Quarantine Diaries # 4: More plants & more DIYs!

Part 4 of quarantine diaries! I’ve been trying to be productive in the mornings after my shift so I try to do something, whether it’s DIYing, sewing, or cleaning. Although I slept a lot during the weekend (sometimes, I really get shocked with how much sleeping I can do. LOL.)

More plants!

I only bought one more, and I wasn’t going to buy any more plants because I wanted to test my plant-growing abilities first. (I think most of the plants are thriving, but I don’t think I’m doing a great job with my aloe vera.) But my mother ordered two succulents, but I think the quality is quite bad. There was paint on the leaves and one of the plants has died! This is why I prefer going to an actual store when buying plants because you get to choose what you buy. Anyway, so she got campfire and mini jelly bean, and she didn’t order any pots so I had to go out to buy pots for those plants. So I bought one more cactus, along with the pots. By the way, the price of succulents has increased twofold! So that really gives me more reason to not buy anytime soon!

The seller said that this is mammillaria but I haven’t found the specific type yet.

More sewing!

I have this space in between my desk and the drawer (not my clothes – they’re my mother’s and some of our bed sheets are there.) I just hate how my stuff there looks. I have my yoga mat and bags in there. I have some materials from an old cloth storage I used when I was still living in Baguio – yup, they’re that old! I used some tubes for some structure and then sewed the cloths together to make a rectangular storage box. The size was perfect and even if it is simple and plain, it was exactly what I wanted. I was looking at some thin cabinets online or like even a shoe storage because they are narrow if you place them sideways, but I’m glad I didn’t have to spend any more money for this because I DIYed a storage box. You can see it from the side on the photo below of my workspace.

I should’ve ironed the cloth before sewing them together LOL

I’m planning to put like a “divider” in that small space, but I don’t think I need any more shelves or storage and I don’t want to fill my space with so many furniture because it’s a small room, so I’m still thinking about this. Also, I want to keep the area with the window open so I have at least some air. So maybe I won’t do that after all. We’ll see.

More DIY!

I decided to make myself a proper workspace in the corner of my room. Being the frugal person that I am, I didn’t want to buy another desk since I already have a laptop table. So I turned my laptop table into a desk using parts of my clothing rack. I freed some space from my closet because of the vacuum storage I bought so I folded my office clothes (since I won’t be using those anytime soon) and placed whatever that’s left inside my closet. So now, I have this space for an actual desk. Didn’t want to waste my clothing rack so I repurposed it into table legs. The laptop table is literally just placed on top with the clothing rack as legs so I can still remove it if I want to work from the bed (which I shouldn’t – I’m trying to avoid this because I keep falling asleep). Surprisingly, it is pretty stable and I didn’t remove the wheels so I can also move the entire thing near my bed (again, I shouldn’t do this! LOL!). There is also still some storage under the table so my storage boxes are still there, moved my cord organizer box there as well, and just some baskets for sewing and crafts for more storage. (I have a lot of stuff, okay?) I love that there’s still some space for storage!

Once we’re out of this WFH situation, maybe I will put my clothing rack back out because I will need somewhere to hang my work clothes. (I normally plan what I will wear for the week because we have a dress code.) But for now, this corner is my workspace.

I have been wanting to buy these macrame plant hangers on Shopee and they cost around PHP50 each – could be more if it’s longer or if the design is more complicated, but I’ve seen The Sorry Girls do this a bunch of times and it’s so easy to make. So on a mall run to buy pots, I decided to drop by my fave crafts store in Market Market and looked for a rope I can use. I saw these soft-looking ropes and when I asked the seller what it’s used for, she said for sofas. I don’t know how this is used for sofas though, I was so confused, but this is the perfect rope I can use for this project. Each bundle costs PHP15 and the seller said it’s 5 meters per bundle. (Hopefully, I remember that correctly.) I just use one bundle for one plant hanger. See, why buy when you can DIY? You can save some money by just knotting some ropes! I will try if I can make more complicated designs because this is the most basic way to do it. I only bought 4 bundles of this rope because I was just trying it out, but I’ve ordered a bigger bundle online so I’m excited for that!

I am definitely learning more about making these macrames and I have some projects in mind. I purchased materials yesterday and am just waiting for them to arrive! I’m planning to make a few feathers in different colors on this rod where I hang some of my stuff. I’m also planning to make a long vertical one for this empty space above my DIY storage and to cover up that light switch that doesn’t work. I’m also planning to cover my small tray/basket with jute that’s on my bedside table. It’s just a plastic tray that I took from downstairs that I hope to make prettier. I also want to sew a curtain from some cloth I found inside my box, but that will have to wait until I buy a new sewing machine. So many things to look forward, too! I’m excited to start working on these things!

LOL, I know these leaves and that sunflower don’t make sense.This is a work in progress. Ugh, I freaking hate this wall.

New beddings!

I just got these today and I’m so happy with these. They look so cute and these are all so inexpensive, too! (I hate spending more for stuff I know I can buy for cheap.) I need to mend the pillow cases a bit though, because they are a bit too big for my throw pillows. And I thought the bed sheet was going to be more on the pink side because I have a big throw pillow that’s pink, but it’s more purple / lavender, but it’s still goes with the vibe, so I’m not mad at it. I love fresh bed sheets!

Have you tried making something during this quarantine period? Anything you’ve DIYed would work!

Until next time,

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