My Dental Journey Continues… I Got Braces!

This is Part 2 of my teeth chronicles. The journey continues~ Part 1 here.

Visit # 4 (Nov 3)

This is my last visit to Dental City, I just had my stitches removed and I had two dental fillings. I was actually really tired when I went cause I had work the night before and only had 3 hours of sleep the day prior. But then, I wanted the stitches removed exactly 7 days after because I feel like food is getting stuck in the stitches. It was a quick visit, it probably only took 30 minutes. I need to have one more filling, but my dental card only has two free. If it is not covered, it costs PHP1,500 per filling. Eek, I will not pay for something I can have for free. I can just wait until Jan 1st to have that taken care of that and then get braces after.

Visit # 5 (Dec 16)

Ok, so I decided to just get the braces thing over with before the year ends. I went to a different dental clinic this time – I briefly touched on this in my previous post. I decided to go to the dental clinic where my brother’s girlfriend works. It is along Bayani Road in Taguig, so it’s not that far. I know I still had some fillings to do but thought I’d rather just pay for those and then get the braces all in one day.

I didn’t get any sleep before I went to the clinic at 10am (I had work until 6am) so I was a bit tired. I am always tired and sleepy whenever I go to these appointments, LOL. Before we got the braces on, she cleaned my teeth first because she said that will help the brackets attach better. (Even if I just had one in September), then she did fillings on two teeth on either side because that will be covered by the brackets so those need to be done before. Apparently, I still need to get fillings on two teeth on the left side – both of which I have gotten done before, but they need to get redone. Those are fine to be done after braces because they will not be covered by the brackets.

We took a break after those were done because she needed to attend to another patient who had an appointment at 11am. I was willing to wait because she thought I was there for just a consultation, but I really wanted it to get done that day.

We resumed at 12nn and finished at around 1:30pm. I was surprised it took that long! I was expecting 30 mins to an hour, so the whole process took about 2 hrs and 15 mins including the cleaning and filling prior to attaching the brackets. I didn’t really feel any pain right after the braces have been put on, I mean I even did grocery shopping before going home. All the pain started coming in when I woke up at 9pm that day.

  • It’s difficult to bite into things because I’m afraid it might remove the brackets, so the key is to break them into smaller pieces so less biting, but of course, I still need to chew so there’s still a possibility that it could happen. Especially since the right half of my teeth is the more painful one, I do all my chewing on the left side, so most likely, there will be more pressure on the teeth and brackets on that side.
  • I can no longer bite my nails – probably one of the best advantages. LOL. I have been trying to break this habit for more than 35 years, but I think this is what will help me. LOL.
  • I think the most terrible side effect is that I get headaches within the first 24 hours, but I’m trying to endure them and not take pain relievers.
  • I was told by my dentist to avoid coffee (avoiding soft drinks is not difficult for me) because it will stain the cement. I can’t live without coffee so my solution is to go back to daily iced coffee and use a straw so it goes directly to my throat and doesn’t swirl around my mouth and touch my teeth. I hope it’s effective and that my brother doesn’t tell his girlfriend I’m still drinking coffee. He probably would LOL.
  • Brushing my teeth is painful, but only the right side since that side is really painful. I don’t know why the right side is more painful though. It starts from my right front tooth – that is the most painful!

They gave me an ortho kit which includes a new toothbrush made especially for orthodontic patients. Apparently, I can no longer use my electric toothbrush. But that is fine, I can still use that to clean my tongue because it is pretty effective. I have been using the mini brush to remove food in between my teeth so I have a whole pack of that already.

I haven’t really made any changes in my diet yet, I still eat what I want except, when it’s hard, I need to break it into smaller pieces. If I need to drink something that can stain my teeth, I use a straw – I always bring one anyway. Physical-wise, I feel like my lips look bigger and my chin looks fatter than it already is. LOL.

I will have my first adjustment after 3 weeks, which is the first week of January. And I will just need to endure the pain for the next 2 years. LOL.

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