Quarantine Diaries # 5: Back in the office + Plant update!

Not much going in my life. I have restarted my part-time job this week, so I have been doing my best to complete 4 hours of that every day. Honestly, it’s been a struggle, but I’m doing my best to do it. I definitely want to take advantage of earning my coin since the tasks are not always available and sometimes, it takes a while before they become available again. And I don’t know until when they’ll be available. So I am now even doing it on weekends, so I get a good head start, just in case I get very lazy towards the end of the week. (Like on Friday when I didn’t do it at all.)

Back in the office!

Okay, not to do my shift there. I just needed to get something from HR. I was supposed to go the week before but I had stomach problems almost the entire week so I couldn’t go. I went to the office on Aug 4th, which is also the first day of MECQ (again). The last time I was in the office was the morning of March 10th so it’s been almost 5 months since the last time. For the past few months, I have only gone to Market Market, SM Aura, and my side of Makati. It’s the first time I’ve gone somewhere that’s 2 kms away from our apartment. I definitely missed BGC, but at the same time, was so sad seeing how lifeless it looked. Every time I walk to work in the evening, there’s always a lot of people in High Street, there’s lights and sounds everywhere so this was definitely not what I’m used to. Even when I walk home at 6am, there are already a lot of people walking. Obviously, with the pandemic, there are very few people outside. Which is good news, definitely. Everyone in masks, too. It’s just sad, you know. I was gone for like less than 2 hours and came back before curfew. I really just hope that Miss Rona would sashay away soon. I’m just so sick of this, but of course, am following every recommendation and staying home even if it’s been such a torture mentally.

Plant update!

I think it’s been over a month since I bought my first succulent / cactus so I wanted to do a plant update. There have been a few ups and downs that I want to talk about as well. I have been noticing some small growth as well on some of them. Also, it’s my first time to use this Image Compare block, not sure if I like the slider or not. But I’m keeping it for now.

I think my brain cactus and wild crest have stayed the same. I really don’t see any changes on these two. I did something stupid with my brain cactus though. One time when I was looking at it, it was uprooted and it fell on the floor. Like soil everywhere and a chunk of the cactus broke. This made me very sad because the brain cactus is my favorite since it’s very unique and I’ve never seen anything like it before. I replanted it hoping it would survive and I tried to stick the broken chunk so hopefully, it survives. This happened less than two weeks ago and it hasn’t died yet – thankfully so I think (and am hoping) it will survive. Keeping my fingers crossed. The wild crest has pretty much stayed the same since I bought it and has been very low maintenance. But yeah, it’s pretty hard to say if there are any changes happening with this one though. I’m planning to buy fertilizer next time I go out to see if it will speed up and I can see some growth in these succulents / cacti.

Same same

My echeveria has been growing more leaves but the leaves have been growing horizontally, instead of like in a cupping direction like when I first bought it. (I will post before and after photos below.) Some leaves also seem like they’re being eaten away by something. The yellow leaves have always been there since I bought it and I think that’s pretty normal. I do feel like I’m doing a bad job at this though. I haven’t watered this (and all of them actually) in weeks. It’s been raining so I think it’s pretty humid in the atmosphere anyway, they don’t really need to be watered. I hope the leaves go back to its beautiful state. 🙁

Anyone knows why it’s growing like this? Is it looking for the sun? Should I put it out?

My portulaca grew a little flower bud on Saturday and I was very happy about it. I felt so accomplished that my plant grew a flower! I was so excited to see it blossom, however, the next day when I looked, it died. I think it was just there to make me happy because the day before, I was feeling really shitty. (I still do actually.) I do hope I can see another bloom soon though. 🙁

I know it’s small but I hope you can see that little bud on the photo on the right.

I feel so sad about my aloe vera. The day after that fiasco with my brain cactus happened, my aloe vera was knocked out by one of my neighbors (I don’t know which one). I keep the aloe vera outdoors and nothing has happened so far and didn’t think anything would happen because my landlady keeps all her plants in the same area and they’re fine. When my mother told me that something fell, I thought she was referring to my brain cactus and I was actually surprised how she knew. But when I went out to check on my outdoor plants, I saw what happened to the aloe vera and figured out she was referring to that, and not the brain cactus. I was so pissed and felt so bad for the poor aloe vera. I think I was finally able to make progress on my aloe vera because I have seen new leaves and the baby plants are doing better. Then this happened. They still look so banged up but I do see a lot of new leaves. I hope it continues to heal itself. But you’d see how different it looks now from when I bought it. 🙁

The middle part is totally gone, I harvested the gel instead and used it on my body. LOL. But the babies are thriving!

And lastly, the mammillaria is thriving!!! I definitely do see the growth on this one. But why do I feel like it’s shrinking? Like it’s growing “taller” but shrinking? But this is my best plant so far. I’ve only had this for a little over 2 weeks, but I’ve already seen growth on this one and it’s so fast! I still need to figure out what type of mammillaria it is though. I still haven’t. LOL.

It looks like a clown’s hat now LOL

I have also taken my office succulent home when I went to the office. I’m happy to see that it is still alive! Imagine, it was left in the office for 5 months! It’s definitely a surprise that it is still alive! It has definitely grown taller, but all the leaves at the bottom are almost gone. It has also less soil now so I need to replant this once I get my hands on some soil. It is a bit sad, but still thankful it’s still alive. Imagine, this was in the office with nobody taking care of it for more than 2 1/2 months! Our office only reopened on Jun 1st and that’s when our guard and custodian started coming to the office and possibly taking care of it. But it’s with me now so hopefully, I can nurse it back to health. By the way, this succulent is almost a year old! This was my manager’s give when we got regularized at our job on Aug 19, 2019. I can’t believe it has been that long and it survived almost a quarter in the office by itself! This baby is strong!

Very drastic change, huh?

So there goes my plant update! I think it’s important to show that not everyone is #plantgoals. Plants die, they fall, they get uprooted, leaves rot and fall, they get dried up, etc. I’m just being honest about my journey and everything’s just been trial and error for me. I’m actually amazed that none of them has died yet. Maybe I will do another one in a month, or when I see any noticeable growth in any of them.

I have also been doing macrames but I decided I will do a separate post about that probably some time next week! 🙂

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