Oct 4: The clothes that (may) make the (wo)man

How important are clothes to you? Describe your style, if you have one, and tell us how appearance impacts how you feel about yourself.

I love clothes. I always say that the only thing I will probably leave to my children (if I ever have them) are clothes and shoes. LOL. I have a huge closet in my room and that occupies maybe 1/4 of my tiny room. I would say, yes, it is very important to me. I don’t care how I look like when I am at home, but I pay attention to what I wear when I go out. I have mentioned this before – I like that we have a dress code in our office because people actually make an effort to look presentable at work. We do dress down on Fridays, so at least we have a break from the smart casual / business attire look. I just feel more confident when I think I look good – at least by my standards, so I make an effort to dress up. What I do is that I prepare a couple of outfits during the weekend, to wear for the coming work week. That is currently put on hold though since I do work from home nowadays. Most of my clothes are rotting inside my closet.

However, since we I am working from home, I really have no reason to dress up. They say that a good tip for working from home is to get out of your pajamas and dress up. But I like my pajamas! So for the past few months, I have been buying a lot of cute and comfy loungewear. At least I still like what I am wearing when I am working from home, even without a bra on. #freethenips

I don’t know what to call my style though. I do like wearing dresses, skirts, and flowy shorts / skorts. I rarely even wear pants anymore, if I do wear them, I wear ones that has a thin fabric or like wide-legged pants. I am not into clothes that cling into my body so much, unless it is a top. I do like form-fitting tops, but when it comes the te bottoms, I like ones that are flowy and airy. Despite wearing a lot of dresses and skirts, I don’t think I have a “girly” style, I like wearing dresses because they are literally the easiest to pick out. I heard people say when they see someone wearing a dress, “Oh you made an effort today!” And I’m like, “No bitch, if I am wearing a dress, it means I put in the most minimal effort.” You just pick a dress and a pair of shoes, that’s it! Unlike if you’re wearing a top and a bottom, you need to put more effort into thinking if they will go together or not. I definitely took longer and might take a couple of switches before I decide on what to wear. If I need to mix and match outfits though, I would usually go for a plain top and a printed bottom or vice versa.

I am not a fan of buying clothes in department stores or outlet stores. I prefer thrifting. I have been doing it for as long as I can remember, I’m pretty sure for over 10 years now. I can say that about 80-90% of my clothes are thrifted. No kidding. The only clothes that I buy new are underwears, pajamas, and swimsuits. Of course I have items from Uniqlo or H&M or Cotton On, but they are so few. There is just so many more options at thrift stores and it’s almost guaranteed that you will never see anyone wearing the same dress or skirt or top. Unlike if you buy at a popular store, they make multiple of the same clothes in different sizes, so most likely, you will run into someone wearing the same outfit, which is not cute. I have not thrifted in a long time though, the last time was probably February because I went to buy clothes that I was going to wear for Korea. I have no need for new clothes anyway so when we go back to the office, I will probably make my way to thrift stores again.

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