Day 6: Kuala Lumpur

I arrived at the TBS station at around 8:30am, so it is really a 2hr30m bus ride but it stops at TBS so I still had to take a 50-min Uber ride. It cost me RM34.15 and that already includes my 17% employee discount since I was still working at Uber then. That’s a bit crazy cause my fares in Malaysia just ranged from RM5-11 normally. But yeah, I just closed my eyes and booked it cause I really had to get to my friend’s place.

I finally arrived at my friend Ernesto’s condo in Setia Sky at around 9:30am. I felt really bad cause he had work that morning – it was a Monday. My friend is currently living and working in Kuala Lumpur, but used to live in the Philippines. He lives in a condo with an amazing view of the Petronas Tower and Menara KL. This view is freaking bomb! I was tempted to stay in (where it’s cold) but I knew I wanted to visit the Petronas Tower again and I was also a little bit hungry.

Before anything else, I went to McDonald’s to have lunch because it was already past noon then. This was the first time I saw this self-service thing, which is now also available here in the Philippines. I was planning to visit the Petronas Art Gallery in KLCC but unfortunately, it was closed from Feb 6 to Apr 9. I was so sad when I saw it closed and read the notice.

It was freaking hot when I went out of KLCC to see the Petronas Towers. It was really difficult to take a photo because I could barely open my eyes even with my hat on. It was nice to visit the towers a couple of years ago, it was during the night.

Behind the Petronas Towers, there’s a park with a fountain and also a good view of the Petronas Towers from another side. There’s also a swimming pool for children but I really just went there for some shade and to sit down. LOL.

I then took an Uber to the KL Forest Eco Park, which is located in the KL Tower Compound. It is also called the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve. I really just wanted to try the forest canopy walkway. It was almost empty when I got there, which I love.

From there, I decided to walk to Merdeka Square, which is where the KL City Gallery is. But I wanted to visit some temples and cathedrals on the way so I wanted to walk. However, it started raining on the way so I wasn’t able to do my original plan and went straight to the city gallery. At least that’s indoors and it wouldn’t matter if it’s raining. The entrance fee was RM10.

I’ve been here before but we just took photos at the I <3 KL sign. I decided to go inside this time and see the gallery. I enjoyed the exhibit and I love how the staff is super helpful in taking photos since I was traveling by myself. There was also like a mini show where they showcased the past, present, and future of Kuala Lumpur. They introduced the new tower that is going to be the tallest building in KL in the future. Maybe the next time I’m back in KL, Merdeka PNB 118 is already completed. It only took me 30 minutes to go around the gallery and it was still raining outside. I had to stay a bit until it rained less. It really took a while before I could book an Uber to take me home.

My day was over once it started raining. Since my friend’s condo is not exactly in the center of town, it would be annoying to just go out again once the rain has stopped. My friend was home early from work that night so we got to hang out, cook together, have dinner and just watch Netflix.

It was awesome to end the night with this view.


Day 7: Kuala Lumpur

Good morning, KL!


My last day in KL was so uneventful. I was planning to visit the Batu Caves in the morning, and the Perdana Lake Gardens in the afternoon. I was only able to do one. I thought there was a direct transpo going to Batu Caves from KL Sentral but I was wrong. There’s a free shuttle bus to Sentul Station, and that’s where you take the train to Batu Caves. It’s RM5 two-way.


I’m happy though that I finally got to go to Batu Caves on my last day. I wasn’t able to last time because I was in KL since it’s quite far and we only had a day. Batu Caves is well-known for having a lot of monkeys everywhere and you’d see a lot already just by the entrance. The famous stairs of the caves were under construction when I went but they completed it a few months ago and it looks so pretty now. It makes me want to go back and take photos in that colorful staircase.

The Dark Cave is not free and it’s actually quite pricey so I decided not to go. I forgot how much it was when  I went but I read online that as of Jan 2019, it’s RM35. After buying a drink I decided to descend the stairs. Other than monkeys, there’s also a lot of pigeons near the parking lot. It was a tiring (because of the stairs obviously) and scary experience (because of the close proximity to the monkeys) but a great one overall.

I had lunch at Nu Sentral, they have this amazing food court near the supermarket, where I also bought the snacks and souvenirs I took home. However, it started raining again at around 3pm and I couldn’t go to the gardens anymore. KL’s weather sucks. Either it’s too sunny or it’s raining. I gave up and just booked an Uber back to my friend’s condo. He arrived not too long after.


I spent my afternoon watching a few episodes of Good Morning Call while he worked. We ordered food, watched Netflix and I started packing. My flight to Manila was not until 1:30am but I decided to leave earlier because I felt kinda bed to keep my friend up till late. He’s been up since early in the morning and still had to work the next day.

I decided to book the KLIA Express this time! I knew it was still early and I can actually take the bus from KL Sentral to KLIA2. It’s much cheaper but will take maybe over an hour to get there. I can do this and my friend suggested I take that. But I already booked a voucher through Klook and I just wanted to try KLIA Express actually. It cost me ₱564. It’s RM55 normally but I had a promo code and Klook credits so I saved over ₱100, which is not so bad. It was really efficient, it boasts of a 33-minute ride from KL Sentral to KLIA2. I timed it and it was really 33 minutes. The seats are also super comfy that I wished the ride was longer.


The Kuala Lumpur leg of my trip was kind of disappointing cause I didn’t get to do a lot. It was so hot but then it just starts to rain in the afternoon and then you can no longer do anything else after that. The key is to wake up really early and be home by the time it starts to rain. So yeah, I will definitely go back to KL for the third time. I still haven’t seen some of the churches and temples that have been in my itinerary since 2015. I still haven’t been to Perdana Lake Gardens cause it rained on the second day I was there and it would be waste to go then. The Petronas Art Gallery was closed so I couldn’t go as well. Next time though, I want to try going to Pahang, Ipoh, and Langkawi.

Malaysia is definitely one country I will always go back to me. I feel like it’s developing really fast, and the people are just the best. They’re very welcoming and helpful. There will be a next Malaysia trip definitely and I wouldn’t mind going alone again.

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