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This is going to be very long. LOL. I have a lot to say.

Okay, let me preface this by saying that I’m a huge Julia Quinn fan and my Goodreads profile is proof of that. LOL. Her Goodreads profile says she has 30 distinct works and I only missed reading 3 of her earlier works in the late 1990s and her two books with other authors. Even though I don’t really read much these days, I’ve made sure to keep up with her recent works. I still haven’t finished reading The Other Miss Bridgerton from the Rokesbys Series. But I am such a fan of the Bridgerton series and I read all the books back in 2012. I have been waiting for this series for so long so I was ecstatic when JQ revealed that there will be a Netflix series in 2020. They released the trailer a few weeks ago and biiiiitch, I couldn’t wait for Christmas Day to come so I can devour the whole thing. The comments about Gossip Girl comparisons really annoyed me though because yes, we saw Gossip Girl on TV first and I watched and loved Gossip Girl, too. Buuuut, I will just say… the first Bridgerton book (The Duke and I) came out in 2000 and the first Gossip Girl book came out in 2002. So let’s just make that clear. LOL. Also, let’s just always remember as we watch this series, this book was written 20 years ago and the setting is Regency London. Can we stop with the presentism – I just want to enjoy a raunchy TV series on Christmas day, okay?

No Francesca. She only appeared towards the end.

First things first, the casting. A lot of fans of the book are not keen on watching it because some of the actors cast are not what they imagined because they are so stuck on the descriptions on the book. Dude, of course, it will always be more detailed in the book. The author’s job is to make vivid descriptions of everything so the reader can imagine it while reading. I don’t understand how people are stuck on the character’s eye, skin, and hair color. Seriously?? LOL. Is this the Ariel casting all over again? Personally, I really didn’t mind the casting. I was just freaking happy that my favorite book series will be on Netflix. This is fiction, it’s not based on a historical figure or anything so race or ethnicity or sexual orientation shouldn’t even be a factor. And even if this is based on history, I truly do not mind color-blind casting. It gives everyone a fair chance and as long as the actor can portray the character well then that’s the only thing that’s important. Can we also talk about how cool it is that Julie Andrews was cast as Lady Whistledown’s voice?! I mean, if that is not enough to get you to watch then I don’t know what is.

I started watching it on Dec 26th and finished it the next day at around 10am. Haha, I stopped for a bit I think at around Episode 3 because I was chatting with a friend. I initially intended to just watch until Episode 6 at around 8am but man, Episode 6 was so juicy and I couldn’t bring myself to stop there. I did not have self-control. LOL. I had plans at 3pm that Sunday but that didn’t stop me from finishing the whole thing. Screw sleep, I needed to finish this series.

From this point on, it will be just random comments I had while watching because I don’t know if I will be able to organize my thoughts. LOL. Also full disclosure: having read the books way back in 2012, I do not remember a lot of things anymore. When I was watching, I would faintly remember these moments happening but most of the time, I would have to Google how these things happened or if that character was really in the book series or not. But funny how I totally remember Nigel and Cressida. LOL.

The first season is based on the first book of the series, which is The Duke and I. The Duke and I is about Daphne Bridgerton, the fourth of the eight Bridgerton siblings and eldest daughter, and her love story with the Duke of Hastings, Simon Basset. But we meet the rest of the Bridgerton family, the Featherington family, and the other characters that we will meet throughout the whole series as well. They also added new characters like Queen Charlotte, and I was truly surprised that Freddie Stroma is in this, too, playing Prince Friedrich and was a rival to Simon for Daphne’s heart. That was such a surprise! Ok, Phoebe Dynevor and Regé-Jean Page’s chemistry is freaking amazing! I was always kilig and there were times I had to hit pause to breathe because I’m getting all hot and bothered. LOL. The Wildest Dreams sex montage??? Ohmigoodness. And the stairway sex? Whew. That “I burn for you” dialogue? The speech in front of the Queen? Stop it! HAHAHA!

I was blown away with the whole Marina Thompson character because I didn’t know where they were going with it and thought she was a newly added character for the TV series. And then it all made sense towards the end. Romancing Mister Bridgerton is my favorite book in the book series because I have such a huge crush on Colin and I can relate to Penelope so much. It is one of the few books that I have read more than once. Even in the beginning, you could see Colin paying a visit and talking to Marina in the Featheringtons’ drawing room, but I didn’t really think much of it then. But then, there was a freaking love triangle between Marina, Colin, and Penelope, and that was so heartbreaking for me. Seriously, I felt so bad for Penelope because the girl has been in love with Colin for so long. I was like, “Why are you doing this to my favorite couple? *insert crying face* But in the end, Sir Phillip Crane shows up! I was so shocked so I had to Google To Sir Phillip With Love and Sir Phillip’s ex-wife is freaking Marina. That was mind-blowing! They changed it a bit because Marina was a Bridgerton cousin, not a Featherington cousin, but damn, that was some good twist right there. I would never have thought! Colin’s ending is just right, because Colin and Penelope’s love story happens way way later and Colin needs to go do that world tour first. But I’m happy that we get these little interactions and I feel really kilig watching them. Haha. I love that they have set up Book 4 and 5 for Penelope and Eloise! And of course, we all love this pair of BFFs. Their moments are always my ultimate favorites!

Meanwhile, I am surprised that Anthony and Benedict were so busy with Siena and Genevieve this season. Anthony was so infatuated with Siena that at some point I was like, “Okay, how do we insert Kate in all of this?” At least we know that Benedict’s thing with Genevieve is not that serious. I mean, Anthony and Benedict’s love stories are next, but they didn’t do any sort of any foreshadowing this season unlike what they did with Penelope-Colin and Eloise-Sir Phillip.

The soundtrack. Man, I woke up a few hours later with an LSS for Wildest Dreams. I mean, I think we all loved the classical covers of modern songs like thank u, next, Girls Like You, and Wildest Dreams, right? I think I remember Reign doing this, too and I’m all for it.

Lastly, I DID NOT THINK THEY WILL REVEAL THE FREAKING SECRET THIS EARLY!!! If you have read the books, you know that it was not revealed in the first book. That was another shock for me and it happened during the last few minutes, too. Dude, I cannot wait for the next season. Please don’t make me wait for another 8 years. LOL!

Whew. Now, I have my fingers crossed that we will get more seasons. And I need to go re-read Romancing Mister Bridgerton, and then restart from The Duke and I until On The Way to the Wedding. ^^

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