So before I left TaskUs, we were moved to a different team and they had a team building planned, which finally pushed through on May 5-6. I was the only one who came with from my original team but I will never say no to the beach. Especially in this hot hot weather. (Ok, it’s raining nowadays but it was the peak of the summer at the time.)

I only slept for two hours cause I met some friends the night before. Our meetup at the Cubao terminal was at 4:00 AM. The bus ride going to Balanga was pretty fast and I was asleep almost the entire time. From there, we took a jeepney that took us to Batac, and then a boat ride to the resort. At around 10am, we were already in the island. It’s actually just about 3-3.5 hrs away from Manila but we still needed to buy some stuff from the market and we spent about an hour or so in in Batac.

The place is really nice. I absolutely loved the cabanas. It has a fan, a light, a mattress and a table and bench attached to it. Their cabanas are so much better than the ones in Real Surf. There are hammocks everywhere. The resort is still undergoing construction in some areas but I’m sure it will be beautiful once it’s finished. I wish they’d clean the batis though. There’s a table and bench on the batis so you can actually have lunch while your feet are dipped in water. Nooooice. I think there’s a fee though. near the batis there’s an area where you can rest, it has a papag and two hammocks. There are lounge chairs with umbrellas near the water. There’s a slide with floaters. I dunno how much it is but I think it’s unlimited. It was too hot so we didn’t try and we’re fine just swimming all day. This place a has a lot of promise and it’s so near Manila.

I totally loved the beach here. The sand is so fine (but very hot so you can’t walk barefoot! Good thing I brought my aqua shoes! Nadala ako sa Kalanggaman eh!), it’s brown but it doesn’t look dirty unlike the sand in Mariveles (in Camaya Coast). The water is also really clear and not too salty. I definitely loved the sea here more than in Mariveles.

Also, I learned how to float! Yes, this has always been my challenge but I’m surprised that I was able to finally do it here! I also went out of my comfort zone and tried to swim in an area where I can no longer reach the sea floor. Thank goodness I didn’t die. Hahaha.

I felt kinda spoiled during this overnight trip cause my teammates took charge in cooking. I did help in washing the dishes though. They did a really awesome job with budgeting cause we only paid PHP200 for the food and drinks. That’s 3 meals plus booze. They started drinking in the afternoon and I didn’t want to initially cause it was too hot! We decided to move the lounge chairs under the tree near our cabana and had our drinking sesh there.

On the left side of the island, there are tire swings where you can also take pics. I guess what I’m saying is that, you can totally take a lot of photos in this place without really spending extra. I’m happy to just rest on the hammock, or one of the lounge chairs, or on one of the tire swings. It was a really relaxing weekend. The ride going back to Manila – not so much. It was super traffic. Hahaha.

Some pics with my teammates <3

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