REAL COAST AND SURF [03.17-18.2017]

When Mine and I saw this place (Real Coast and Surf) on Facebook, we knew that we wanted to go! So we scheduled it on March 10th, however, since one friend couldn’t come, we re-scheduled it to the following weekend. But in the end, it’s just Mine and I. Instead of renting the cabana, which is going to be too big for us (not to mention more expensive), we decided to just bring a tent and go camping.

We went after my Thursday night shift. We decided to meet at the Cubao LRT station at 9-10am-ish so we can go to Legarda together. It’s actually easier for the both of us to just go from Antipolo but the problem was, we really don’t know where the van terminal is – if there is one. I was already in Cubao at 10am but Mine slept in and woke up at 10am! Good thing she moves fast and was able to get into a cab easily. I decided to just take it slow, had breakfast at Farmers then walked to the LRT station. Mine arrived at 11:00 am and so we took the LRT to Pureza Station. It was noon so instead of walking to Raymond Bus Terminal, we took a jeepney. The fare’s just 8 pesos anyway. It’s really hard not to spot Raymond Bus, it’s right by Legarda Street. Ok, if you’re going to take the bus then you’re on the right spot. However, we didn’t really want to take the bus as it will take 5-6 hours and I think the buses are ordinary. I just can’t take an ordinary bus for 6 hours! We actually thought that the vans are going to be in the same terminal but we were dead wrong. We even made the mistake of asking one guy at the terminal and discouraged us from using the van. I definitely understand though cause of course, they’d want people to take their bus, not the van. We didn’t know where the van terminal was and there’s no one to ask! But like I always say, NEVER DOUBT YOUR RESEARCH! If the internet says there’s a van terminal, there’s a van terminal! Hahaha! So we Googled again and on one blog, it was mentioned that the van terminal is just beside the bus terminal so we walked back to the street and went further. There it was!!! A guy holding a sign! Yaaaaas! I SAW THE SIGN! So we happily went to them, placed our bags inside the van and waited in some sort of waiting room. There’s a TV – in fairness. LOL.

Waiting in vain -_-

The wait was hecka long though, Since it’s a van, we had to wait for it to be at full capacity before we could go. I think it was almost 1pm when we left Legarda. With the estimated 3-4 hours of travel time, we expected to arrive in Real at around 5:00 PM. Ok, the first hour is kind of pointless since it’s just within the city. If you live in Antipolo then Real would be just 3 hours away. I remember seeing SM Masinag one hour into the van ride. Knowing routes is really interesting for me so if it’s my first time traveling that route, I would really stay awake for it. Ok, technically, it isn’t my first time to go to Antipolo but it was night time during the last time so I really couldn’t remember anything. So if I remember it correctly, the route went like this: (Rizal) Antipolo -> Teresa -> Morong -> Baras -> Tanay -> Pililla -> (Laguna) Mabitac -> Siniloan -> Famy -> (Quezon) Real. It’s super near! It’s also awesome that you get to pass by Pililla Windmills on the way. You can see it even from Antipolo. The view is super amazing, I got really giddy and started taking photos and videos as soon as the view was much clearer.

Pililla Windmills ❀

So you get off at this point called Kanto ng Tignoan, it’s right before a bridge and before you continue to Infanta. Infanta is the last stop of this loooong road. You have to get off there if your destination is Real Coast and Surf as you need to take a tricycle going there. It’s 5.5kms from that point. The tricycle fare is PHP150 for me and my friend. We read on the internet that it’s PHP100 so don’t be surprised if they ask for PHP150. Our tricycle driver was nice enough to offer if we would like to stop to take photos by the seaside but it was so windy and cold so we said no. Also, it was past 5pm and we were worried that we won’t get our tent built before the sunset. LOL!

I think about 10 minutes later, we were at Real Surf! Real Coast (the one with the hotel) is in another site, farther than the road. We didn’t have a reservation so we told the one in charge (Super nice woman! I think her name’s Len, The staff calls her Maam Len.) that we have our tent and we’ll just be staying there. Our entrance fee was PHP270 and the tent pitching rate is PHP450. I think the entrance fee varies. It depends on the day (we went on a Friday), the next morning, I heard that the entrance fee is PHP350. The place was actually quite packed that Saturday morning. Between Mine and I, we only paid PHP495 for the overnight stay. That’s not too bad. You can actually stay in a much cheaper place outside Real Surf and go to the beach free of charge. However, what you’re paying for at Real Surf are the experience and the facilities. The place is super Instagrammable! Every nook, every wall. Like what my friend and I always say, “Pinag-isipan.” My favorite would have to be the huge banga with water inside, so you can wash your feet before going inside the shower room. I thought that was really cute. I also love it that our tent is super near and facing the beach. When we went swimming the next morning, I can just go back and forth to our tent cause it’s literally just a few steps away. So yeah, even if there are more comfortable beds and cheaper accommodation outside, I’d still opt for the tent by the beach. It’s my first time camping ever and it was a really nice experience.

Alright, on with the weekend getaway. One of my worries before going there was how to build our tent. Turns out, we didn’t even have to do it ourselves! The security guard and one male staff built it for us. They also disassembled it the following morning. They did it in like 5-10 minutes. It was seriously fast. They have probably done a lot of those, they can do it with their eyes closed. LOL. When we arrived, there were only two other tents aside from ours.

This is our tent ^^
We chose the spot like right in front of this sign. LOL
Shameless selfie while it was raining outside LOL

Since our tent is up, I changed into more comfy clothes and took pictures around the surf camp. IT WAS SUPER COLD. We had a hard time getting a decent picture without our hair getting blown in all directions. Good thing I brought a long cardigan with me. Whew.


The shower area outside.
Surfboard~ surfboard~
Outside the toilet. Ya know, just chillin while waitin.
This is my favorite! Yung banga outside the toilet and shower stalls. LOL! Make sure to wash your face before entering!

Once we had our fill, we decided to have dinner. We ordered our food from the camp’s restaurant and yes, it is quite pricey. There are also cheaper options outside but we only got to explore those the following morning. Since it was already dark and we were hungry, buying food from the restaurant isn’t so bad. Also, we got to hang out in the bean bag area so that was pretty cool. I had Smirnoff Mule along with my bangsilog.

We were also lucky cause they had a movie night!! I thought they only do it on Saturdays and Sundays so imagine my glee when they started setting it up. I watched like the first maybe 30 minutes of Doctor Strange before I dozed off in the bean bags. LOL. I’m so sorry! I’ve been awake for more than 24 hours then and I came from a night shift so I was really sleepy! I’m so sorry, Benedict Cumberbatch. I woke up at around 10:00 PM – a new movie is showing – LOL. Then I decided to go to the tent and sleep. Mine continued to drink and watch movies.


I woke up at 4:00 AM. Ohmygoodness, Seriously, the wind was super strong. Of course, we can feel it from inside the tent but for some reason, I felt really safe. Mine also woke up not long after, sunrise is not until 2 hours later so I decided to read, she decided to watch Hallmark movies. Seriously though, our tent was too big for just the two of us. Haha.Β THE SUNRISE. I was super excited and of course, I just had to take photos.

After a while, I saw on the photos how sticky my hair looked so I decided I needed a shower. LOL. Once we have freshened up, we went out to get breakfast. We found this small sari-sari store not too far from Real Surf. The store had a thermos out front and there was another guy having breakfast so we ate there as well. We had cup noodles, coffee, and some bread. My breakfast only cost me PHP43. Mine’s is not too far from that amount either. After breakfast, we asked ateng tindera if there’s a place where we can have lunch. She pointed us to this house and so we went. We asked them about what they usually serve for lunch, then told them we’ll be back later. Yaaaaaas, at least we won’t be hungry. Hahaha.

We went back to Real Surf, took more photos. LOL!

… then finally went swimming. Mine doesn’t really swim so I played with the waves alone for a while. The waves are super strong though so I got tired quite fast. I joined Mine on the shore not too long after, just bummed around, observed people and took more photos. I gotta say though, one more thing that I like about Real Surf is that they really take care of the people on the beach. Not just the people who are staying at the camp, but everyone. The lifeguard and staff would constantly remind people not to go too far, stay in the middle of the beach where the staff can see them. Don’t use inflatables cause the waves are too strong. Like seriously, they never get tired of yelling at people and kids and that’s really good cause that ensures safety for everyone. There was an incident earlier in the morning wherein the lifeguard had to swim over to get two kids near the shore because they got really far and the waves were too strong. So as not to have a repeat of that incident, they kept yelling over the megaphone.

Expectation vs Reality HAHAHAHA Bigla kase akong inanod LOL
Seriously though, totally had fun here and will def come back to this beach!

We had a lazy morning. After swimming, Mine had a milkshake and I had a flavored beer – it’s still early. LOL. We bought some chips from the sari-sari store and took more photos. Hahaha.

Flavored beer muna. Maaga pa eh!

More photos of the amazing view in Malapad.

We washed off then went out to have lunch. The place is actually selling ihaw-ihaw. We bought chicken and pork barbecue, isaw, betamax and two cups of rice. All for PHP115 for the two us. That is a steal! We also had halo-halo for dessert. During lunch, we got to talk to the owner of the house and he told us about how they’re renting out rooms and like an entire place for only PHP4,000. Plus PHP1,000 if you want to use the videoke for 24 hours. They don’t have a limit when it comes to the number of people. When we were there, there were 50 people who occupied the place. 50 people for PHP4,000. Seriously, right? I asked for a contact number for future reference. LOL.

After lunch, we packed our bags and asked the staff to disassemble our tent. Oh btw, if you’re just going to be staying in a tent, you can ask them to charge your phone or power bank. The security guard also hailed a tricycle for us so by the time we went out of the camp, there was already one waiting for us. Customer service at Real Surf is seriously awesome. They’re really good people and they sincerely take care of the guests. I would definitely go back and bring my other friends here!

Ok, going back to Manila, we waited for a van at the shed at Kanto ng Tignuan, took the same route to Antipolo and got off at Cainta. Since Mine had to buy slippers, her sandals were stolen at the beach. LOL. I was home at around 5:00 PM. I think Real, Quezon is the perfect place for a quick weekend getaway. It’s just 3 hours if you take the Antipolo route and bam, you’re there! I will try to look for another cute resort in that area. ^^

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