Movies I Watched: The Photograph, Valley Girl, Artemis Fowl, Alone, The Secret Garden

PSA: May contain spoilers.

The Photograph (2020)

I remember posting this poster on Instagram early this year, and I was excited to watch it. I actually like LaKeith Stanfield, but I have never watched Issa Rae in a movie before. I guess, I was just looking for a good old romance movie because we don’t make a lot of those anymore. The premise is about the photograph of this woman who is a famous photographer. Michael (LaKeith Stanfield) plays a journalist who is working on this story, while Issa Rae plays Mae, the daughter of the object of the photo. The movie shifts back and forth between Michael and Mae’s story and Christina (Mae’s mom) and Isaac’s (the man Michael interviewed for the photo) story. I guess the only connection between the two was Mae. I guess both stories are fine independently, but going back and forth, but not really connecting didn’t do it for me. Like, Mae and Michael’s issue in the present didn’t really have anything to do with Christina and Isaac’s story. I liked the songs though, but the movie, it was just okay for me.

Valley Girl (2020)

I FREAKING LOVED THIS MOVIE! Everything about it is on point, the casting and that it is a musical featuring 80s music and it is set in the 80s, too! What’s not to like???

First of all, Alicia Silverstone plays the adult version of Julie Richman. Judy Greer plays Julie’s mom. The Nicholas Cage character, Randy, was played by Josh Whitehouse aka the knight in The Knight Before Christmas. Then we have Mae Whitman, Chloe Bennet and Ashleigh Murray (Riverdale). Logan Paul also plays Mickey, Julie’s boyfriend. Julie Richman is played by Jessica Rothe – I have never seen her before but she’s giving me Melissa Benoist vibes!

I read that some actress from the original version made cameos, even Deborah Foreman, who played the original Julie but I didn’t recognize her. I did, however, immediately noticed EG Daily who played Mickey’s mother.

I love 80s music and 80s movies so I knew I would like this. I know most of the songs so I definitely enjoyed each musical performance. When I reached the part when Randy was singing Madonna’s “Crazy For You” to Julie while she’s in the audience in her Madonna costume, I stopped working and focused on watching the movie. I love “Melt With You” so it was cute that they made it appear like that was originally by Randy’s band and that it was written for Julie. I totally enjoyed this movie and I want to watch it again! I wish they got Nicolas Cage to cameo, but I guess maybe, he’s too big for this movie.

I recommend it to anyone who likes the 80s and loves musicals!

Alone (2020)

This is the Hollywood version of the Korean movie, Alive, which I watched just a few weeks ago. I mean, the first half was almost identical to Alive, except that Tyler Posey (Aidan) kept showing his butt. The difference between the two movies started becoming more evident when the female character, Eva (played by Summer Spiro) was introduced. Unlike in the Korean movie where Yoo Ahin and Park Shinhye’s characters were a team, and PSH was the badass one, in the Hollywood version, Aidan gets all the limelight and Eva was just there as a love interest. Even in the scene where they met the villain, it was just Aidan, no Eva.

However, one thing I liked better in this version is Donald Sutherland. I do think that I would probably trust an older man, than just a middle-aged man. The ending is also very different from the Korean version. I wonder which one is more true to the original script by Matt Naylor.

The Secret Garden (2020)

I was excited to see this because of Colin Firth and because I watched the animation as a kid. I don’t remember much though, except for Mary and Colin. I definitely don’t remember that these two were such brats! LOL!

Artemis Fowl (2020)

Man, this was reviewed so badly. I didn’t have any expectations because I didn’t read the original material. I really don’t have much to say about this movie either.

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