Did you know that there’s a hidden bar at the RCBC building in BGC? The secret door is actually inside 7-11. I found out about this when one of my housemates mentioned it. At first, I couldn’t understand where it was. Then a friend showed it to me during one of our breaks. We went inside and took a look at their menu. It’s a lot pricier than what we’re used to but it’s so cool I want to try it at least once. You know how in movies you see a secret bar after entering a hidden door in a random flower shop or convenience store? That’s how it was!

So Ludwig, Aly, Raymond and I went there last week and it was one of the best nights of my life!  My plan was just to nurse one cocktail the whole night but my friends had other plans. Ludwig was suggesting we drink whiskey or bourbon but I was like, “NO!”. We ended up drinking a bottle of gin called Bombay Sapphire. Gin & tonic FTW! But dammit, it was so freaking strong! I was like, “Gimme more of that tonic!” We didn’t eat a lot, I believe we ordered tempura and pig’s ears for appetizers. They were delish! Aly didn’t realize we were eating pig’s ears until Ludwig mentioned it. Hahahaha!

The after effect of that frigging drink aside, the whole experience was amazing! The place was so wonderful and we immediately saw some familiar faces, like one of the Uber commops, Alex Suarez. She’s sooooooo pretty! And turns out, Phoemela Baranda was celebrating her birthday there. Was so surprised seeing Ruffa Gutierrez arrive with her bf. If there were other celebs in their party, we don’t know them. Also present were Marvin Agustin (who we saw at another restaurant earlier) and Miguel Zubiri.

Totally felt like an adult that night. I think we were the youngest bunch there (or at least feeling young ako! Hahahaha!) We stayed there until about 1am. On our way out, we saw Phoemela and she smiled at us. Hahahaha. It’s just so amazing that there’s a bar like this near our workplace. I totally felt like a cool kid that night!

Photos time!

Baket nga ba kase si Bubu ang mascot nila? LOL. Mascot talaga? =p (c) Alyssa Villa
Bombay Sapphire! UGH. (c) Ludwig Alejandro
It’s so cute that we were all wearing black! Here’s to #teamitim #theblacksquad! (c) Ludwig Alejandro
My failed attempt at doing a selfie sa toilet. It’s soo dark you’ll only see my cheekbones and biceps. LOL. Dont even know why I included this. Hahaha.
While Ludwig was at the smoking area (so love that they have a separate area or smoking!), Raymond and I played with Ludwig’s glasses. HAHA!
Mukha daw syang Asian kid! Kahit na Asian kid ka naman talaga, Raymond? =p
Boss Aly. HAHAHA.

Funny interlude at 7-11, I went to buy some ice cream (It’s sort of my habit whenever I’m drunk. I always crave for ice cream.) and I saw an older colleague. He’s actually my friend’s teammate and we call him “Daddy”. He probably thought I was on my way home so he was suggesting that we go home together. I don’t remember how that conversation ended though. Hahahaha.

After our stint at Bank Bar, we hopped on to a cab going to Pasha in the Makati Ave area for sheesha! I think we tried watermelon and mint this time around. I can’t really taste it though because my mouth was still burning from the gin we drank. I was so sleepy na and I vaguely remember Aly and Ludwig requesting for songs to be played on the TVs. And there was Raymond’s moment with the British dude. I cannot with Raymond’s alindog! Hahahaha! Meanwhile, I was half reclining on the couch na, trying so hard not to fall asleep. LOL! Even the French fries didn’t help. Nor the Gatorade from 7-11.

We cab-pooled on our way back to BGC. I fell asleep so soon after changing my clothes. We had work the next day and luckily, didn’t have a hangover but ohmigoodness, my stomach was swirling. I’m never drinking Bombay Sapphire again!!!

It was a really unforgettable experience though. My first time to drink with Raymond, do sheesha with Aly and it’s always super awesome to hang with Ludwig. Till next time, #blacksquad! Song night naman please! 🙂

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