Palaya Natural Farm [2019.05.25-26]

The farm

I was sick the weekend we went here and just wanted a quiet time outside the city and I got it. If you’re looking for a place not too far from the city, breathe in some fresh air, spend the weekend at a farm with no signal, then this Palaya Natural Farm would be perfect. I randomly saw this while scrolling Facebook so I asked my friend if we can go. They advertise the lunch buffet every Saturday, which is their market day, but we decided to do an overnight instead, and still do the lunch buffet. What we did was, book for an overnight on Saturday and do the lunch buffet before going home on Sunday. I will try to recall everything because I was really sick and slept a lot during my time here.

How to reserve?

The reservation was done through Facebook, you just need to send them a message through Facebook. As for the prices, everything can be found on their Facebook page, they have a detailed travel guide. For us, we opted to reserve a tent for 2 (with beddings), which is only PHP500. This also includes the entrance fee and free breakfast the next day. Uhm, I don’t know about you, but this is a really good deal. Why? Because the entrance fee is PHP150 and the breakfast (silog meal) is normally valued at let’s say PHP75. No need to make any down payment, you can pay by cash on the day itself.

View from the tent

How to go here?

Reserve at least 2 to 3 hours of travel depending on where you’re coming from. If you have a car then just follow whatever Google Maps or Waze tells you. If you’re commuting then, of course, it’s going to take longer. I came from Makati so I took an Angkas to Cubao, because I was meeting my friend there at 11am. We took an FX going to Cogeo (PHP35), walked to the terminal of jeepneys going to Sampaloc, took a jeepney (PHP28), got off at San Andres and took a tricycle from there (PHP150 for the whole trip, max of 4 passengers so it was PHP75 each for the two of us.) Make sure to tell your tricycle driver to pick you up the next day and provide a time. We asked to be picked up at 1pm on Sunday.

What can you do at Palaya Natural Farm?

Tons of things! They have tons of other activities and of course, there’s a fee for each one but it’s all super affordable. There is a river nearby, enjoy the bonfire with marshmallows and crackers (PHP100 for 3 pax), horseback riding (PHP100), etc.

How’s the food situation?

Like I previously mentioned, they have a lunch buffet during weekends. I read they also have a breakfast buffet on Saturdays. If you’re staying overnight, they also serve dinner, but it’s ala carte. They will go to your tent / room and ask for your orders. Dinner is at 7pm, they will have your table under whose name it is reserved. When we arrived at around 3pm, they were selling merienda the palabok was like PHP20 I think and the suman as well.

Palaya salad

What I did:

We arrived at around 3pm, had merienda (the palabok and suman were really good!)  and asked for the staff to pitch our tent because I was not feeling very well and just wanted to lie down. It was still a bit hot, so I just let the door open and slept. I was literally only awake for about an hour (for dinner) since we arrived. And so, I was awake super early the next morning. We had to wait for breakfast until around 7am, I had bangsilog but we had suman before so it was all good. We had a watermelon while hanging out in one of the kubos. We had the lunch buffet at around 11am.

Yes, all I did was sleep (in a tent by the dragon fruit farm), eat (from farm to table – very healthy!) and read (in a kubo – you literally can just lie down anywhere with a papag). I know I missed on the other activities, like the bonfire, or a swim at the batis, or some trekking to the other side. But peace and quiet is all I really needed, and I got it. 💚 Since I slept a lot, I didn’t have any photos until when I woke up at 5am the next day.

The weather here is divine. It’s really cold and this kind of weather makes me lazy. I was also on the fence if I should go or not, but thought, nature would be good for me. And it was. I needed healing properties! They also have a lot of these chair swings, lounge chairs, and hammocks around – perfect for relaxing, tables and chairs where you can have merienda.

You only need to pay during checkout so everything you did will be paid by then unless said otherwise. What we paid separately were the merienda we had upon arriving (palabok + suman) and our lunch buffet on Sunday. All in all, we paid like PHP440 I think when we checked out.

It was not yet the season when we went in May, so I really want to go back when it’s time for harvest. I think It’s harvest time now, though, so it’s the perfect time to go! I totally recommend this place!


Tent accommodation + Dinner – 440 each
Fare – 118 x 2
Merienda – 20
Lunch buffet – 350
Total: PHP928

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