Recommended Restaurants in BF Homes!

Yup, still putting off that Siargao blog so this time, I’m writing about some cool places we went to slash recommended restaurants in BF Homes in Paranaque last December 2019 and February 2020! Since we are probably not going to have any new adventures soon, why not write about old ones and promote small businesses? I’m keeping my fingers crossed that these restaurants and cafes are still thriving despite everything.


Address: 122c Aguirre Avenue B.F Homes Parañaque City

We’ve been coming here for years for our jajangmyun needs! I don’t remember how many times I’ve been here, but I think this is the place we always go to whenever we crave jajangmyun. Love their mandu as well, both steamed and fried. Also, Korean restaurants are known for giving “service”, which is basically free stuff. And that is bingsu, which is perfect as dessert, after getting your fill of Chinese food.


Address: Unit 1 G/F Chloe Bldg, 162 Aguirre Ave. BF Homes, Paranaque City

Coffee, cocoa, tea, and board games! We chanced upon this place in December after eating at Jja Wang. We were just walking along Aguirre and was looking for a place where we can chill at a place with comfy seats and have some drinks, like coffee or milk tea. It looked really attractive from the outside so we went in to check it out and boy was I glad we went to look! The theme is chemistry so your drinks are in beakers! So cute! Everything is just so pretty and so Instagrammable! We also really love games and we had difficulty choosing what we were going to play because there were so many choices!


Address: 283 Aguirre Ave, Parañaque, 1700 Metro Manila

This was one of my last weekends out before the quarantine back in February. Shabunoki is one of those unlimited samgyupsal places, but it’s not just limited to pork and beef, they also have scallops, shrimp, and you can add PHP150 for unlimited wagyu cubes. Reservations are needed, you need to call their number prior to going. One thing to note: If you want extra butter for your scallops, you need to pay for it HAHAHAHA


Address: 224, 1700 Aguirre Ave, Manila, 1700 Metro Manila

This is another place that we chanced upon after a big early dinner! We were looking for a place to hang out to have some drinks. I was so full from all the meat we ate and I was worried about getting home cause I just felt like wanting to get a nap. I was going to get a coffee, but I saw that they have a cocktail named Anne so I ended up ordering that. And it is buy 1 take 1 so I had two huge glasses just for myself. Sadly, I wasn’t able to finish the second glass because I was still full from all the meat I ate. It just opened when we went here so they were still testing things out, but I think everything’s great.

I can’t wait to visit new restaurants again once this whole nightmare is over!

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  1. Karthigeyan says:

    Can’t remember the last time I have been to a restaurant where they had board games. Very creative!

    1. Anne says:

      I agree that it is super creative! 😊

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