Series Review: Nine Perfect Strangers (2021)

Starring: Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, Michael Shannon, Luke Evans, Samara Weaving, Manny Jacinto, Bobby Cannavale, Regina Hall

Premise from Wikipedia:

Nine strangers from the city gather for a 10-day retreat at Tranquillum House, a health and wellness resort in the fictional town of Cabrillo, California, which promises to transform and heal the guests who stay there. The resort is not what it seems to be, and the guests are about to discover many secrets about each other and the resort’s host Masha.

Warning: May contain spoilers

I actually forgot about Nine Perfect Strangers as well because of HBO Go, LOL. I thought I only had two episodes left before I continued it this weekend, but I actually still needed to finish Episodes 6 to 8. Okaaaay, I actually liked Nine Perfect Strangers. I thought the first episode was really good. I was watching this at the same time as The White Lotus and I gave up on that one. Sure, Masha was really creepy in the beginning, okay, a few times during the run of the series. Her creepy smiles and how she walks into a room as if she has her own ring light kill me. LOL. But if you are expecting a murder mystery, this is not the show for you. Her ways are very questionable, but in this story, they work, ok? The Tranquilium is like a very very extreme version of our retreats in grade school, with drugs involved. LOL. Also, she is not a killer, all she wants is to reconnect with her dead daughter.

Creepy smile is creepy!

Manny Jacinto is freaking hot! I follow him on Instagram and even though he rarely posts, he had long hair a while and I didn’t know that it was for this show! I like him so much with this hairstyle huhu.

I MEAN!!!!

Ok, let’s talk about the “nine perfect strangers”. I cried so hard watching the final episode because of the Marconis. I didn’t even like this family in the beginning and I found the mother annoying. But actually, she became one of my characters towards the end.

I loved Frances and Tony! It was such an unexpected pairing, but it works. I saw that Melissa McCarthy and Bobby Cannavale have a movie together called Superintelligence. I will watch it on HBO Go one of these days. I enjoyed their love story.

Carmel’s connection with Masha was a surprise – I didn’t suspect that all. Lars actually ended up writing a different article about Masha instead of an exposé that he initially went there for. I think thought that Ben and Jessica were under-utilized as characters. I just feel like there wasn’t really much going on for them. It was funny though that they ended up running the Tranquilium. LOL.

I think many people got bored watching this, but I liked it. I think I will keep watching whatever limited series Nicole Kidman stars in. HAHAHA.

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