Quarantine Diaries # 13: Another year is almost over!

Another year is almost over and so much has happened during the past few months! I definitely took advantage of the freedom we kind of have now, met friends that I have not seen for years, and did things that I have not done for a while. I hope this continues *fingers crossed* but let us not forget to follow the basic safety protocols. Keep wearing your masks, people!

So I did a few things this last few weeks…

Another Videoke Night at Bamboo Marikina

When you don’t make plans, things actually happen! LOL! Mine and I weren’t even supposed to meet the weekend after my birthday, but she wanted to do videoke so off we went! I got lost in Cainta but nobody’s going to stop us from singing!

Bamboo Marikina has actually increased their videoke room fee and we only did 4 hours this time. (In July, we did 5. LOL.)

LOL, did my very first IG reel from the videos I took this day.

Shangchi Movie Date at Power Plant Mall

Dude, I don’t even remember the last time I watched a movie in a cinema! Movie theaters reopened in early November, and Shangchi finally got a local screening date so Celine and I decided to make it a movie date at the Rockwell Power Plant Mall.

Since it was on a Friday, I decided to leave before rush hour cause traffic is really bad nowadays. I got there super early and Celine couldn’t get out of work on time, but that’s fine cause it was fun just watching The Sex Lives of College Girls at McDonald’s while waiting for Celine. When she finally got out of work, I looked for a restaurant where we’ll have dinner, and seeing that there is not a lot of people at Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen, I chose that.

Power Plant Mall’s Christmas decorations are so beautiful! It is probably my favorite among all the malls I have frequented this holiday season. My favorite Christmas decorations were the ones located along the hallways – so pretty!!!

We booked online that week since I believe that’s what Power Plant Cinema prefers. The seats are booked one seat apart, and you have carton cuts of the Dune casts as your seatmates. It is a bit difficult to share your reaction with your companion because of this. We really made a good decision to watch Shangchi in the cinema because it really did not disappoint. I watched the copy I found online the week after and it just wasn’t the same. Well, I knew that the movie won’t disappoint anyway. From the first moment that Tony Leung appeared, I was already fangirling. The scenes in Ta Lo were breathtakingly beautiful.

Massage Day at Fresh n Touch

When we went home from Bamboo the week before, we saw this massage place beside BPI so we decided to go the following week. My goodness, it has been a year since our last massage (which was at Lasema). We felt like we totally deserved this massage! They definitely did not skimp on the body scrub! We were fully covered in thick shea butter scrub. LOL. I did enjoy my massage, but I had an unfavorable experience after so, unfortunately, I don’t think I will go back here. That is such a bummer cause they have really inexpensive massage packages and my therapist was good.

By the way, I thought I won’t be able to get there! Mine waited for about an hour for me because I was stranded in Cainta. It was a worse experience than the week before because I couldn’t even get a cab or Grab! After trying my best to get transportation on both sides of the road, I decided to walk back to Jenny’s and reroute. That was a smart decision because it didn’t take that long for me to get a jeepney to Ligaya and when I got there, there were a lot of habals waiting so I decided to get one that took me to Gil Fernando Avenue. That was quite the adventure though! I have not experienced anything like this for years. However, of course, I decided to go the convenient route and took a Grab going back home to Makati. LOL.

Kiwami Food Hall + Fat Seed + Chicken ‘n Beer

I have not seen Maine since Nov 2019 so I truly have missed her! It’s been two years!!! She left her home super early because, she, too, is aware of how crazy traffic is these days. I tried my best to get there as early as I could so I met her at around 1:30pm, even if our meeting time was at 3pm.

Kiwami Food Hall is a new restaurant in BGC – I believe it opened just in October, so as expected, people are lined up to try the new place. There is still a queue / waitlist when we went in late November but I think we waited just around 30 minutes. It wasn’t that bad since we were still waiting for Gelai anyway and at least there were chairs outside.

I was so satisfied with what I ordered! I have actually been having a terrible appetite the last few weeks, so I was worried I won’t enjoy or finish my food but I did! I need to give a special mention to the sweet potato hahaha. There are times when I am tempted to go there just to eat that sweet potato. HAHA. Too bad we didn’t get a pic at Kiwami Food Hall though!

We were supposed to get drinks after but Gelai was sleepy, so we decided to get coffee instead, so we went to Fat Seed, since we were already in the Fort area. Then, drinks at Chicken ‘n Beer. It was definitely a long day, especially for Maine, but I’m happy to have caught up with my friends.

UMKTG Christmas Party

Another two years in the making is the UMKTG Yearend Party! We finally got to do it again this year! We decided to start early – noon, so that we’ll have more time to do stuff. For the third time in 4 weeks, I got lost again. LOL. So I actually ended up arriving at around 2pm, even if I was already at SM BF by 12:30-ish. They were already making the samgyupsal when I got there. We ate, exchanged gifts, watched a lot of Yibo videos, and gossiped.

I was looking at some of the videos from our party two years ago and we actually did games back then. Too bad, we didn’t, this year. It was probably because all of us got super tired so easily.

Company Yearend Party

This is the second year that we had a virtual yearend party, but they allowed more people to go to the office this time around. Last year, there were only around 15 of us in the office and it was definitely a smaller celebration. This year, the decorations and food were more majestic, and we had giveaways. Our team also won an award – yay! I was not aware. LOL.

I really hope that 2022 would be kinder to us and that the next yearend party will be back in Shang. Charot, not charot! HAHA!

Merry Christmas!

I slept through the whole Christmas weekend. Huhu. While we don’t really have any family traditions, I had some tasks that I wanted to do. But I ended up sleeping a lot during the day and was awake during the night. So, I just finished the whole Harry Potter film series and did nothing else. However, I was able to finally move on the morning of the 27th and started working again on my walking target for December. I did almost 15k steps that morning and was able to take photos in front of the Uptown Christmas tree!

Personal updates: haircut, dentist appointment

So, I finally got a haircut! My last haircut was in Dec 2019, after our company’s yearend party. I said last year that I will get a haircut once this pandemic’s over and I actually almost kept that promise. However, it has gotten really long and the ends were unhealthy and super thin so I decided to just go ahead and visit a hair salon. I was actually planning to have the same haircut I got in 2019, like really short but I decided on a little trim and just lose the split ends.

Also, had my last dental appointment for the year. I got green elastics this time – Merry Christmas! It also marks my one year with these braces. I promise to stick more closely to the adjustment schedule and hopefully get these removed earlier.

I am also almost done with my ID replacements. I just have the UMID application in January (since you need to schedule SSS transactions) and I will be getting a new passport in January, too.

To end this blog, I would like to speak briefly about Typhoon Odette. The entire Philippines (hopefully) is aware of the aftermath of this super typhoon. I got flashbacks of when we experienced Bagyong Tisoy in Romblon, but this was way way worse. Seeing all the photos and videos is just so heartbreaking and the places that were most affected – I have personally visited. While we are comfortable in our homes this Christmas, a big chunk of our population in Visayas and Mindanao, are homeless and do not have food and water. If you have the capability to donate or help in any way you can, please do. Any amount or any kind of help will do.

Until next time,

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