We took a GrabCar from Comembo to Pinto Art Museum and our driver was super nice so going there was super easy. I think the ticket was PHP100 when we went there. One thing to note is that if you brought a backpack, you will need to leave it at their baggage counter no matter how small or big it is. I had a small backpack with me and I still had to leave it, which is fine with me actually. It’s troublesome to take photos with your bag with you.

Dave and I were not prepared for how huge this place is! It’s 1.2 hectares, y’all! We thought it would be a breeze but I think it took us 3-4 hours to go around the whole place. We were actually pretty tired and sweaty once we were done. We actually had lunch there too cause we got super hungry from all that walking.

PHOTO DUMP! HAHA! (I will try to update the caption since I posted these on my Instagram as well.)

You know, just talking to plants LOL

This small area dedicated to Jose Rizal and Leonor Rivera was so cute.

Ang Larawan feels!

And there’s an erotic gallery too. It has a door, people HAHAHA

Pics with Dave!

Some of my favorite pieces in the museum 🙂

And some animal friends

After Pinto Art Museum, we went straight to Unicorn Café in Marikina. We actually didn’t know how but it was pretty easy. We couldn’t get a GrabCar to pick us up from Pinto but luckily, there’s a tricycle terminal that took us to the main road. The tricycle driver actually took us to the terminal where we can take the jeepney to Marikina. I saw that the way going to the Unicorn Café is actually before we can get to the terminal (which is Bayan) so we got off at the hardware and took the tricycle. It actually stops in the border of Antipolo and Marikina so we just walked to the café. It’s just a 10-minute walk.

When we got there, it turns out it was closed and we were disappointed. We ended up eating at the café from across the street. While eating, Unicorn Café actually opened. Apparently, they are closed from 2-4pm on weekdays. So that’s one thing to note, make sure they’re open so you don’t waste your time. We still went to Unicorn Café for some dessert and drinks since we’re already there anyway.

Unicorn Café is quite disappointing actually. It’s cute but you can’t actually play with all the unicorn stuff around. There’s also a minimum order per person and the food is overpriced. The desserts taste so bad. I think the only fun part is that you can wear a unicorn onesie and just laze around since we decided to hang out in the double bed.  We just couldn’t stop laughing at how bad the desserts were. I’m not kidding.

We were lucky going home cause we were able to get a GrabCar from Marikina to Makati. I was home by 7pm. ^^

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