Quarantine Diaries # 9: It’s November!!!

Ok, damn, I have not posted anything in 10 days! I had laptop problems in early November so I was very stressed last week and I could not sleep well because I needed to be awake during the day to chat with our admin and IT. For context, I work at night and sleep during the day. I dealt with this problem for about a week and I went to the office on Friday (on my birthday!) to pick up a replacement laptop. I am still stressed because there is a possibility I will need to pay for the repair. But I’m trying to not think about that at the moment.


Another whole month has passed and obviously, I have not posted a quarantine diaries for a month as well. And actually, we are halfway through November now. Oh my gosh, the year is almost over! November is my birth month and I am supposed to be on vacation for 9 days but obviously, that didn’t happen. LOL. I did file for vacation leaves all throughout the month, though, so I will work less this month. Taking a break from my part-time job as well, I want to take some rest and watch movies and TV shows I missed last month. For October, my life revolved around working, Design Home, and going to the dentist (which I talked about here). But this month, I will take it easy, clean the house during weekends, and try to work on some DIY projects that I have put off.

Hello November selfie! I saved a lot of liquid lipstick this year and the ones I have now will probably just expire LOL

Soft food diet

I think the biggest change for me during the past month was my eating habits. Since I’ve had multiple tooth extraction every few weeks, I am constantly on a soft food diet. I also have not used straw or had hot coffee in more than a month. I would eat noodles or soup, but I need to wait for it to cool down first before actually eating it. My mouth feels better now and I can chew just fine, but because I lost 4 teeth in just a short span of time, I try to avoid food that’s too tough or crunchy. I have been eating a lot of yogurt even before, but now, I have incorporated oatmeal, cereals (soaked in milk, so it is soft), mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes into my everyday meals. Since I work everyday and I don’t really have time to prepare what I eat before I start working, for mashed potatoes / sweet potatoes, I just boil everything in one go, mash everything together, put it in a container, and let it cool in the fridge. I can’t believe I will have to do meal preps, but yes, this is what I am doing now. I still eat what my mother makes for meals, but if it’s just fried food, I will make some soup to put over my rice. I put the leftover in the fridge and just reheat until there’s none left. As of this writing, my gums on the right side of my mouth were I had my impacted wisdom tooth removed has still not fully healed, so I haven’t gone to the dentist for a consultation on getting braces.

Design Home update

Yup, still playing this game! It’s been 2 months since I started playing and I am now on Level 19. I have also finished my Penthouse in New York, LOL. Man, looking at my previous quarantine diaries, it actually took me a month to finish this house. So I guess that will be the amount of time it will take for me to finish one house then. I skipped the Coastal House because I don’t like the free decors that you can get per milestone. I have started my Tropical Villa in Bali. I also have been a bit stingy with designing my homes because I don’t really use a lot of my home decor anymore since you don’t get rated on this anyway. You just get feedback, then get free diamonds. I also use furniture that doesn’t really have a high value, because they don’t add up to your design value. Better to use the expensive ones for the challenges because you actually need those to get a high design value. You get a fixed design value depending on what milestone you have reached. It’s always fun when you are almost done with the house because the design value is high. However, I don’t want to use just any random furniture either because I want my rooms to still look decent. Also, I hate blue furniture! I get a lot of blue furniture as prizes and they usually have a high value but my designs using blue furniture always get rated so low. I hate it. So I think I’m going to start using them just for my home, instead of for challenges.

I think the theme is maroon and green? UP FIght! HAHA!

Also, it has been more difficult to level up because you need 1 million design value to reach another level. It is such a struggle sometimes but I have learned to wait. Wait until I can borrow from a Facebook friend, wait until I get my free diamonds, just keep watching those videos to get free diamonds. Anyway, you usually get 3 days anyway to submit your design, except for the daily challenge where you only have 24 hours. But I’m really enjoying this game, I think I will be playing this for many years to come. LOL.

Neverending typhoons 🙁

The last few weeks have been terrible not only because of personal stuff that has been stressing me out but also because of the typhoons that have been coming in and out of my country one after another. I mean, we are used to it because of our country’s location but damn, we can’t even breathe! There are times when two typhoons are within the area of responsibility. I am lucky enough that I am in a city that I can say is in a pretty good location. The rain was definitely super strong especially during Typhoon Ulysses, but luckily, we didn’t experience any flooding, power outage, not loss of internet connection. A lot of the other cities and provinces weren’t as lucky and it breaks my heart reading the news everyday, seeing all the photos and videos of what the other Filipinos are going through. I spent a few hours yesterday paying my bills and making transfers for donations. It makes me angry and it just keeps me even more motivated to get my shit together and make sure that there will be changes in 2022. I hope this will motivate people to register and vote wisely in the next election.

November 13th.

Despite all the stress and bad news, I did turn 35 on November 13th, which was also Friday the 13th. It is the first time in about 6 years that I’m spending it at home. I bought some pizza and pasta on the way back from the office. My mother also ordered some lasagna, and my TL also sent me a cake. It was just me and my mother that day, and I was super tired having only slept for 3 hours in the morning so I slept really early that night.

I am so thankful to friends who greeted because since a few years ago, I have removed my birthday on Facebook. So only those who actually remember It was a pretty uneventful day, no celebrations, but I did meet with a few friends the next, which I will talk about in another post.

Until next time,

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