I went to see 3 different musicals on 3 weekends back in May and I just thought of sharing my experience. See, I work on Saturdays at 8pm and two of these musicals were booked back when I still had weekends off. It was seriously a struggle to wake up in the afternoon as these were mostly at around 3pm. But I was able to make it each time and enjoyed watching musicals for 3 consecutive weekends!

May 5: Lion King

I went on a Sunday, at 2:30pm and the show was at Theatre at Solaire. I watched this alone cause Celine had to sell her ticket at the last minute due to some schedule conflict. Ok, I almost didn’t make it! I had to drop by a computer shop to get my ticket printed, went to buy some food in SM Aura and booked my GrabCar from there. My driver was so chill, I almost ended up being late. I got off the car seriously 3 minutes before the show started, I ran like crazy and made it. Whew. The lights literally went off right after I sat down. Whew. My feet hurt from all that running.

I have a so-called unfinished business with Lion King cause we went to see the show at Disneyland back in 2013 but I fell asleep. I was really teary-eyed when I saw the giraffes, zebras, antelope etc during the Circle of Life intro. Huhu. The show is amazing and it’s everything I thought it would. The live sound of the African instruments was so good. Obviously, my faves were still Timon and Pumbaa and I love how they interjected Filipino words in their lines.

Unfortunately though, I fell asleep again during the next half. I work at night okay! I dunno how long it was but the last I remember was when Simba was about to go back to Pride Rock. I woke up after he beat Mufasa. Ugh, I have a Lion King curse. Even Simba’s chest didn’t keep me from snoozing. LOL. The show lasted for about 2 1/2 hours and there was a 15-min break in between the two acts.

May 13: Sa Wakas

The following weekend, I saw Sa Wakas The Musical with two friends at the Power Mac Center Spotlight in Circuit Makati. This is a smaller production and I absolutely love small venues cause it’s so intimate. You can see everything so clearly. This musical is based on the songs of Sugarfree. I had no idea what the story of the musical was and, I was a little bit confused in the beginning. The style reminded me of The Last Five Years – I only saw the movie, not the musical. It has a pretty good story and I enjoyed it. I really understand that not everything is black and white, especially when it comes to relationships. But man, my takeaway in all this is that the protagonist does not deserve either of the two women. Sorry. The actress named Justine has an amazing voice though. 🙂

May 20: Changing Partners

The following weekend (again), I was off to PETA Theater in Quezon City to see Changing Partners The Musical. I was invited by my friend Jai to see this after Lion King so I went to buy tickets for us by texting a number I found on Facebook. It was a smooth transaction and no extra charges if you book on Ticketworld. I made a bank transfer to the person selling the tickets and they were to be picked up on the day of the show itself. I was running late and Jai arrived there first so he was the one who claimed the tickets. Luckily, he was almost in front of the line when I got there. Whew. One thing to know though is that it’s free seating, so if you want to get the best seats available in your area then you need to get there early. Our seats were still pretty good and we had a good view of the stage.

Like Sa Wakas, I had no idea what this is about. All I know is that Agot Isidro is one of actors in this musical. I was pleasantly surprised about the concept and the storytelling. After the first “changing partners”, I was amazed about how unique it was I have never seen anything like that before. It was emotional and I ended up crying a few times. It was super heartbreaking but realistic. All 4 characters were equally good. Agot Isidro and Jojit Lorenzo are definitely veterans, but I love how the younger actors, Anna Luna and Sandino Martin were also given the opportunity to shine.

This was definitely my favorite out of all the 3 musicals I watched last May. Jai and I were still discussing it and raving about it while we had lunch after the musical. It was so worth the travel to QC. LOL!

I do have a few more musicals to watch in the coming months and I’m freaing excited! I have Ang Huling El Bimbo this July, and Mamma Mia! this October. I also plan to watch Rak of Aegis and my friend and I have planned to buy tickets for August. My high school friend Maine also asked me to watch the Dekada 70 Musical in Ateneo this Sept. I haven’t bought tickets but I will definitely do that one of these days.

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