Netflix: Love Is Blind

I have so much to say about the show, Love is Blind, so I’m writing a freaking blog post about this, instead of my normal Instagram kuda. LOL.

I went into this already loving the Cam and Lauren couple, just like everybody else. I knew they got married and stayed together, as well as Amber and Barnett. And that Damian and Gigi didn’t get married, but are now dating. So, knowing what I know, I started watching it yesterday.

One of my most favorite moments was definitely Giannina’s proposal to Damian. That was a big one! And that whole bow thing between them, that became relevant until the wedding that didn’t happen. Ok, these two are complicated, but their love story is definitely the juiciest! Is it toxic that I liked their arguments?! I don’t know, I just feel like that’s the reality of most couples? I mean not all of us can be as perfect and unproblematic as Cam and Lauren, right? And they were explosive right until the end with Gigi’s runaway bride moment. I do believe that these two love each other, but just aren’t ready for marriage. So I’m happy to know that they are dating and just enjoying each other’s company for now. I do believe that Gigi loves him, because she said that divorce is not an option for her. So if she said “I do.” to him during the wedding, she loves him! I think Damian handled this pretty well, I feel like, him saying “I do not.” during the wedding was a good decision. For both of them. Also, I ended up developing a huge crush on Damian after watching the entire thing. LOL. Like he said, he can be passionate AF.

The love square between Amber-Barnett-Mark-Jessica. LOL. And this was all because of Barnett’s indecisiveness.

Surprisingly, I am not super angry at Jessica, even though she’s considered the show’s villain. I am actually more annoyed at Amber. I never liked her, and it got worse when she mentioned that she doesn’t have a consistent job, and that she is in debt. I also felt some type of way when all she wanted was to marry Barnett and be a stay-at-home wife. I mean nothing wrong with being a stay-at-home wife, but I felt like she doesn’t have any dreams or goals for herself, and just wants Barnett (who has a job) to pay everything for her? I do think though that she and Barnett belong together. LOL. I do feel that he did string Jessica along, causing her to be confused about her feelings for Mark. I don’t see anything special about that guy, so I don’t understand why 3 women were fighting over him. LOL.

I feel so bad about LC though! That whole monologue at the confessional after Barnett rejected her broke my heart! First of all, I love that she walked out on him! But her whole speech about being unlovable was just AHHHHH. That is so relatable. πŸ™

And of course, everyone’s favorite couple – Cameron and Lauren. I mean, what else is there to say?! They said their “I love yous.” on the 4th day and got engaged on the 5th day! They were perfect from beginning to end. Cameron knew what he wanted from the start, and he was quite patient with Lauren, who, although I had no doubts will marry him, wasn’t really 100% assuring to Cameron right until they were at the altar. But gosh, where can we get a Cameron?! And where can we get a Lauren?! I think what’s great about this couple is that, they were at the time of their lives when they’re both ready to get married. All they were waiting for was the right person, and they found each other through this show. Really, it’s just perfect timing and sometimes, that’s everything.

Rory is like the boys’ BFF. I’m sad we didn’t get to see more of him – I read he also got engaged to someone, but it didn’t work out. His love triangle seemed juicy as well, too, and I feel like I would be more intrigued to watch that rather than Carlton and Diamond’s.

It’s just funny though that during those proposal moments, they seem to be all dressed up. Obviously, the girls already knew what was going to happen, or they’d still be in their casual clothes or sweatpants, just like all the other times.

I finished the whole series in less than a day, including the reunion and I have no regrets! LOL!

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