Rak of Aegis [2019.07.28]

My high school friend Maine and I watched Rak of Aegis on July 28th. It was one of the earliest shows for this season because I think it only started on the 5th of July. It is now on its 7th season and is currently the longest-running Pinoy musical. We’ve been wanting to watch this but we didn’t get to last year so when I heard that the new season has started, I asked Maine if she wanted to go and so I bought tickets.

It is being staged at the PETA Theater – which is really far from where I live but I’ve been there before because Changing Partners was also staged there. I was a minute late (because my Angkas driver took the longest route ever!) but gladly, I still had a few minutes to spare before it actually started. So I knew that the musical will be based on the songs of the OPM band Aegis, but I actually didn’t have an idea on what the plot is. It’s actually about the people of a flooded neighborhood called Villa Venezia, and is centered around the main character Aileen, who wishes to become a Youtube sensation in hopes of a better life for her, her family, and possible all of her ka-baranggay. It’s a light-hearted comedy-romantic musical, but also touches on socio-economic issues that are very familiar to every Filipino.

I was surprised with how many celebrities are actually involved in this musical production! Famous singer/actors like Jenine Desiderio, Renz Verano, and Derrick Monasterio were part of the cast on the day we watched. I was very much surprised with Renz Verano, I seriously had goosebumps every time he made birit! Although, I can’t really single anyone out because each cast member is just super vocally amazing. It’s not a joke to belt out Aegis songs! I absolutely loved Tolits and Aileen’s cute love line. The voice announcements were super hilarious – I read that they’re being done by the musical director, Myke Solomon (he is also part of the cast and is also the musical director of Ang Huling El Bimbo, which I will get into a bit later.)

The musical ran for about 3 hours and it was super worth it! I really want to see Kim Molina as Aileen, because she was the original cast member. I have definitely seen her performances on some shows and man, I want to see and hear that live! I will watch it again next year (and hopefully she will play Aileen on the show I watch).

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