Planet Grapes: 35th Birthday Brunch! [2020.11.14]

I met up with Celine and Irick on Nov 14th for brunch. Celine had a vet appointment in Mandaluyong so we decided to meet up in Shang. It was also Celine’s birthday on the 6th and mine on the 13th, so you could say this was our birthday brunch. Up until that morning, we didn’t know where we’d eat. We initially planned on going to this place in Quezon City, but we’re meeting for brunch and that place is better during sunset or early evening since it’s an al fresco dining experience. Well, they do have indoor tables as well but it just feels like you’re in your home’s dining room. LOL.

I saw Planet Grapes when I was inside the car going to my drop-off point in Starbucks. I thought it would be nice to go to a wine bar. Yes, for brunch, err, birthday brunch. Irick researched it while we were waiting for Celine at Starbucks and it seemed like the perfect choice.

According to their website, Planet Grapes is an upscale wine shop and restaurant that caters to the next generation of wine lovers in the Philippines. It’s a place where budding enthusiasts can discover wine, one grape at a time. I really love their wine without drama tagline!

Since we are still in the middle of the pandemic, I want to talk about the precautions they’re taking. It is pretty much the same as almost every establishment, except for the plastic sheet for the mask.

  • You need to scan a QR code for the contact tracing / health declaration form or fill out the paper they have outside.
  • Your temperature is checked before going inside and you should sanitize your hands and feet.
  • They give you a plastic sheet for your mask.
  • The seats that people can occupy is alternate.
  • They don’t give out menus, you need to scan a QR code on the table to access the menu. Then, they give you the order form so you can fill it out yourself.

We were the first customers in the restaurant and another group arrived but the entire time we were there, it was just us and them. I totally love the interior! Even the decorations are made from wine bottles!

Their light fixtures were made from wine bottles!

After a very long deliberation, we decided to order a starter, a salad, a main, a dessert and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. We initially thought of just getting a glass, but we actually ended up finishing the bottle. LOL. Now I get the charm of having a huge meal with wine!

I took this info from the menu on their website. We ordered baguette and marble potatoes with our cheese fondue, but the server suggested puto calasiao so we ordered it as well and damn, that was such an amazing suggestion! Who knew??? Everything was so good and not too heavy on the tummy. The sapin-sapin was a lovely way to end the meal.

Blend of European cheeses, cream and wine best served with your choice of add-ons (puto Calasiao, baked baguette, cornichons, marble potatoes, roasted shallots or sweet cherry tomatoes).

Crisp beer battered Lapu-lapu fillet & hand cut fries served with tartar sauce & malt vinegar.

Mixed greens from our organic farm with balsamic dressing topped with cajun spiced chicken breast

Glutinous rice cakes combined with sweetened jackfruit and ube halaya. All topped with a rich salted egg sauce.

Some photos:


I wish I took more photos, but I was just really enjoying the place, the food, the wine, and the conversation. ^^ We spent about 3 hours here, the servers were very helpful, even pouring our wine for us. Sure, it is quite pricey but it’s not like you’re going to eat here everyday. It is perfect for celebrations and special occasions. Like a birthday brunch, perhaps?

Going home! I am wine drunk that I didn’t realize my face mask was inverted. LOL.

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