Series Review: And Just Like That (2021)

I’m just gonna say it… I need another season of And Just Like That! I know that there are so many awful comments about this show but I enjoyed it. I feel like people are expecting it to be exactly like what they watched 20 years ago, but come on, are you the same person you are 20 years ago?! Also, they have mentioned a few times that they wanted it to be different. It just can’t be the same show.

Also, I’m so tired of the Samantha comments. Like it’s not the same without Samantha, etc. We get it! But it’s Kim Cattrall, who doesn’t want to be part of the franchise anymore. I mean, I love Samantha, too. I even said that while rewatching the whole series again a few months ago, I was able to relate to Samantha the most. If the three women want to come back, and one person doesn’t want to do it, should they just scrap the whole thing? If you really can’t move on with this show without Samantha, then don’t watch. It’s that easy. Honestly, I think the viewership is still a lot. People definitely hate-watched And Just Like That. LOL.

Ok, I think everyone knows by now what happened to Big during the first episode. I really am not a fan of Big and Carrie’s – I believe they are both garbage people. LOL. I had mixed emotions though, because the kitchen scene was so cute, I must admit. However, I believe that it was just right. I really wanted to see Carrie date again, so I was happy about that twist. A lot of people were angry, though until the allegations again Chris Noth came out. People switched in an instant. That final scene in the elevator was freaking amazing! I fucking knew it! I noticed their chemistry from the start, and I was waiting for it to happen so I’m so glad when they kissed!

Another big discussion was, of course, the Steve-Miranda-Che love triangle. I’m definitely back and forth with this. In the beginning, I was like, “Have you all forgotten that he cheated on Miranda?”I mean, I wasn’t saying that Miranda should do the same but let’s not act as if he is so victimized here. And then, when Miranda finally told him she wanted a divorce… I actually felt bad for him! It was so heartbreaking when he said, “It has always been like this. I’m not good enough, and then I’m kind of enough, and then I’m not again.” Because this is really true ๐Ÿ™ But at the same time, life is too short to stay in a sexless marriage. I am really divided on the Steve – Miranda break-up, but they both deserve better.

The fashion definitely did not disappoint! I know Patricia Field didn’t come back to focus on Emily in Paris, but I think AJLT Costumes still really did a great job. So many iconic Carrie Bradshaw outfits! These two are some of my faves! But, dear Carrie definitely killed it every episode when it comes to fashion. I also love how they brought back some of the amazing outfits from the original series – that beautiful gown she wore in Paris while waiting for Petrovsky. The final outfit in Paris was just out of this world.

However, I need an explanation for the multiple purses, Carrie! I mean, I understand Miranda because she has tons of books (LOL) but what’s your excuse? HAHA!

I do love the cameos from the original series. Not even 1 minute into the first episode, we got a cameo appearance from Bitsy Von Mifling! I also love how people sleuthed that Seema’s dad is the busboy that Samantha kissed from that one SATC episode. I will forever be bitter about Natasha. I do not even like Carrie and Big, but the Natasha arc was just so painful. I felt for Carrie during those episodes until Natasha and Big got married. Out of the new And Just Like That characters, we can all agree that Rabbi Jen is the best. I love her!

And to end this post about And Just Like That… I love this hat, but can we please get a closure?! So where did that sound come from????

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