Nov 20: Safety first

Share the story of a time you felt unsafe.

I can remember two things right now. I like travelling by myself and while I enjoy it, there are times when I did feel unsafe. Maybe it was just my paranoia but honestly, when you are a woman, this is a normal feeling.

The first one is during my trip in Bali. I talked about this on Facebook after I came back. I walked a lot during my trip and I was alone most times and I met the kindest and most helpful people during this trip. I did feel safe walking around the streets even at 11 at night, except for this one time on my last night. I met my friends for dinner and we decided to eat somewhere that is closer to their hotel. I decided to walk since I saw that it wasn’t that far. I guess, I was braver when I left because it was still early but when I was on my way back to the hotel, it has later in the night. I kind of freaked out, not because of a local but this old white guy who was calling after me and following me. Good thing, he stopped at some point. I almost ran back to the hotel because I felt scared for my life.

Another time was in Melaka. Just like any other trip, I also walked a lot in Penang and relied heavily on Google Maps. When I came back from Dataran Pahlawan Mall, I couldn’t take the shortcut anymore in the A Famosa area because they close it after a certain hour. I had to walk a longer route to get to Dutch Square. I was quite scared, good thing, I was texting with a friend the entire time. It just got really scary when there was nobody else but me that’s walking, as well as when I passed by the Dutch Graveyard. I just kept walking faster and counting down the meters on Google Maps. I was finally relieved when I saw Dutch Square and there were lights and people. What a total relief seeing that sight. It was after 10pm at the time so I felt scared and unsafe. I think I am fine walking by myself as long as there are other people around, but once I’m the only one there, that just gets me super paranoid.

Inspired by this ebook, β€œ365 Days of Writing Prompts” posted here.

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