Quarantine Diaries # 1: Bed, Bath, and Beyond

I don’t know if there will be a # 2 though. LOL. I will try my best to write more about my life during the quarantine. Funny though that I only decided to do this 3 months into this quarantine. But I do think we are in this for the long haul. I am not going back to the office until I feel safe to do so.

Quarantine Itinerary


I suddenly found myself needing to do some sort of schedule because I kind of have a lot on my plate right now. I just feel like writing them down so I can remember and I feel like it will help me focus more on what needs to be done.

After months of not doing any projects on my part-time job, I started a new one yesterday so now, that takes away about 4 hours of my time every day. So what’s my day like?

(1) I have my full-time job from 10pm-6am for 8 hours. This is where my day starts – everything else after during the day.

(2) I have my part-time job for 4 hours – this is flexible so I can do it anytime within the day and I can make up for the other hours on weekends.

(3) I have several home projects like wallpapering our bathroom – I need to redo some areas once the new roll comes in. (I was not expecting to run out of wallpaper for our small bathroom!) I have been wallpapering our drawers as well – there are three of them. So far I have completed on and am currently working on the second drawer – my mother’s! After that, I want to make a sideboard for my bed using my extra foam. Time to put my DIY-ing skills to the test!

(4) Last, there’s my mission to watch all 900+ episodes of Detective Conan – LOL. I am currently on Episode 170+, which aired Dec 1999, so I’m almost in the 2000s. The characters now have cellphones instead of a pocket bell. HAHAHA. It’s hard to multi-task if I’m watching this since I need to read subtitles.

So yeah, I need to make some sort of schedule moving forward to make sure that I’m doing my 20 hours of part-time job every week. Let’s get those coins! Sayang eh!

Wallpaper Journey

I also kind of want to talk about my wallpaper journey as well. So I have been watching tiny room makeovers on Youtube and that was what inspired me to do it. And also, I’m just so sick and tired of looking at the chipped off paint in our bathroom. After looking at designs, I decided on this white scratchy brick design, which is poor planning on my part. I only realized it after installing my first wallpaper on the wall. So I have a few tips:

(1) If you are a beginner and don’t really want difficult work, choose a vertical design. Or just any design that you don’t need to match every time you need to start a fresh batch. This will save you time and wallpaper as well. You can just measure and cut, without having to match the design each time you need to cut the pieces.

(2) Choose the ugliest place or most hidden corner to start and end your wallpaper. You will need to end the design at some point and most likely, it will overlap somewhere, and that end will be ugly. So make sure that it’s located somewhere that’s the least noticeable.

(3) Wallpaper your furniture! We’ve had these plastic caha de oros for years and they are in different colors so I bought a wood design wallpaper for these and I love how it turned out. It is very difficult to cover the curves and the nooks and holes but I made it work. I only did the drawers because the body is either beige or dirty white and that is fine. I am so happy that they totally looked like legit wood.

(4) Have Salonpas and painkillers ready if you are working on a room that has a high ceiling. LOL. The day after I did our bathroom, I had leg, arms, and neck pains. This is pretty much why I don’t want to do our entire house. We have quite high ceilings and I just don’t have the patience to do all of that. We don’t have a ladder so I was standing on a stool and our toilet bowl the entire time. I chose our bathroom because it’s small and it’s the easiest to makeover.

Ok, so I actually only have four tips. I did say few anyway, right? LOL.

I am so happy with this!

Bed Scene

On the same day that I started wallpapering our bathroom, my bed frame was delivered! This was an impulse purchase. I was still deciding whether I’d buy a sofa that turns into a bed so it is dual purpose, or if I will buy a customized wooden pallet bed from this Instagram store that I messaged. I didn’t even include this in my Jun 6 purchases. But I saw it 2 days after the Lazada and Shopee big monthly sale and it was still discounted and the shipping was free so I just went ahead and bought it. I already have a mattress – I’ve had it since my apartment days in Baguio so I really just needed a bed frame. After more than a year of sleeping on my mattress on the floor, I finally have a bed frame! I have a tiny room and this bed definitely made it even tinier, but I love it! Super happy with this purchase since I have been spending a lot of time in bed during quarantine, and for months to come.

I don’t like my wall but I really don’t have the energy to change it. LOL.

So did you make over or renovate any part of your house during this quarantine period? Tell me below!

Until next time,

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