Interestingly, there will be a Hollywood version called #Alone starring Tyler Posey coming soon. The script is originally in English by a Hollywood scriptwriter (Matt Naylor), so I actually want to see that, too, and compare how the Hollywood and Korean version would stack up against each other.

So these are the movies I watched for the last 2 weekends!

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