Nov 6: Google and rescue operation

What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it?

“US Election 2020”

I mean, it is timely and relevant since the US election was a few days ago. Since I am in the Philippines, we are a day ahead and I have been refreshing my Google search many times for the past few days to update myself on what is going on. While I am not from the US, the result will affect us all so we owe it to ourselves to educate ourselves on what is going on. It is not just a US event, it is an international event.

In 2016, during the last presidential election, I was in Laos for my annual birthday vacation and I remember that the result came out quite faster than this year. The night after election day (our time), Hillary Clinton has made her speech and it was over. I was in the hotel, watching the news and my friends were at a bar in Vang Vieng. I remember them coming home from the bar because they said the tourists who were partying at the bar left when Trump was officially announced as the winner of the election. LOL.

It definitely has taken much longer this year and the race is too damn close. At the time of writing, there is still no official result yet. It is baffling to me how it is this close after everything that has happened. It is nervewracking for everyone, even I was super stressed at some point. If you think that you are not affected by this in any way, think again. It also makes me think of our own situation in 2022 when it’s time for us to elect a new president. I do not think the current president will run again (the old man is tired, just let him rest), but I feel like we will be left with not so decent options. I can just imagine the names that will come up when the time comes for them to submit their applications. We have a lot of time to prepare and all we can do is register, keep educating ourselves, and vote when it is time.

Inspired by this ebook, β€œ365 Days of Writing Prompts” posted here.

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