Quarantine Diaries # 2: Island, Identity, Isolation

Ok, yay. I did another entry to the quarantine diaries!

What if?

I don’t even know what type of quarantine we are in right now. Even if we change into a different acronym every 2 weeks, nothing’s changed – it will always be freaking hashtag stay home! If there is no reason for you to go out, stay put. Anyway, it just made me think of when this quarantine started, which was on March 16th. I hurriedly came home from an island trip, but funny, I actually kind of planned to stay behind if something happens. I brought my work laptop on this trip. Because before leaving, I was already thinking about what might happen. What if I can’t go home? At least if I have my laptop, I can stay and work. LOL. My stupid ass really thought I could pull that off. We are now on Day 96 (as I start writing this), and honestly, I don’t think I would have been able to stay on an island for more than 3 months while trying to work. The mobile signal was terrible in Marinduque, but maybe I can pitch a tent on the beach because that’s where the signal is best. LOL. But then again, withdrawing money might be a problem as well. So yeah, I don’t think that wasn’t really a good decision so I’m glad I didn’t do that.

48 hours before the quarantine started though, a resort in San Juan, La Union posted a tempting offer of a one-month stay for a justifiable price. If I had a car, I would have totally gone to San Juan and took them on that offer. But then, that one month would have turned into three months and counting. While these are very enticing options, I’m glad I decided to stay with my family. If anything happens, I would want to be there with them instead of worrying while being miles away. I think the best place to be in the middle of a pandemic is home. I am thankful because I know that there are people who wish to be with their family, but can’t, for a multitude of reasons.

I got carded!

The government has relaxed the quarantine rules and I was finally able to to go out of Makati – LOL, as if it’s super far! I walk for 10 minutes and I’m already in Taguig. But see, that’s the crazy part because up until May 31st, I am not even allowed to set foot in Taguig because that is considered another city and intercity travel is not allowed during quarantine. So this week, I decided to go to the mall, for the first time in months. And this brings me to my little story.. I am used to getting asked how old I am but honestly, it still surprises me so whenever I answer, I am always caught off guard and it makes me seem like I’m lying. I literally pause for a few seconds before answering. It’s just so crazy that now, I even get asked this question at the mall. I’ve been asked everywhere – the cinema, bars, casinos, etc, but it is the first time at the mall. Why? Because per the quarantine rules, people under 21 and senior citizens should not go out. So in establishments, they have a sign at the entrance that say you need to prepare your ID upon entry. So I did, I was ready with my ID but then saw that the security guard was not really inspecting the IDs, so I put it back deep into my wallet. But when it was my turn, I was asked for my age. I’m just wondering how they choose who to ask. I was wearing a face mask and literally, all you can see are my eyes. They based it off of that? Hmmm.

So why did I go to the mall? I was actually wanting to buy some things for the house, I went to a hardware, and canvassed on prices of appliances. I was figuring out if I’ll save more buying them online (taking delivery fee into consideration) or just buy them at the mall. Spoiler alert: It’s cheaper online. Seriously, some of the stuff at the hardware are almost twice the online price. That is so crazy! So I guess, Shopee and Lazada will benefit a lot more from me in months and years to come. I actually ended up not buying so much, despite entering probably 5 different stores inside the mall. I opened Shopee upon getting home and started checking out stuff from my cart.

By the way, who has a spreadsheet for online shopping? Just me? OK. LOL. I started doing this in May because I wanted to keep track of my expenses, and what needs to be prioritized in terms of purchases. It definitely helps with organizing, but it doesn’t help with self-control. I don’t think there is a remedy for that. I am into deep.

Quarantine queen

LOL. Just me doing a photoshoot on my bed. I took out my GorillaPod, placed it on my knee, and took some photos. One thing to note is that my walls are actually green, so I wallpapered a background that I can use from time to time. I usually use Canva for collages but I downloaded an app called Nichi a few months ago but never really got to explore it until recently. I just love the retro templates more, it excites me to edit but I literally have no new photos since I’m stuck at home.

Have you gone to the mall since they opened? A gentle reminder not to go if you don’t really need to.

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