One More Time at Pinto Art Museum [2022.05.07]

Kevin likes art and museums, so when he asked me to take him to an art museum, I immediately thought of Pinto Art Museum. I contemplated taking him to the National Museum, since there are several museums in one area. But I really felt like the trip to Antipolo was going to be worth it, so I was happy to know that he liked my choice and really enjoyed this museum.

I went here back in May 2018, but they have a new gallery (Gallery #7) that opened in 2019. So, there was still a lot for me to see even if it wasn’t my first time. This is a really huge gallery, and I found it funny that this is the only gallery with guards. During my first visit, I was really heavy on the photoshoots since I was with my good friend, Dave. But I wasn’t going to do that to Kevin. Just imagine taking him to a museum, so he can appreciate art and I asked him to take my photos at every corner. LOL. I wanted him to enjoy the art pieces since he also paints.

We were coming from Makati, so we took a GrabCar going there. We actually contemplated commuting there, but that morning, we decided we’ll go there through Grab, and then commute back to Makati so we can also walk around the neighborhood. He needed to do some shopping, too. But goddammit, the heat got to me.

At around lunchtime, I had to ask Kevin if we can get iced coffee at Cafe Rizal cause it was so hot. We ended up getting lunch as well. I wasn’t hungry in the beginning, really just needed something to quench my thirst. But I ended up eating the pizza he ordered because it was really good.

I felt so tired and sleepy towards the end of our time at the museum, we ended up getting another Grab home. But guess who slept the entire ride back to the hotel? Kevin. Which makes me laugh because this person has difficulty sleeping.

That weekend was also when Leni Robredo had her Makati rally so I think it was a good decision to take a GrabCar back to Makati before the traffic gets really bad.

Some photos at Pinto Art Museum:

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