Series Review: The Flight Attendant & The Undoing

Warning: May contain spoilers

I’m just going to combine them into just one blog because I finished The Flight Attendant weeks ago but just forgot to write about it. Now, I have finished two other series after that, and I don’t really remember much of it so might as well just do it at the same time as The Undoing.

The Flight Attendant S1 (2020)

This was recommended to me by my friend Irick and I think 4 episodes have come out when I started watching it so I didn’t have to wait long before finishing the whole thing. The series is based on a book and is your typical who did it mystery series. Cassie (Kaley Cuoco) is an alcoholic flight attendant who hooks up with this guy Alex (Michael Huisman) in Bangkok. The next morning, she wakes up with him dead and she has no recollection of what happened because she was too drunk.

I think the build-up was pretty good and I enjoyed every episode. Like it keeps me wanting to click on the next episodes. Of course, you get annoyed with Cassie solving her every problem and just making it worse by drinking alcohol but that is literally the plot. If she didn’t, this would have been over on Episode 2. If she’s not stupid and impulsive, we will not have 8 episodes of this series. I had a lot of WTF moments as well because she just doesn’t think most of the time but I love that she’s so messy. LOL. However, I feel bad for Annie (Zosia Mamet) because I was afraid she’d die because of her involvement in Cassie’s mess.

So there were a few suspects, of course, I was even suspecting that one FBI guy to be connected to the bad guys since he was so hell-bent on pinning the crime on Cassie. I was not expecting that character to be the killer actually, I never suspected him.

While I loved the series, I just don’t get Megan’s whole story arc. Like, WHYYYY??? Why are you engaged in corporate espionage?? I kept waiting for a justification because I don’t think it’s worth screwing over your family over money. I kept waiting for how they will connect this to everything that Cassie’s going through. In the end, her reason was because she wanted to feel seen and have some sort of excitement in her life. Man, that’s 0 to 100! Why not have an affair first instead of engaging in corporate espionage for North Koreans?! Kidding, both are bad. I don’t know, I’m just not feeling Megan’s story arc. I feel like it was unnecessary, but then maybe they needed a reason for Shane’s undercover work since he was going to be Cassie’s savior in the end.

News has come out that there will be a second season, but I’m actually fine with leaving it as it is. I’m assuming they have exhausted the original material from the book, so I don’t know what else they’re going to tackle in the second season. Maybe Cassie starts in CIA? Maybe more of Megan on the run? LOL.

The Undoing (2020)

This was only 6 episodes but it took me a while. I ended up watching just one episode in one sitting. Unlike The Flight Attendant where we kept guessing until the end who the killer is, I think we all knew from the start who the killer is here. It was pretty obvious and they kept giving clues and reasons for us to not trust that character. I mean they never explored any other suspects. The husband angle was just not convincing. When I was scanning some reviews on IMDB, some people were pointing out that they were waiting for some kind of twist but for me, the twist is Grace flipping. If the writers name a different murderer, it wouldn’t have made sense and would literally come out of nowhere. I definitely flinched when they showed the murder scene though. Man, that was brutal.

While these two have similar themes, I think The Flight Attendant was definitely more entertaining, while The Undoing has a more serious tone.

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