Series Review: The Boys Season 2

PSA: May contain spoilers

I truly enjoyed Season 1 of The Boys so I was really looking forward to this year’s season. I totally forgot about it until a friend reminded me that it has started. Anyway, I was busy with work so I just waited for all the episodes to be available before starting it. The last episode aired on Oct 9th, I started watching it the weekend after and finished it over the course of two weekends. Season 2 has 8 episodes (same as the first season) so it was pretty quick to finish.

To me, the season revolved around two female characters: Stormfront and Becca. Stormfront is the new member of The Seven, replacing Translucent. And Becca, is of course, Butcher’s wife whom he thought was dead, but was revealed to be alive at the end of Season 1.

Man, I was so shocked about Stormfront when she “took care” of Kimiko’s brother and said something super racist. My jaw dropped, and then it became clearer when her background was revealed. That was pretty crazy. I did not think there would be someone worse than Homelander, but there she is. It was pretty scary seeing her teamed up with Homelander, but Homelander is a man child who can be manipulated easily so him alone is not super scary. But the two of them together is. Her ending though is pretty predictable to me. I just knew Ryan would not let his mom get killed in front of him. I am not convinced she is dead, because she kept babbling in German in her final scene. LOL. And we all know she can withstand Homelander’s powers.

I was really disappointed when she refused Butcher’s help to escape where they’ve been hiding. I understand that Butcher doesn’t really want anything to do with Ryan, but we were proven wrong by what he did at the end. I was just like, did she really not expect that Homelander would do that? He can easily manipulate Ryan into going with him and that’s exactly what happened. And who did she run to? Butcher. Of course. I saw that coming. I kind of did not have any sympathy when Homelander took Ryan away, because dude, he can do that so easily and that’s exactly what he did. But I guess, it’s for the sake of the plot because, of course, she will ask Butcher for help.

Overall, I think it was a good season. The ending was a freaking surprise! For this season, especially the last two episodes, it was a mystery which supe was blowing up people’s heads and I was so surprised when it was finally revealed! I truly didn’t suspect that person! This is what I love about The Boys, it never fails to make my jaw drop! I look forward to how this character will be explored further in Season 3.

My favorite character of the season goes to Queen Maeve. She just appears to save the day! The bisexual superhero we all need!

They have added a few characters this season and I do think that all of them really had a purpose. This series has really shaped up to be one of my TV series ever, despite me having to close my eyes at time because some scenes were just too gory. HAHA. Can’t wait for Season 3!

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