Quarantine Diaries # 7: New plants and mobile games

I think my quarantine diaries have gone from weekly or bi-weekly to monthly. LOL. There’s just really nothing going on! 6 months into this quarantine, I’m really starting to get bored and crazy. LOL.

More #plantita moments

Unfortunately, my portulaca and my echeveria have both died. I have two pots available so I bought two new succulents so I can reuse those pots. I bought another portulaca, but this one has red flowers. I also bought bunny ears cactus and was surprised to see that it is shaped like a dog! So cute! And yes, I finally added some pumice stones to my succulents. I now have 11 small plants. I don’t think I will be adding more and I hope nothing else dies.

I think they need more sunlight. I’m just afraid to put them out because our pesky neighbor might knock it off to the ground again.

Weekend hives

So I have tagulabay / hives / urticaria – I’ve had this since I was young, but I mean, it would sometimes take years before it reoccurs. But I think during the past 2 years, it started happening more frequently, especially during the cold season – around Christmas. But these days, it’s been REALLY often, like several times a week. I guess because it’s been raining and the weather changes drastically so fast. One moment, it’s really hot and I’m super sweaty, and the next, it’s raining and it’s cold. Normally, I just need to not scratch it so it doesn’t spread and turn into such a big map on my body. But one weekend, it was so bad and I had to take an antihistamine. I don’t like taking antihistamine because we all know the side effect. So yeah, I was pretty knocked out that weekend and slept for 14 hours. This type of really bad tagulabay happens maybe once or twice a year only anyway.

This was happened one weekend recently which was really bad. I know it looks a bit gross, but please continue scrolling. LOL.

What to do with my leaves?

The ber months have started and I suddenly thought of my leaves because I have not used any of my leaves this year. Since the quarantine started in mid-March, I barely got to go anywhere. Although I was able to travel during the first 3 months, I used offsets and my carried over leaves from 2019. To explain, in my company, we are given 15 VLs, 5 SLs, and 3 gifted leaves in December. They are not convertible to cash, and you have 5 leaves that can be carried over until the following year. I have used 3 of my SLs, which is very unusual for me since I normally don’t get sick. But since we are allowed to file an SL for a day without providing a med cert, I sometimes take advantage of it just to take care of myself and my mental health during this pandemic. Currently, I have 10.5 VLs still – I already filed one for this month, without going anywhere. LOL. By the end of the year, I will have a total of 18 VLs and only 5 will be carried over until Apr 2021. I felt a bit pressured when I opened my leave tracker a few days ago. Where will I use my 13 VLs?! I know, another first world problem but let me be shallow about my leaves, okay?

Why play these mobile games~

I don’t play mobile games. For the longest time, I only had one on my phone – Wordscapes. LOL. But I came across these two mobile games that are actually very similar, designing homes and now I will talk about them. LOL. So now, I play these and I spend a few hours of my day upon waking up to check on these two mobile games. I guess I’m also doing mobile game reviews now HAHAHAHA

The first one is Design Home. I downloaded this first, and it was entertaining. I enjoyed it, but I realized I lost money so easily designing the first few rooms. So when I ran out, I can no longer design rooms, and there’s no way to restart. Had I known that, I would have been more careful with what I spent money on. When I couldn’t play anymore, that’s when I downloaded the other mobile game – but more on that later. For some time, I was kind of turned off since you can only play for a very limited time since you need $ and diamonds to play. Well, you can spend your actual money to buy more diamonds but I don’t really want to do that. (I was very tempted at some point though, LOL.) But then, I realized it’s actually more challenging because you’re only given a certain amount of dollars or diamonds everyday and you need to make use of them wisely and design as many homes as you can before they expire.

So for this mobile game, you get to see the whole room and see the entire furniture pieces. They are also from real stores, I just don’t know if the prices are real because damn, they’re expensive! I think I don’t really get to explore a lot of these because, of course, I’d stay away from the expensive ones since my funds are limited. Although, sometimes, you need to purchase them because they are a requirement in the room design. In the challenge, there are blue and purple items. Blue items are required for you to fill in, purple items are optional. Blue items are usually the main pieces of furniture like couch, accent chairs, etc., while purple items are more of decoration like rugs, plants, table lamps, etc. Also, you need to have keys to be able to submit your design, it’s normally 15 keys for the daily challenge and 25 for those that usually have a requirement. If you don’t have enough, you can either vote or buy them.

So what do you win when you finish these challenges? You get diamonds or a piece of furniture depending on your score. The score is dependent on the voting system (like I mentioned, you can vote to earn keys). Leveling up would depend on the actual value of the rooms or homes you’ve designed. As of this writing, I am now on Level 11. When you level up, you also get a few decor items like art, table stuff, plants, etc. You also earn home points when you finish challenges. Yes, aside from rooms, you can also design an entire townhouse or apartment. It takes longer to “unlock” this because there’s a required number of home points – usually 12 to 15. So far, I am only on my second home – far from finishing it because there are 12 rooms and I have only completed 4.

So after playing it for a few weeks now, what I’d do is wait for the daily challenge where you can earn $2500 and 20 keys when you complete the design. These challenges do not have a requirement so you can use whatever you have in your inventory. There is also a daily reward of 500 diamonds, so more or less you have about 3000 to use for playing, until the following day. I think it’s enough for me to complete a few challenges everyday because you also earn a range of $500-1000 after finishing a design challenge. But then, most likely, you will have to spend your money if those required items are not in your inventory. What I do is I only enter challenges where I have at least one required item that’s already in my inventory. Or if I don’t, I can buy cheap items to satisfy the requirement. I don’t get to do all the challenges because there are times when there are too many required items or the brand is so expensive. Then, I always vote to enter instead of buying them.

It’s a bit hard to earn money because there’s not a lot of options to earn. Other than what I have already mentioned, the only other way to get more diamonds is by watching ads or downloading another app and completing a specific number of games on that app to be able to diamonds. I don’t really want to do that so I just watch the ads. I just let it play while I’m watching something on my laptop. I don’t know how many times you can play it though but when you have reached the limit, you’d know because it will be grayed out.

Man, I didn’t realize it would be this long. Why do I have so much to say about this mobile game? LOL. But yeah, recently I have been really enjoying this more than when I first downloaded it.

The second one is Redecor, and this is easier to play. I have done so many designs and so far, I still have a lot of funds to buy decor. I don’t think I will get to zero because there are so many ways to earn money. I think that’s what I like best about this I get to explore more of what I can buy. I also like that you only see a glimpse of the room from a certain angle and then you choose the materials for the blank slate to build up your room. It’s like a coloring book. You can also redesign a room as many times as you want. Also, it’s so great if you get 1st place because you get so many prizes (they give prizes up to the 3rd placer).

Currently, I am on Level 26 of this mobile game. They have three types of “currencies”, you have gold and cash that you can use to buy items – gold is much harder to earn, and there are some pretty items that you can only buy using gold, so you need to use this wisely. Then you have star tokens that you can use to unlock items that you have no access yet due to your level. You can also use it to buy special offers once you have reached a certain number of star tokens.

It also has a daily reward – 100 gold coins. They have daily tasks that once completed, you can earn cash. When you vote, you earn cash, too. I just love it when results come in because you earn so much so it’s very exciting for me. It’s a very generous game, I would say. I wonder when I’ll be able to use all my cash. But when that happens, I can just vote to earn. I freaking love this mobile game, I have been playing this a lot!

LOL. I can’t believe I just talked about mobile games. I guess, yes, I am now at that point during this quarantine where I am already into mobile games. Not gonna lie, it’s fun!

Until next time,

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