Series Review: Dr. Death (2021)

Starring: Joshua Jackson, Alec Baldwin, Christian Slater, AnnaSophia Robb

Premise from Wikipedia:

An arrogant, sinister doctor treats his Hippocratic Oath about the same way he treats his patients. As his malignant narcissism and psychopathy escalate, his fellow surgeons and a young assistant district attorney set out to stop him.

Warning: May contain spoilers

Before anything else, can we appreciate this cast? They are older now, but I feel like we swooned over these three at some point in our lives! Maybe Alec in the 80s, Christian in the 90s, and Josh in the early 2000s? Yes? Yes! I do think that Joshua Jackson is a dead-ringer for Dr. Duntsch, especially with the prosthetics during the trials. I read that Jamie Dornan was originally cast and I think he does look like the young Dr. Duntsch but the older, more miserable-looking Dr. Duntsch does fit Joshua Jackson better.

And AnnaSophia Robb! She was a child star, and now she is playing a lawyer, who is based on a real-life character! It’s so crazy how she and Freddie Highmore are playing a lawyer and a doctor now, respectively.

On to my kuda

I started this series a month ago, watched Episode 1, and then shelved it because I got obsessed with HBO Go. I finally continued watching it and finished it last weekend. When I started Dr. Death’s first episode, I had no idea what this was about, but as soon as I saw the disclaimer that it’s based on real events, I started Googling. And holy shit, it is fucking wild. So yeah, I have definitely read a few articles as I watched it so I have an idea of some stuff that’s going to happen.

So the style of the series is not chronological, it goes back and forth over the course of many years. But it’s not confusing, because they label the timeline. I just cannot believe this guy. He is so freaking arrogant and so full of himself. If he just sat there and did his stem cell research, these people wouldn’t have died and he wouldn’t be in jail! But no, he played God and killed and maimed these people.

This is exactly what happens when you are unreasonably overconfident. Confident, sure! We need to be confident, we truly need this in our lives in order for us to turn these dreams into goals and reality. However, if you are too confident without the skills and knowledge to match that, and then you are in a position where you have influence and literally hold other people’s lives, then this could be really dangerous. You will totally end up harming people and you end up getting nicknamed Dr. Death.

Kudos to the doctors who made it their mission to stop him. I believe there are actually three doctors who made this happen in real life. I read some comments that some doctors do not usually intervene even if they know some things because they do not want to be that doctor who takes away another doctor’s medical license. And ADA Michelle Schugart! She played a really huge role in this and thank goodness, she picked up this case!

It’s so crazy how his own lawyer can’t even defend him, and she ended up building her defense around his lack of training. Girl, sure, there are other people who definitely contributed to what happened. But at the end of the day, he did the surgeries knowing he lacks skills! I don’t think that is a really good defense, but can’t blame her, she really doesn’t have many options. LOL.

Post watching the series, of course, I devoured Dr. Death content on Youtube and also started listening to the original podcast on Spotify – I haven’t finished though. I came across this photo and damn, I actually believe some people’s testimonial that he was charismatic, etc. He was a good-looking guy! But damn, drugs could really age you fast! I still need to listen to all the episodes and compare them to the series.

I totally recommend this series! I was totally hooked and I couldn’t wait for them to nail this effing doctor. It is a bit traumatizing though, because so many people are hypochondriacs and it’s super scary to think about whether you will wake up after surgery. Imagine thinking that there was a doctor out there who did this and if the three doctors didn’t intervene, Dr. Death could be practiced in your town.

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