Series Review: Emily in Paris Season 1

Warning: May contain spoilers.

Ok, I admit, I didn’t like the first half of the series. I thought it was so cringey and I didn’t find it funny. I had a hard time getting into it because whenever an episode ends, I feel like there is no hook to get you to continue watching. Also, I kept looking for a plot – what is it about?! I then realized that the title literally says it all. It is about in Emily in Paris. Period. LOL. So that was my first problem. Also, when I was watching interviews of Lily Collins, they were speaking about working with SATC’s costume designer, etc but I don’t know, I was not very thrilled about Emily’s clothes.

This was my fave though!

I guess, I am also prejudiced because this series was created by Darren Star and I just cant help but compare it with others he has created. I am not even comparing it to Sex and the City because that was so long ago, but to Younger, which is an ongoing series, also by Darren Star. I do see some similarities, but Younger has a solid plot and the series revolves around a certain conflict. Whereas in Emily in Paris, Emily solves an issue with a certain client every episode, so it ends there, and although, there are sub-plots going on, it doesn’t really get me excited enough to watch the next episode. On the topic of Younger, the fashion on that show was so much better as well.

So when I first started watching it, I stopped at Episode 4 because I got really bored. I continued watching it two weekends ago and found myself liking the succeeding episodes, and laughing at so many scenes. Haha! I think another reason is that I didn’t really liked the main love interest, Gabriel. So when other potential love interests started showing up after Emily found out that Gabriel has a girlfriend – Camille, I got into it a bit more. I don’t know, I just cant feel the chemistry between Emily and Gabriel, I literally like everyone else – even Antoine! And of course, even with many options, Emily would still go for the one with the girlfriend. Eeek.

It’s quite problematic (but I guess, so French) but my favorite “love interest” was Timothee. LOL! That whole episode with Camille’s family was hilarious! I had to repeat the whole episode because it was super funny to me. It’s so awkward, but in my opinion, had the best moments of the series. Meanwhile, the snob professor reminds me of someone, from the face to the accent to the attitude – it’s crazy! Haha!

I like him sm! HAHA!

Love everyone at the office! At the end of the day, Luc and Julien have her back! I wanna be Sylvie when I grow up – she had some of the most memorable lines on the show. It just drives me crazy whenever Emily says. “American perspective”. LOL. Anyway, for anyone who’s complaining about their favorite TV series incorporating COVID-19 into their storylines, then you have Emily in Paris to watch. It is the perfect escape. LOL.

Apparently, we are getting another season of Emily in Paris but I wish we could get another season of Younger first, please? Darren Star, pretty please? It’s been over a year since the last season!

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