Quarantine Diaries #14: 2022 Q1!

I only did three quarantine diaries posts last year – I think probably because I spent less time at home. I wonder what will be the case this year though. I just hope that 2022 will be a much much better year for all of us!

But first… to wrap up 2021… do we still do Best / Top Nine Instagram posts?! Well, I still did this year, while everyone else was posting 2021 recap videos. I’m just too lazy for that. LOL. Surprisingly, only 4 Boracay posts made it. I thought this grid will be full of Boracay photos, but I was wrong.

Thanks for the likes, I guess? HAHA

During the last few days of 2021, I finally downloaded Tiktok. Nope, I’m not about to spend 3 hours of my day watching Tiktok videos, I needed it for my part-time job. But coincidentally, the day after I downloaded the app, I saw the Tiktok tree while doing morning walk in BGC. I took photos, of course. ^^

Passport renewal

I got my passport renewed on Jan 24th, so when I went to MOA on Feb 18th, I decided to get it from the Double Dragon Plaza. It was my first time there and I would love to go back to explore the place. It’s so crazy that the next time I need to renew my passport, I will be 46. Gosh, I’m old. LOL.

Booster shot

I got my booster shot on Feb 4th because I realized you can schedule it yourself via the Trace app even if you are in A4 category. They release slots for the following week on the app so you have the opportunity to fix your schedule. So, I was able to file a leave this time around and I am glad I did because I had side effects this time around. The worst side effect I guess is that I had what they call the “COVID arm” which lasted about a week.

IKEA + On The Job: The Missing 8 Philippine Premiere (Feb 18)

Ok, we absolutely need to go back to IKEA one of these days because we barely got around. We spent more than an hour at the restaurant so we only had 30 minutes to check the store before we had to leave for CCP. It was definitely not enough! I’m so glad I got to have daim cake again. It’s seriously an IKEA fave!

“We’ve seen the film, now, what are we going to do about it?”

I knew I was on to something when I decided not to watch this on HBO Go. I’m glad I waited and I was thrilled when I received the email that they were going to have a Philippine premiere. I immediately booked two tickets for me and Mine.

We thought we were going to be late but we arrived at CCP 5 minutes before and immediately saw Erik Matti before we even got to the door. I was so starstruck that I forgot to ask to take a photo with him but I managed to say, “Hello po!” Feeling close. LOL.

It really feels different watching this in a theater. It’s a 3 1/2-hour movie and had a panel discussion after so we were there for 5 hours but I really didn’t mind. I don’t remember much from OTJ (but I did rewatch it a few days after) but there were only a handful of people that connects this film to the first one. I was nervous the entire time and I did cry a few times. Of course. LOL.

I’m so glad to know that there will be a next film – hopefully it doesn’t take so long this time. And Mine and I feel that a heath/medical care-related film would be a good topic for the next movie, given the current climate.

First onsite work of 2022 (Feb 22)

We took a break with onsite work in January because of Mr. Omarion, but we were back in the office in February, and since we’re a PEZA company, we’re going back to the office in April. I know I’m in the minority, but really don’t mind going back to the office. However, I do understand that it’s probably not the best time for everyone because of the gas price being in an all-time high. Fucking FIRB.

Dean & Deluca + M Bakery (Feb 27)

When Gelai suggest Dean & Deluca, I was excited because I remembered Felicity. Does anyone remember this TV series? Haha. I ordered prawn & gorgonzola pasta and (I think it was) purple yam latte. Both were so goooood! I need to go back for that purple drink and try their croissant!

I didn’t try Dean & Deluca’s croissant because I really wanted to try M Bakery’s pudding. So I bought both strawberry and banana puddings so I can try both since I’m already there. LOL. I ate the strawberry pudding first while we were chilling at the park, and tried the banana pudding at home. Both were super yummy, but it does really make sense why their banana pudding is world-famous! I can’t wait to go back for more!

Videoke with UMKTG (Mar 6)

Jjawang Restaurant + Music21 Sunday! Before singing our hearts out, jajangmyun muna sa BF! Then, off to Music 21 in Alabang! It is my first time at a Music 21! I didn’t know they have a per head fee there. That is pretty convenient if there’s just two of you or something. I don’t know if they have a minimum headcount though since their rooms are quite big.

I’m not used to using an iPad to pick my songs! I’m used to picking songs from the song booklet! We didn’t drink any alcohol but we still had so much fun! Made me so LSS of Atomic Kitten’s Be With You.

Ok, soooo for the first quarter of the year, I have decided that this year, I will get out of my comfort zone and made some plans for the third quarter of the year. I have made some progress by booking my flights and have made a timeline and a to-do list. I have 4.5 months left and hopefully, everything will go well in the coming months.

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