New Year at Anuva Residences [2021.01.01-02]

Celine and Irick spent New Year’s at Anuva Residences in Muntinlupa, but I still had work on the 31st and I didn’t want to leave my mother at home by herself. But I was able to join them on January 1st, at around 8pm. LOL. I was so late! But what’s important is I got there. LOL.

I took a Grab from Market Market because I have been waiting for a jeepney to Sucat for almost 30 minutes and still nothing. I found it was more convenient to just take Grab directly to the condo because I remember that they moved the terminal somewhere farther and I wouldn’t even know what to pin when I request my Grab from there so might as well just book directly from Market Market.

They were pretty strict and need to present everything at the guard house before I can even enter the premises. Gladly, my Grab driver is so patient and was so nice about it. When I got to the reception, I just had to fill out the visitor’s log sheet because everything else has been done at the guard house.

Our first order of business was #ChristmasContent. Of course, we had to take photos with the Christmas tree in the lobby and these really cute Christmas-y throw pillows!

We spent the night drinking wine and snacking on pizza and Korean food, while watching Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father, which is super hilarious! We watched it the whole night and until the next morning. LOL.


There was a pool at the condo so we spent about an hour downstairs to swim while trying not to get my face and hair wet. Then, just took photos in the grass and at the mini pools. Or was it supposed to be a pond? I don’t know. I’m really digging the bridge though. LOL.

Damuhan moments

We were gonna get picked up by Irick’s brother sometime in the afternoon, so we decided to go to Alabang Town Center first for lunch. It was so cloudy that day that even if it was only 11am when we checked out, I feel like it was almost sunset. The good news is, it wasn’t too hot. It is my first time in ATC, but unfortunately, we couldn’t explore much. I was actually having stomach problems after since after swimming. LOL. But at least, I finally got to try Popeye’s! No photos there though, because I was too hungry and was in a hurry to finish my biscuit. LOL.

I was literally gone from the house for less than 24 hours, I was home by around 3pm. LOL. To end this blog, let me summarize 2020 and 2021 using my two facial expressions: RBF and too much happy. HAHAHA. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Please be a better year, 2021! Onegai!

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