Quarantine Diaries # 6: Disconnected and cancelled

A bad week and a half

I had a bad few weeks in mid-August. I had some issues with our modem so I didn’t have WiFi for 12 days. I know this may sound like a first world problem, but if you are working from home, WiFi is very very important. I had to rely on mobile data and it was quite bad on some days. It was so annoying at times. And man, mobile data is expensive! I didn’t realize how much data I use everyday until now. Glad that they have finally visited our house on the morning of the 12th day for service. I had to make incessant follow-ups because they wouldn’t provide a turnaround time. They also only started replying to my emails days before the serviceman came. Like dude, I sent those over a week ago! I mean, I work in customer service, too, but give a freaking turnaround time, so customers don’t feel like they’re waiting for nothing! #rantover #LOL

At the same time, I was sick. I was actually supposed to go to the office to work during the first week that we didn’t have WiFi at home, but then I got sick the next day so I decided not to. Feeling a lot better now (I can go back to drinking iced coffees again LOL) and the WiFi is back.

Cancelled September flight

So I had to cancel another flight. I was supposed to fly to Cotabato later this month with my friend, Dave and seeing that we had a rebooking x2 option on our tickets, we really thought we could rebook the dates to next year. I was thinking, kind of like when there’s a schedule change and you can choose a new schedule without any fees. But no. Rebooking is free – you don’t need to pay for change fees, but the fare difference still applies. I just tried it first to see the process and man, the new fare is even more expensive than what we originally paid. After consulting with Dave, we decided to cancel the flight and put it into a travel fund. Well, I booked the flights so my travel fund, I had to pay him back. LOL.

Unlike my flight to South Korea last March where I actually got refunded, this time, when you cancel the flight, it automatically goes into a travel fund. You no longer have an option for a refund. Of course, I would prefer the refund because I normally book flights with friends so if I cancel these flights, the travel funds go to my account and I need to pay my friends back. When I read the guidelines, though, there are ways to split it, but you can’t actually do it by yourself. I hate making calls to customer service so the easiest way is just to pay your friend back. I have one more flight for this year – for my annual birthday travel so if I need to cancel that, too, I would definitely have a few thousand pesos in my travel fund. The advantage though is you don’t need to wait for the refund for months and this travel fund is valid for 2 years.

This really bummed me out because I was so looking forward to travelling to this region. We were going to get in via Cotabato and exit via Gen San. I know, I know, I understand my privilege. Just let me be sad about shallow things sometimes, ok?

Plant update!

I have finally repotted my aloe vera babies. I have three babies and they have definitely grown so much taller than when I first bought my aloe vera plant so I had to get them their own pots. I initially did two because I had extra pots that I bought for my mom’s (now dead) succulents. Then a few days later, I bought another pot and more soil for the third baby.

Just the two babies for this pic! The third one just looks like the one on the right because I bought the same pot.

I also bought a new cactus since I went to the plant store to buy soil and pots.

Also, sadly, I have two plants that are dying. I’m so sad to report that my portulaca and echeveria are rotting. I’m so confused about why. I know that the normal cause is overwatering, but I don’t even water them very often. I was very surprised by my portulaca because it even flowered last month, and then not too long after, it began rotting. I’m really sad about it.

Still DIYing here and there~

I don’t know which one I will post first, the shopping haul or this one but I am also posting it there. Anyway, first is this book stand. I had to put a cardboard at the back so the book stays in place. I just used a cardboard and some fabric I have.

Then, this mirror that looks like a bagua. LOL. I decided to macrame a wall hanging thingy for it because it needs to be eye-level so I don’t need to crouch down every time I need to use it. Now, it definitely looks more like a bagua. LOL.

This is so uneventful. LOL. Hopefully, there will be more exciting things happening in the coming days. Well, I guess, I just hope for more good news.

Until next time,

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