September Shopping Haul!

Ok, some of these I bought in August after I posted my last haul so I’m including them here and I’m keeping that title. LOL. I’m just going to make shopping haul posts since I will be including stuff that I bought in physical stores, not just online (aka Shopee or Lazada). These will be just some small stuff that I feel like I needed. LOL.

1) Cactus Wall Decals / Stickers

Price: PHP79
Shop here.

I never thought I’d actually use these stickers, but I wanted to cover this line from where the wallpaper meets so I bought this cactus sticker to match my wall tapestry. You can still see it actually because I didn’t think that the stickers were transparent. It may not have appeared as “concealing” as I expected, but I think it is pretty. I also should have probably placed it a little higher but I didn’t really want to see the white part of the wallpaper when I’m on the bed, that’s why I did it this way. It’s 25x70cm so I needed 3 to cover this side of my wall. I do think that stickers and decals are a really good way to cover something on the wall or just to jazz it up. Mr. Kate says so!

2) Omni Swing Type Adapter

Price: PHP59.75

This is life-changing! Haha! We now have two of these in our apartment, the first one is for our electric stove in the kitchen and we needed something like this so the wire of the plug doesn’t stick out. If you have a narrow space between the socket and another furniture or an appliance then this would be perfect since the plug part can be folded. We have our dish rack in front of that socket so this type of adapter helps because I can plug the stove in any of the ones on the sides or the bottom, and it will not damage the wire of the plug even if the dish rack is placed very close to the wall. Currently, we only use that one in the kitchen for the stove, if we have more appliances in that area of our kitchen counter then we can plug it in there.

I thought it was super useful so I bought another one for my room. I have two sockets in my room, one in my headboard area, and another in my desk area. I also have an extension that is inside my cable organizer box. Since I work from home, I do have a lot of stuff to plug in and I hate unplugging things if I need to move stuff around. The extra sockets this adapter provides will definitely help with all the devices. I think it’s a cleaner way to have more sockets where you can plug stuff instead of an extension because cables can get messy. Anyway, I just love this so much!

3) Baygon Anti-Mosquito Heater / Liquid Mosquito Repeller

Price: PHP64.75 (plus mat 30s PHP79.75)
Price: PHP245. Shop here.

It is rainy season in the Philippines so that would also mean mosquito season! Actually, there are all sorts of insects in our apartment, I even have a baby lizard in my room. LOL. We already have one of these, but I bought another one so we can have one for my room, and the other room where my mom sleeps. I bought extra mats since the starter kit only has five free mats. I also bought the liquid repeller a few days later. Haha, seriously, how many devices do I need to repel mosquitoes? I already have a lot of bites on my body so I need all the help I can get, okay? LOL.

4) Book Stand

Price: PHP88

I have actually started browsing book stands on Shopee because yes, I wanted to buy one since (don’t judge) I’m too lazy to hold the page down sometimes! I wasn’t intending to buy one anytime soon though, so I haven’t really added anything to my cart. But I was shopping at Daiso one time and saw this, so I bought it and I now have a book stand! For smaller books though, I would need to put something hard on the back so it doesn’t bend in the center. I decided to DIY a backing for it using some cardboard and fabric. When I’m not using it as a book stand, I use it to display a photo. LOL.

5) Round Gold Mirror

Price: PHP88

I randomly saw this at Daiso as well. I’ve seen this same style before, but I only saw the gray one, but I saw this gold one and it was only PHP88 so I bought it. I don’t really need a mirror in my room because I don’t do my makeup or do skincare so I really have no need for it. We have a full body mirror downstairs, that is enough for me when I need to check what I’m wearing before leaving the house. But I said that if I would put one in my room, I would definitely want a round mirror so this is perfect. I realized that it looks a bit like a bagwa, I hope Lotus Feet doesn’t visit me. LOL.

6) Succulent Watering Tool

Price: PHP55 (500ml)
Shop here.

I do have a spray bottle for my plants, but you can’t really get water into the leaves because it might cause molding or rotting so I read that this type of squeeze bottle is better because it goes directly to the soil. Also, I noticed that sometimes, you really only water the surface, but it’s dry at the bottom so this is a better watering tool because you can poke through the soil and get the water where it is needed. I think you can also use it to test if the soil is dry enough for another watering.

7) Portable Beater / Frother

Price: PHP65
Shop here.

I contemplated for a long time if I need this because I think most people use this for making Dalgona coffee. HAHA. But I like Nestea’s milk tea and I noticed that I don’t really mix it thoroughly (no lumps) no matter how long I mix it with a spoon. So I thought this might help… and it did! You’d need two AA batteries for this. Very happy with this. I have not tried using it for frothing stuff though. I really just bought it for Nestea’s milk tea. LOL.

You can’t really pick out a color, so I’m glad they sent me a white one and not a crazy color. LOL.

8) Cactus Face Mask

Price: PHP45-60
Shop here.

Just because I got tired of using my black one, I needed some color and cute designs on my mask, okay? LOL. We’re going to be wearing these masks for a long time so why not look cute while we’re at it? LOL. I also think it would be good to have a few of these cloth masks since they need to be washed after every use. Of course, you’d need to put filter inside, which I already have.

9) Office Chair Cover

Price: PHP161
Shop here.

I added some cushion to my office chair and it’s gray, so I thought I’d put a cover on it with a design that I like. Before buying this, I just put a blanket on the chair to cover the pillows. I don’t know why I thought this was brown when I bought it so I was surprised to see a light green cover when I unpacked it. So I went back to the app to check, it is light green. I don’t mind though since it still fits my theme. ^^

Love the leaf design!

10) Plush House Slippers

Price: PHP140
Shop here.

I’ve had this in my cart for a long time and I just want to be comfortable and cute while I spend a lifetime in my room, okay? Excellent buy, it’s so cute and soft and comfy. My feet are happy!!!

That ends this month’s shopping haul! This might be the last one for a long time. I think I have everything I need. I will probably not take advantage of next month’s Shopee or Lazada sale. Haha. 10/10 will be just an ordinary day for me this time around.

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