Quarantine Diaries # 8: Almost famous and my game obsession

Gosh, I cannot believe it’s October! We have 3 months left in 2020 and that is so crazy!


Okay, I got super busy because I have been doing my part-time job again on top of my 10 to 6 job (not 9 to 5 LOL). I have previously scheduled posts so this blog won’t go weeks without anything. Seriously, when there are tasks available, they just all come at the same time. But sometimes, I go weeks not doing anything on that website. (Hence, I have time to blog.) I have 4-5 projects that I need to do and unfortunately, I only have time to work on 3 and that’s already so much on my plate. I have been working from 10pm to 12nn last week, but I managed to work last weekend so I only have a few hours to meet for the rest of the work week.

Surprisingly, I also got two interview invitations from Upwork! I was shocked when those came through on my email. I have not logged in to this for a long time, but I recently did because I checked something for another entry I wrote. I had to log back in and check. Turns out, I switched to “Available” (or was it “Online”? – I don’t want to check again LOL) when I logged in so I had to put it back to “Invisible” so I don’t receive any more invitations. I mean, I’m super thankful, but I already have so much to do, unfortunately, I don’t have space for another job at the moment. But I’m really grateful I have this side hustle (even if I get lazy sometimes).

Am I famous yet?

I recently found out that I was featured on a local travel blog! I seriously didn’t know that there was an article about it. I was randomly Googling something and ended up finding myself in a blog! HAHA! I definitely remember someone reaching out to me on Instagram and I gave permission to use my photo. They even tagged me on their Instagram Story, which I reposted. But I totally missed the part where they said, “Learn more, link in bio.” HAHAHA. I’m so slow sometimes! So yeah, this is the article on Locale City Guide from Oct 2019. It’s an article about Lakbay Museo, which I visited last year. Hahaha, how am I finding out about this a year later?! I can’t with myself. HAHAHA. And I also wrote about it, of course. Here’s mine: LAKBAY MUSEO [2019.07.31]. Not a very catch title. LOL.

I am the palayok girl. HAHA!

Yet another cancelled flight

Every year on November, I go on a birthday trip with friends. This year, Celine and I booked a flight to Bangkok, and we were planning to explore Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai as well. Cebu Pacific finally cancelled our flight on Oct 5th, which is exactly a month before we leave. I opted to do a full refund this time instead of travel fund, because even it’s going to take so long to receive the refund, at least we’re going to receive the money back. My last cancellation didn’t have this option – maybe because I initiated it and didn’t wait for the cancellation notice. (At least I know what to do now for the succeeding ones.) Also, I don’t know if they will continue to offer this refund in the future so I might as well take advantage of it this one time, in case my next flights gets cancelled as well and go directly to travel fund after cancellation. I still have 3 flights next year until April so we’ll see.

Why am I so obsessed with these games?!

Aka, another essay about Design Home & Redecor. Dang, I am so obsessed with this game! I’m talking about it again. LOL.

Ok, I’m not proud of it – I spent real money on this game. I was super bored one morning and I had a few pending challenges, I have designed it, I just needed the money to buy the items. So I tried buying the cheapest package of 3000 diamonds. It’s only PHP99 and I just took it out of my Gcash. It disappeared in a flash. Honestly, it’s still better to just wait for the $2500 cash + 500 diamonds + 20 keys daily, so I don’t think I will be doing that again. Although, I have plans of purchasing a home decor package, only because those get used up so fast and I feel like I will get more usage for these items rather than the actual furniture. Seriously, rugs, wall art, table decor, floor decor disappear fast because you need them in every challenge, most of the time more than once. I am definitely struggling with these decors at times because you can only buy them using diamonds. So I will buy the cheapest package and just see if it is worth it. Oh no, if it is, maybe that will compel me to buy more? Gosh, I hope not. I don’t want to spend actual money on games!

Also, why did I only think of this now?! I realized that while I usually only buy the cheapest item to satisfy a requirement, I can use the most expensive items in my inventory so the total price of the whole design would be higher and I can level up faster. So now, I have been using these $4,000 tables and sofas. LOL. From the last time I wrote about this, I am now on Level 14, very close to levelling up to Level 15. ^^

I also want to share the homes I finished. The first one is the townhouse in Chicago. LOL. It only has four rooms.

I’m also recently finished my two-storey main home in Portland – I literally did that today. It has 12 rooms, 7 on the 1st floor and 5 on the 2nd floor. It took me so long because it’s so hard to get home points. It’s just like 1 point per challenge! I literally need to finish 15 challenges, which takes a few days before I can work on one room. Good thing they recently had the double home points day so I was able to earn enough home points to design a new room in just a day. I just get really impatient sometimes. LOL. Since I have recently leveled up to Level 14 so I have unlocked my coastal house in Port Mouton, Nova Scotia. I also realized you can change the cover photo and it will also change the location of your house. I am excited to design that and live my best Grace and Frankie life.

There are so many rooms LOL!

Here are some designs that did quite well. There are more pictures now, I think I have been getting more designs that scored 4.5 and higher. I also got my first 5 recently!

Meanwhile, Redecor does videos for winners now! However, I have kind of lost interest in this game. I don’t really put too much effort into my designs anymore. I have grown to like Design Home a lot more. Here is a sample video, but I don’t feel like posting all of them here since I can’t make a video gallery. Haha.

So there, basically, my life revolves around work (my full-time job plus my many part-time jobs) and Design Home. I literally spend a couple of hours upon waking up on this games.

Does anyone else play Design Home? Wanna be friends so we can borrow items from each other’s inventory? HAHA!

Until next time,

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