October Shopping Haul! (10.10 Sale!)

I lied. I did buy a few things during the 10.10 sale. But, I didn’t really buy a lot of things this month. It’s definitely not as crazy as in the beginning of this quarantine, but I am always on the hunt for new products I can try! So here’s my shopping haul for this month!

Prismatic Green Vase

Price: PHP 61
Shop here.

I wasn’t planning on buying this. I just saw it randomly and it kind of matches the cactus one I bought some time ago, so I just went ahead and checked out. I am planning to buy some real flowers if I feel like it so it’s good to have an actual vase for it even if it is plastic. It’s bigger than I thought and it’s tall. I hope it holds up when I put water and real flowers inside. LOL.

Just using the very fake-looking eucalyptus LOL

Gray Trolley Cart

Price: PHP 500
Shop here.

I have been looking for shelves that I can put in between my desk and the drawers so I needed something with specific dimensions and this was perfect! It totally fits like a glove in that little space. Too bad they didn’t have it in brown so I bought a gray one, but that’s fine because I can always spray paint it in the future if I would like to. It’s 4 layers, it has wheels, and also has 4 hooks. Honestly, I don’t need any more S hooks because I bought metal ones just recently, but at least these match the shelves. LOL. I just have my craft and sewing supplies and my books in here. I moved some of my bags and my travel stuff into my bedside drawer. They were originally in there anyway before I decided to put that them in cloth storage. I need to organize the top shelf, obviously, I will put stuff that I always grab when I’m working and some decorations maybe. I don’t know yet, I will have to think about it. Obviously, I will need to fix my wall in this area as well, because now, my macrame notebook holder is getting blocked by the vase and the LED light lamp I use for Zoom meetings.

I have removed the cloth organizer I made a few months ago and I’m planning to turn that into an under bed storage, so I will need to sew a zipper so that it closes better. Or else, dust will get inside. I have nothing to put inside, though, but maybe another protection for my luggage and yoga mat (that I never use). I will need to work on this as well in the future.

Rechargeable Lighter

Price: PHP 41
Shop here.

I really just needed a lighter for candles and I thought this was cool! I was scared when I first used it because it heats up so freaking fast! I thought it would take a few seconds, but it lit up as soon as I pressed the button in the middle. It’s hard to use it though when the wick is not upright because the fire would burn a part of the lighter. The body is also made of plastic so mine already has a burnt part at the back after using it just a few times. I wonder though if this would pass the x-ray in airports since it looks just like a USB flash drive. LOL.

Mink Roll Into Town Bundle

Price: PHP 699
Shop here. (You can also buy these on their website.)

I kept seeing this on Instagram and I was very curious, so I wanted to try it. I decided to order the bundle to save a bit of coin and I got around PHP200 discount for this using the vouchers so it’s an amazing deal. It’s like I got one bottle for free! I got this on Oct 12th and started using it on the morning of Oct 13th. Currently, I don’t really see any effects yet, but then I am also not using it religiously, which has always been my problem, LOL. I will make a review someday when I see some results.

Watsons Battery-Operated Toothbrush

Price: PHP 289
Shop here. (You can definitely buy them from any Watsons store as well. I bought from Shopee to get a discount from their vouchers.)

I am in the process of “rehabilitating my teeth” – I will definitely write about this soon. I have always wanted to try an electric toothbrush because I think they are better for hard to reach areas in your mouth. I really should have done this sooner, I might have salvaged a few teeth instead of suffering from tooth decay. LOL. It needs two AA batteries (I bought new Jaguar rechargeable batteries for this. ^^) and it’s easy to use. There are two buttons, the one on top is the ON and the one below it is OFF. You only need to wash and replace the brush part and you can remove it by twisting it counter-clockwise, put it back by twisting it clockwise. You can buy replacements on Watsons for PHP 159 for 4 pieces. I took a photo the last time I was in Watsons to buy meds. LOL.

Wood Table Lamp

Price: PHP 382
Shop here.

I really don’t need a lamp, but this was just too cute and it fits my theme! I love the wheat ears design but I think I like the material and texture of the plain one more (which I only realized after I have checked out). I think the material is called ephedra. But that’s fine, it is white when it’s not lit, but you don’t really see that anymore once you turn it on.

There are two types: dimmable and non-dimmable. Since the price difference is not that much (PHP21), I decided to go with the dimmable one. You just need to do a long press of the switch to get the lights to its full potential and then do it again to dim it.

It uses LED lamp beads and here’s the description: “Using energy-saving eye-protecting LED lamp beads as the light source, while protecting the eyes, the electricity consumption is less than 2 kWh a year, which is calculated as 8 hours per day.” I think that is pretty cool! So I don’t expect to replace this for a long time, because I don’t know where to find something like this or if it is even possible to replace it. Also, don’t look at it directly because it would feel like you took a photo with flash on.

Overall, it’s a really good buy! I would most likely get a lot of use for this. Sometimes, I just want some dim light in my room in the afternoons because I don’t have any windows in my room.


Deerma Vacuum Cleaner

Price: PHP 1,467
Shop here.

OMG. I think this is my best purchase on Shopee ever. The manual is unfortunately in Chinese but it’s pretty straightforward. You can use just the lower part, or attach the long handle for hard to reach areas, so it works as a handheld vacuum and as just how it normally looks like. It has 3 attachments, the first one is the one on the photo, then the there’s an angled brush and a small suction attachment. These two are what I normally use for walls and corners.

I used it for the first time last weekend and started in my room and my goodness, the top of my tall closet is now super clean. I have been meaning to clean that, but it’s just hard because I have no way of reaching it even if I stand on top of my drawers. Now, it’s all clean, the boxes have been removed and all that’s left are the rugs that I also cleaned using the vacuum.

I need to do the rest of the house in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, I can’t do everything all at once because while it’s not heavy when you first pick it up, it will take its toll on you as you continue to use it. I was mainly using it for walls and the ceiling so my arms were dead after a few hours of cleaning. I even felt the ache a few days after cleaning. I can’t wait to remove all the dust in our apartment!

I am very happy with this purchase. I’m sure that there are probably better brands out there, but for the price and its size, I am satisfied with this. The suction is super strong and it does the job really well. Totally recommended!

Selfie Ring Light

Price: PHP 55
Shop here.

Another item that I really don’t need. I really don’t know why I buy so many lights LOL. I bought this along with the rechargeable lighter, just because I didn’t want to buy just one item from that store. Anyway, it’s not that expensive and the ring light definitely makes a lot of difference. Now, I feel like the LED light lamp I bought a few months ago has been deemed useless. LOL. It is rechargeable, it doesn’t take long before it charges up.

I clipped it on top of my mirror on the desk so it can provide some light whenever I need to use the mirror. I should’ve bought this instead of the LED light lamp. I don’t even use it that much because it’s too strong. It’s not like I’m a Youtube who needs a lot of light. LOL.

These are my purchases for October! I am really happy with all of them. I don’t have anything on my list for November, except I want to buy myself a birthday present. ^^ Until next month!

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