Quarantine Diaries # 3: Hobbies & Habits

It’s been a while since the last quarantine diaries, LOL! For a few weeks, there wasn’t really much going on. I even stayed away from this blog because I wasn’t really feeling well and wasn’t inspired to write anything. I work, and I watch Detective Conan after. I eat and sleep in between. That was my only routine. But here I am, recapping my life in the middle of the week!

Happy (almost 2nd) monthsary!

On my last quarantine diaries entry, I forgot to mention in my previous one that it has been a month since I moved to this new host and started using this domain. It is almost 2 months now. I feel like it flew by so fast and I was pretty consistent, I was blogging almost every day. It is definitely a good outlet. I am all for hobbies that help you de-stress. But then after that, I kind of fell into a slump, but I hope to pick things up again.


I miss my office succulent and I really have been thinking about it a lot. It’s been left behind at the office since quarantine started in mid-March. I’ve been thinking of going to the office briefly so I can take it home, but there have been reports of COVID-19 mini outbreaks in BGC and that makes me anxious so I keep delaying that. For the past few weeks, I have bought some plants and trying my hand at being a #plantita. I hope I don’t kill any of these. My succulent at work has been losing their bottom leaves, but the baby leaves in the middle have been thriving. I just don’t know now, since I haven’t seen it for 4 months.

Without further ado, here are my plant babies~

Mr. Brain (cactus) is my absolute favorite! It was the last piece at the store when I bought this so I felt like it was absolutely meant to be.
Mary Rose (cactus). So I’ve seen some people call this rose cactus, some people call it cabbage cactus. I know it as echeveria because my office cactus looks just like this except it has reddish tips, but I know that there are so many kinds of echeveria.
I don’t have a name yet for this guy! It’s so funny though because when I asked the seller at the store for the name of this cactus, I couldn’t understand it. After a few minutes of Googling, I finally figured out that it’s called wild crest. So maybe let’s call him, Will Smith, because Wild Wild Crest. Waley? LOL
Miss Portia (portulaca hana misteria). Ang taray naman ng pangalan nito ano! I love the pink leaves and it grows flowers as well so I hope mine gets some flowers, too. I read that thus loves the sunlight, so I need to keep this one out. Interesting bit about this is that it “folds” when there’s no more sun. So my mother got scared and put it back indoors. I put it out right after. LOL.
Miss Aloe Vera-Perez. Of course, I needed this plant! Why buy flowers when you can buy aloe vera for better hair and skin? LOL
I keep these three indoors, by the window, so they have a bit of indirect sunlight.

I need to be careful not to overwater them and making sure I check the soil moisture with a stick! I am most scared about the brain cactus because I read that they can die from mold and mildew. Sometimes, I feel like checking every nook and cranny of that “brain” just to inspect! LOL! I’m going to stop at 5 for now though, I want to know first if I can keep them alive before buying more. I’m going to try and not visit the plant and flowers section at Market Market next week. LOL.

I’m an embroiderer!

This is my practice top!

LOL, embroiderer sounds so funny! So yeah, I also started doing embroidery. I’ve always loved sewing and I actually did some embroidery when I was in grade school because I had an embroidery book with different designs you can copy. I wish I can find that book, but it’s probably rotten now. I am pretty familiar with different types of stitches. We also have a ton of embroidery threads because my mother used to do cross-stitch. Which means, these DMC threads are over 20 years old. I am not even kidding. The quality is still the best though, so buy DMC thread kids. I noticed we also have Anchor threads. While I had the threads and the needle, I didn’t have an embroidery hoop for the first couple of days, so I was pinning them to stretch the fabric and sometimes, I don’t even use anything at all. But I do have a hoop now, which I bought at Market Market for PHP100. That was my only expense for this hobby.

I started watching Youtube videos, just looking at some flower patterns I can copy and tried it on a white top for practice. What really inspired me was the Nike embroidery I have been seeing on Youtube and Pinterest but I wanted to practice first and learn some flower patterns that I can use for my design. I finally did that Nike embroidery it this week and it turned out great, if I do say so myself!

I decided to do it on this plain fatigue cap that I have since it’s plain (LOL, obviously) and I felt like this is the perfect item for that Nike embroidery. The flowers would be a nice contrast in that army green background. The fabric is perfect I think, I didn’t even need to use the hoop. The only preparation you need to do is to trace your Swoosh aka Nike logo. What I did was look for the logo on Google, trace it on a white paper, cut the hollow part (what’s inside – that’s what you call it, right? LOL.) and then pin it on my material. I’ve seen someone on Pinterest trace the logo itself on the fabric so that works, too.

I focused on 3 flower patterns (Lazy Daisy, web stitch – I guess 2 variations of web stitch? I don’t know if there is a different name for the other one that I’m doing.) since I needed to fill up a specific amount of space and these 3 are what worked. I used Lazy Daisy (but like half or quarter lazy daisies since I don’t have enough space, it definitely worked for the edges. It also worked as leaves to fill in small spaces. Then I used back stitch to for the border in some areas (masked as a stem) and satin stitch to “color” the half lazy daisies. Oh, and French knots for the really small edges on the tip of the swoosh – they are definitely perfect for small spaces! It is literally a dot, LOL.

I was quite impressed when I removed the paper! This is my first completed embroidery project and it turned out great. The only thing I’d change, though, is the color of that one red flower in the middle and the dark green leaves. I think it doesn’t really show much, especially when looking at it from afar since the cap has a dark color. I should’ve used all light colors. Other than that, I’m so happy with it and I can’t wait to use this! I need to look for more stuff I can embroider on and do more. LOL!

Time to exercise!

This has been unused for about 6 years!

Another hobby that I would like to revisit! Focus on “would like to”, because I haven’t started yet. The only work I’ve done is clean up the yoga mat and wash its bag. I first started doing yoga in college because it was my PE class during my freshman year. Then I attended yoga classes when I was living in Baguio, but the last time I actually did some yoga was I think when I was working in TaskUs because there was a free yoga class in the gym. That was likely 2016 or 2017. So, it’s been a while. I want to start doing yoga this weekend, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to because my new wallpapers arrived today and I will probably take on that project this weekend. I don’t know if I will have time to do yoga. We’ll see.

I will also most likely buy a new sewing machine next month (or later this month LOL). I’m eyeing this JML one and I’m just waiting for the price to go down a bit. It did towards the end of June so I randomly did a few hours ago and it was less PHP1,100. I was so tempted, but I didn’t want to make another big purchase this month. I checked it again just now and it has gone back to its original price. That was so quick! But I can’t wait to have a new sewing machine because I already have a laundry bag of clothes that I need to mend and want to upcycle.

More Nichi GGSS selfies LOL

Just because I love my new tapestry – it’s a great background for selfies!

Did you start or revisit any hobbies during this quarantine period? Tell me about it!

Until next time,

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