Quarantine Diaries # 12: It’s November again, baby!

Time flies! It’s been another 3 months since my last quarantine diaries! Since then, I have completed my COVID vaccination, have gone back to the office to work, have gone on several dates and weekend getaways, and finally, our country’s COVID cases have gone way down and there’s no more curfew! Woot! Let’s get rid of the face shields next? Yes!

Let’s get vaccinated!

My company helped me get vaccinated through the city of Taguig. I also signed up with Makati when I got back home in May, and through my company back in June. Lo and behold, Taguig came through first! It was kinda crazy though because I was only informed the day before, so I couldn’t even file a leave for my first dose.

I did my first dose on August 18th and my second dose on Sept 15th. My first dose was during ECQ so I was really anxious to go out. I must say though that the whole process was hassle-free and paperless. Our HR associate advised that I needed to print out my COE but since it was ECQ, I don’t think there are any printing shops open in my neighborhood. I texted all the numbers for the Taguig hotline and someone actually called me! They informed me that there is no need to print any document out. I was in and out in just 30 minutes!

I also love that Taguig has a TRACE app, which has your vaccination information. Taguig’s vaccination card is as big as an index card so I can’t bring it during my walks. So if I need to go to an establishment, I can just present my TRACE app so the staff can see that I’m fully vaccinated. I really appreciate that!

For the second dose, you go to the site based on your last name. Since my last name starts with an A, so my schedule was at 8am. Super early!!

Back in the office after 19 months!

I work for a PEZA company, and apparently, starting October, there is this requirement that at least 10% of the employees should start working in the office. So, we started a 4-week rotating schedule. I had my first schedule on Oct 19th.

I like working in the office so I was really excited to go. Totally first day of school feels! I love dressing up for work so I had my clothes prepared the weekend before. I was just anxious when I was packing my backpack because I was worried I’d forget something and I wouldn’t be able to function correctly at the office. It’s just that I had set up my home office so I would need to unplug everything and take them to work with me.

I made a good decision to come to work an hour early because there were several mishaps! First, I was locked out of my account. I logged in as soon as I got there, then I went to the pantry quickly to get some coffee and when I went back to my desk, I could no longer log back in. It’s a good thing my TL was online and assisted me. Then, all this time, I thought my biometrics was no longer working cause every time I would visit the office, I couldn’t get through the door. Turns out, I was using the wrong finger. HAHAHA. I was laughing so hard cause I forgot so many things, but dude, I never forgot how to operate that freaking coffee machine. I love the coffee in our office!

I enjoyed working in the office again, but my ears hurt from the face mask. By hour 7, I had tissue on both ears cause they were hurting so bad. LOL.

Shaka Cafes BGC

Gelai and I planned to go to Shaka months ago, but then ECQ happened so we had to postpone. When I saw that Shaka is allowing people to dine in again, I invited Gelai out so we can finally go to Shaka!

Dude, I need to talk about their pad thai though! This is vegan style so there’s no meat. The “meat: is tamarind soaked jackfruit. I do not even eat ginataang langka and I usually pick out the red bell peppers and don’t eat them, but I loved this so much and I ate everything! I really liked the flavor. I couldn’t finish the dish at the restaurant cause the serving was huge, but I took my leftovers home and ate it for breakfast the next day. It was still so yummy. ^^

It was still super early so we decided to have a couple of beers at the Fort (per usual). At around 10pm, we randomly saw some ex-colleagues from Uber and had a few drinks with them. We went home like 5mins before 12mn because… curfew!

I turned 36!

On quarantine diaries #9, I celebrated my 35th. Crazy that I have only posted 2 more after that and it’s my birthday again!

My birthday week really started terribly. But I was happy to go to the office that week! The Halloween decorations are still there so I took photos with what’s left of it. LOL.

I filed for a leave on Nov 12th so I can do some government office errands with my mother and have some beauty rest for my birthday weekend. I had some really bad luck during that weekend but still got to celebrate my birthday with some friends and at home. I will blog about that separately on the next one.

Birthday cake sent by my team!

Till next quarantine diaries y’all!

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